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Harry Potter’s New Interactive App

On June 21st, Warner Brothers released another fun interactive app for all Harry Potter lovers. Spring of last year, Portkey games gave us a single player role playing game: Harry Potter Hogwarts Mystery. This game allows the user to create their own witch or wizard who follows a storyline through each class year of their time at Hogwarts. Users can take different classes from Herbology to Charms as well complete missions in order to finish each year and progress in the storyline. After releasing this game, Portkey has decided to release another Harry Potter inspired game instead with more interaction for the user.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gomez

Unlike Hogwarts Mystery, Wizards Unite has a single player and multiplayer mode. The game adds more interactivity abilities by allowing users to become official members of the wizarding world with access to casting spells, transporting to new locations, collecting ingredients for spells, and much more in a VR like experience. Users discover more in the app as they explore around the real world to unlock more features and areas within the game. The game can be similarly compared to the Pokemon Go app, but gives Harry Potter fans a larger experience than just collecting creatures.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gomez

With now a month since its released, users have downloaded the app and created their own Ministry ID to join in the fun. With more and more users entering the game, the app decided to host their first Wizards Unite Community Event on July 20th to bring witches and wizards together. During Comic-con, they have also announced a Fan Festival as well with hopes for more events in the future.

Ticket Registration is now open for the Harry Potter Wizards Unite Fan Festival in Indianapolis, Indiana. The festival will be held from August 31st to September 1st at White Riverstate Park with tickets priced at $30 for general access and $40 for early access allowing the guest to arrive two hours earlier than others. Registration for the event is open on the app but you can view more details on the festival’s website.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gomez

For Harry Potter inspired looks like mine above to wear to the fan festival, you can visit your nearby Hot Topic where my look was purchased or go to hottopic.com. You can also support small business by visiting etsy.com and ordering your very own custom made wands.

How are you liking the app so far? Will you be attending the festival or any other fun Harry Potter themed events. Let me know in the comments below. Until next time my Bombshells, bye!

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