Kick-Ass Women Dominating the Marvel Universe, but Who’s Missing?

Top 5 Superheroes Who Need a Cameo
in the Marvel Cinematic Universe

Black Widow, played by Scarlett Johansson, created the start of kick ass women superheroes for Marvel in her first appearance in Iron Man 2. Her character branched off in more movies leading in the first Avengers and Captain America: Winter Soldier. While her appearances made for great recognition of women superheroes, there was room for more. Since her role, Marvel has added smaller and leading roles for women
to fall in love with each movie through their ten-year movie spree. Gamora and Nebula have stolen our hearts as they shared their assassin, daddy issue sisterhood in the Guardians of the Galaxy. Scarlet Witch was introduced in Avengers: Age of Ultron fighting alongside her equally powerful brother but prevailed in the end becoming a part of the Avengers after she mourned her brother’s heroic death. The quirky adolescent Mantis joined the Guardians in the sequel and most recently three magnificent warriors fought for Wakanda in Marvel’s hit the Black Panther: Okoye, Nakia, and Shuri.


These are just some of the women who have indeed represented Marvel in the most strong, wise, and skillful way. But should it stop here? Marvel has more women heroes up their sleeve in their universe so should more be added to their movies. With the new addition of Captain Marvel coming our way, I decided to give you my top 5 picks for Marvel women who should be given a cameo in the upcoming Marvel movies.



1. She-Hulk

Hulk has already stolen hearts with his lovable and destructible way in many movie adaptations. He even goes back and forth with Thor on being the strongest Avenger. Why not give him a woman to match his level? She-Hulk gained her strength after a blood transfusion from her cousin, Hulk. Now we love Hulk’s temper and push and pull between being Hulk and Banner, but She-Hulk is hulked up all the time. She is her powers and even though she is able to switch back to her normal Jennifer Walters skin, she feels comfortable being the She-Hulk. She is confident in her skin and is even more tempered control than Hulk as a real woman should be. She-Hulk is level headed and smart making her strengths come from many parts within. She needs to be up there standing up with the Avengers showing her cousin how it is done.


2. Spider-Gwen

Well who doesn’t love their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man? What’s better than that is our very own Spider-Gwen. Spider-Gwen is recently developed character with her start in comics in 2015 but has grown fandom rapidly since then. I find her aesthetic to be one of the big reasons for this. She does have spider powers and interesting backstory with her relationship with her dad, but her costume is something to notice. A big issue in the past is the over sexualizing of women costumes in comic books and this girl just looks straight up cool. Her costume is graphic and fun with the bright pink contrasting with black and white. Hoodies mimicking her costume can already be seen selling in stores so why not build on a role model like Gwen. If she gets a bigger platform in a movie, then her fandom can only grow with cosplayers lining up to dress like her. Not only does she give women a person to look up to in skill, but her style as well.


3. Silver Sable

Silver Sable is another character born out of the Spider-Man series, but hasn’t had much room to shine. She first appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man arc where she went to Spider-Man for help. Her family is what drives her passion for fighting as she becomes leader of her father’s group, the Wild Pack who hunt down Nazi war criminals. After her mom died from a terrorist attack, she trained herself to fight in combat and master weaponry. She has proven to be self-sufficient and have great leadership skills. She used her heartache to reach a larger goal. She would give Marvel movies a great chance to see a woman be in charge of her own team and strategize taking down criminals.


4. Black Cat

I have to admit Catwoman is probably my favorite anti-hero and character in general in the Batman universe, so I may be a little biased toward feline woman heroes. They are just so fun and total bad asses. Black Cat is someone who isn’t afraid to play at her own rules and does end up being an ally for Spider-Man. The newest Spider-Man has made his coming out movie in Spider-Man: Homecoming and I have to admit I was happy to see his love interest leave. I just honestly found no chemistry between her and Spider-Man and I’m not too excited with Marvel’s hint at Spider-Man’s connection with M.J. played by Zendaya. We’ve seen the M.J. and Spider-Man storyline play out, “thanks Toby and Kirsten”, and that was fun. I would love to see something new therefore bringing out Black Cat as a possible love interest who can also hold her own and fight side by side Spider-Man is something I would love to see on the big screen.


5. Jessica Jones

Okay I know what you are thinking. If you’ve been following all of Marvel’s projects including their Netflix series, then you know Jessica Jones has her own Netflix series with appearances as well in the Netflix original Defenders. Well that’s exactly why she needs a bigger appearance and needs to be tied into a larger Marvel project with her fellow defenders. Her show has scored 89% with rotten tomatoes and four stars on Netflix. Krysten Ritter has brought this character to life by portraying Jessica’s dark and mysterious side. Even though she is seen in her show as more of a detective than a typical superhero, this would stand out more in the Marvel movies with having a more secretive and passionate character instead of being overshadowed by powers. She is already captivating on small screen, so why not give her a shot?


 Who are your picks?

All these characters have my support moving off the page and hitting theaters. Do you agree with these picks? Comment below who you would like to see on the big screen fighting alongside our favorite heroes.


4 thoughts on “Kick-Ass Women Dominating the Marvel Universe, but Who’s Missing?

  1. thebadassmanager says:

    I’m a fan of Marvel but not fully aware of everything within the Marvel Universe. This was an effective use of a list, and was actually informative for me! Definitely agree – there should be more Marvel women on the silver screen.

  2. dishanddash1 says:

    I love the Marvel cinematic universe! But honestly I don’t read comic books and had never heard of any of these women. With as big a part as Black Widow plays in the movies, they should definitely add more women heroes into their franchise. Nice list!

  3. Ariana Annunziato says:

    Hi Amyra! I’m not sure if there’s any rhyme or reason to your numbering, but I agree with She-Hulk being the #1 biggest opportunity for a female hero cameo in the Marvel Universe. With Hulk being essentially useless in Infinity War (although admittedly there was an enjoyable comic element in watching the battle between Banner and Hulk), there is a MASSIVE opportunity for She-Hulk to bring the muscle and give Thanos a run for his money in the next film.

  4. thereikinurse007 says:

    Hey Amyra!

    I don’t read comics and as far as marvel goes, I have seen all of the movies. But, I must admit, I haven’t heard of anyone on your list before so I will say I would go with Jessica Jones for the sole fact that the other four seem to have male counterparts. Jessica Jones sounds like a unique and mysterious woman that could add to the marvel movie franchise.


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