Rosanna Pansino: Nerdy Baker, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and …. Style Icon?

Rosanna Pansino is a young, talented singer, actress, and baker who is best known for her online YouTube baking channel, Nerdy Nummies. On her channel, she bakes and decorates treats inspired by pop culture references and fan-favorite nerdy content. From this channel, she has been able to create a top-selling cookbook and her own baking line with Wilton baking products. Even though her creative, delicious treats have made her the well-known name she is today, there is another side of her to adore… her style.

Since she backs many treats inspired by pop culture, she will occasionally dress up in theme to whichever treat she is baking and has worn some very cute nerdy outfits. Luckily to achieve some of her looks, look no further than this article because we are going to pinpoint how to achieve some of Rosanna’s best nerdy looks. So, let’s get started.


Jedi in Training

Rosanna Pansino, “Star Wars-Rey’s Portion Bread-Mug Cake Recipe”, 2017.

To celebrate Star Wars newest movie, Star Wars Episode VIII: The Last Jedi, Rosanna decided to make matcha green tea mug cake inspired by Rey’s portion bread in Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Since the recipe was inspired a food item Rey ate in the movie, Ro decided to dress up with a top and accessories to mimic Rey’s robes in the movie. This look can be achieved similarly with two different options sold at Hot Topic.

Hot Topic, Her Universe Star Wars Rey Dress, 2018


The first look differs from Rosanna’s look in using the robe style in a dress from instead of a casual top. The dress has more of a flow which mimics the way the robe would move around. The belt matches how Rey wore it but gives the dress a little chicness with the bow. Its light fabric and simplicity offer a casual way to emulate the look with ease and not looking too much like a costume. The dress can be purchased for $59.90.

Hot Topic, Her Universe Star Wars Rey Girls Flyaway Cardigan


The second look is a cardigan which can be worn in favor of just a top look like Rosanna did in her video. The cardigan is soft and flowy similar to the dress but can be dressed up or down with different pants and tops. A separate brown belt can also be used to accessorize and make the look closer to the original. This cardigan can be purchased for $49.90. Style your hair in a top bun or several buns like Rey and you are ready to save the universe or at least cruise the town.

Avengers Assemble

Rosanna Pansino, “Avengers Infinity Stone Cupcakes”, 2018.
In honor of Marvel’s latest Avengers movie, Infinity War, Rosanna baked Infinity Stone
cupcakes and wore a Marvel comic print dress. Her dress was bright, colorful and showed different comic scenes from each Avenger hero. I have found a similar dress to achieve this look.

For Fans by Fans, Avengers Sweetheart Dress, 2018

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 9.42.10 PM.png

This dress is similar in its fun use of color and showcases the Avenger hero and other Marvel characters. It also keeps a feminine stylish quality with the empire waist with a black band and sweetheart neckline. Like Rosanna’s neckline, this dress can offer some sex appeal and airy skirt gives a flirtatious vibe. This dress is ready to wear for the Avenger’s Infinity War Part Two premiere and can be purchased for $50.00.

Riverdale Vixen

Rosanna Pansino, “Riverdale Milkshakes-Pop’s diner”, 2018
One of my favorite shows to binge right now is Riverdale so I was excited to see Rosanna make a strawberry milkshake inspired from the show’s hangout spot, Pop’s diner. She wore a yellow and grey baseball tee to imitate one of Riverdale’s cheerleaders, the Vixens. Even though she took a simpler approach for this look, I found a vixen shirt you could wear and be right apart of the squad.

Hot Topic, Riverdale Vixens Girls Raglan, 2018


No one would be confused where this shirt comes from as it has the Riverdale Vixen logo right on the front. The model mimics Cheryl’s look in the show with yellow tube socks, and black running shorts. The shirt even has Cheryl’s tag on the back, HBIC. This can be the perfect workout outfit, casual with jeans, or at home with sweats while binging the show. Great comfort and flexibility makes this shirt a hot buy at $26.90.

Play With Your Style

Rosanna has definitely inspired me with her style and she is proof you can rock your favorite character’s style in a cute and fun way. Take risks with your clothes and wear what you love. There are many different ways to emulate a certain character’s style whether its Betty Cooper from Riverdale or Belle from Beauty and the Beast and make it your own. You can still stay casual with some flare or go completely costume; whatever fits you. Comment below your favorite style icon and which looks you would like to see discussed on this page.

6 thoughts on “Rosanna Pansino: Nerdy Baker, Entrepreneur, YouTuber, and …. Style Icon?

  1. thebadassmanager says:

    Love the use of visuals here! It’s a great way to compare the content in the video and how to wear the fashion in real life. Also, the content is absolutely relevant – Avengers, Riverdale, etc. Awesome!

  2. dishanddash1 says:

    I loved this! Great pictures and I love how you show the reader where to get the same look. On another note, I love to bake and you have introduced me to another baker I would want to learn more about. Quick question – did you mean she has a bakeware line with Wilton instead of Winston?

  3. simplysara1594 says:

    This is a really cool post. I had no idea this baker existed but think it’s really neat she themes her baked goods off pop culture (the infinity stone cupcakes were definitely my favorite!) I loved how you tied all of this back into a style post too!

  4. enjoythedeploy says:

    Okay this post is super cute! Ro is adorable and the way she relates her fashion to each particular video is awesome, and it ties in nicely with your topic. I really like the suggestions and links that you shared to get the style – that kind of stuff draws readers into these types of blogs (knowing where to look)!

  5. fwcq says:

    I like this blog. I wondered how you would market a blog about stylish gamer girls. These are two interesting themes to bring together. I studied “ed tech” and so I totally understand gaming. I am trying to figure out the target group – high school or college or both?

    • bombshellgaming says:

      It is kind of both. I mean it is more towards young adult women since there might be games discussed with mature rating, however I can’t help teenagers who would be into this content and for the most part my posts are pretty clean. The thing about my target, it is geared for young adult women who don’t mind embracing their inner child and love for things like Disney and superheroes.

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