What’s Going On River Vixens?

Riverdale Ladies are Stepping Up
and Taking Charge

Riverdale just premiered their season 2 finale last Wednesday, May 16, and I’m still awe stricken. Many surprising events occurred over the last couple of episodes, so tension was high for the finale. If you haven’t watched the finale or the series in total but planning to, you might want to come back to this later as a few spoilers may occur. Again people, listen to me carefully, there will be SPOILERS. Just want to make sure we are on the same page.

Now, as I said, striking events occurred for each of the characters, but I want to talk about our three main river vixen babes and where they stand now at the end of the season. Each of these ladies has their own style, personality, and agenda, but now they have some independence to check off their list. Let’s see what Cheryl Blossom, Betty Cooper, and Veronica Lodge are up to now.


Cheryl “Bombshell” Blossom


Cheryl has definitely been rough around the edges since the beginning establishing herself as the HBIC (head bitch in charge) at school, but she really has just been misunderstood. Cheryl has put her guard up in most situations not letting anyone get close to her or to get to know the real her. Who could blame her with the crazy parents she deals with? Just the simple fact her dad was crazy enough to kill her twin brother is terms enough for some serious therapy. With all the crazy she has put up with, she has definitely come out strong in the end. Whether it’s been dealing with her mother sending her off to a gay conversion nut house to being threatened by the Blackhood for only starring in a musical. Girl deals with a lot, but luckily this season we start to see her get her way.

First, she is got a kick ass girl by her side now to love and appreciate her. Yes, Choni fans, I’m talking about the cute, honest relationship blooming between Cheryl and gang member Toni. Cheryl has used her new confidence given by her girl to stand up to her mother and get emancipated. She now is under the guardianship of her Nana Rose and gets to keep her mansion. Plus get this, in exclusive interviews there was talk of deleted scenes with Toni actually moving in with Cheryl. So bummed, we missed this, but hopes for more next season between these two love birds. I’m sure since my final piece of amazement from miss Cheryl is her now becoming a Southside Serpent along with her boo. She is finally getting the family and support she always needed.

Betty “Dark Girl Next Door” Cooper


Now I have to admit, when it comes to miss girl next door, Betty Cooper, I never really understood her or favored her. Her personality jumps back and forth from her nice-girl- save-the- town-with-her-detective-ways act to her “darkness” she claims comes out without control. The writers have done a good job with giving us a typical nice girl character, but with some edge so for that I do applaud. I just hadn’t fully grasped her yet until now. Betty has spent most of the season battling her darkness, her relationship with the Blackhood, and solving the tragic mysteries of Riverdale all while being a regular high school student. The girl is not afraid of a work load. Even though she is dating Jughead, a strong, intelligent gang leader, she relies on her own strengths to get the job done.

The biggest issue she has had this whole time is her connection with the Blackhood. Blackhood has been seen as a psycho serial killer killing all without hesitation, but yet he communicates with Betty consistently without hurting her. Well this just in, her dad ends up being the masked killer. With Betty struggling with her darkness, being related to the Blackhood was the last thing she needed to hear. However, in the finale she turns the situation around and stands up to her dad. Betty believes she is not like him and lets him know she will never end up like him as she walks away while he is behind bars. She might have more to overcome with her darkness coming out, but we are proud to say our Betty is finally taking control.

Veronica “Mobster’s Daughter” Lodge


Last but not least, my favorite vixen, Veronica Lodge. Veronica Lodge stepped into the Riverdale scene after moving from New York with her mother as her dad still resided in jail. Unfortunately for Veronica and pretty much everyone in Riverdale, her father has been released from jail and has made himself the number one villain in Riverdale. Because of this, a huge target was thrown on Veronica’s back at school and even her own friends started to lose trust in her. Have no fear because Veronica finally decided she couldn’t let her Dad’s malicious ways control her anymore.

Veronica started to play both sides to her advantage giving her a way to trick her dad in hopes of overthrowing him. Sadly, her mom hadn’t listened to her the whole season which really bummed me out since Hermione Lodge use to be a total bad ass in her own right. In the finale, her mom finally wised up and gave Veronica the info she needed to make a big move against her dad. She made a deal with her dad after buying the property he desperately wanted for his larger plan and she ended up with ownership of the town’s favorite diner, Pop’s Chocolate Shoppe. She was going to use this new ownership to take back something important for her and her friends. However, the show threw us a giant curve ball and we see Veronica’s dad having her main man Archie arrested at the end of the episode. Of course, this set me off, but knowing my girl she is already planning on how to get her boo out.

What About Season 3?

These ladies are my love, and I’m so looking forward to where they will move forward in the next season. Sadly, it won’t air until next fall, but thankfully the CW is not waiting until next year to give us more of this alluring mystery show. I’m definitely excited since this season kind of pushed and pulled me all the way through. I will stick on though because I can’t help but fall in love with these characters. At least we can binge watch season 1 and this May season 2 on Netflix for those Riverdale urges. Comment below and let me know your favorite Riverdale lady, what shocked you most about this season, or where you hope the show will start off with next fall.

4 thoughts on “What’s Going On River Vixens?

  1. simplysara1594 says:

    I can’t say that I’ve watched this series yet but your post here definitely helps. The series sounds pretty thrilling with lots of twists (which I love). Good analysis on the characters!

  2. enjoythedeploy says:

    I have never watched this show – but it’s on my list! Your enthusiasm is great and makes for an exciting read. The descriptions of the characters are also really thorough and make for a good discussion with others who have seen the show. On top of that, the artsy photos really pull the article together! Great work.

  3. Ariana Annunziato says:

    Riverdale is on my to-watch list as soon as I finish New Girl. The CW always has awesome shows … I may or may not have binged all of Jane the Virgin before I started New Girl. Anyway, I would love to know how you feel about the portrayal of gay characters on Riverdale, specifically with the character of Cheryl? Thankfully, there’s been much more LGBTQ+ representation on television recently, but the portrayal of these characters is often hit or miss. Thoughts?

    • bombshellgaming says:

      I am glad Riverdale is on your watch list, definitely recommend it. I watched New Girl once upon a time, but didn’t continue. I don’t have much reasoning except for maybe moving around that time. As for CW, I sticked to mostly The Flash, Supergirl, and so forth. I don’t like when LGBTQ characters are forced or added just to please, but if it feels natural or intended for the character all along, then I’m all for it. With Riverdale, they introduced Kevin, a gay character right off the back, who was not gay in the comics, but the producers felt it was right to introduce him as such. He happens to be one of my favorite characters and adds a nice balance. For Cheryl, I don’t feel like it was forced. She never really had a boyfriend throughout the beginning and you can see something within her when it comes to her friendship with Josie. Just the simple fact a HBIC like Cheryl even has a friend she likes then you know something is up. Therefore, I really feel like when you watch the show you see the possibilities come through and it doesn’t make it so scandalous when she m makes her reveal just more supportive.

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