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Closer Look at the Costume Designs in Descendants 3

Mal, Carlos, Jay, Evie

The costume designs in the Disney Descendants movies have been exceptional in their creativity and style with no exception in the new Descendants 3 movie. The film continued to step up to the plate and deliver amazing looks for the cast inspired by their Disney Villain parents. All the outfits bring modern style for every character including the new addition of Hades, Dizzy, Celia, and more; but we will be looking closer at the three main bad girls: Uma, Mal, and Evie.

Mal, Evie, Uma


Mal has consistently had some of the most creative inspired looks with her mother being one of the most favored Disney villains of all time, Maleficent. Her looks have explored different shades of green and purple just like the fire Maleficent produced in Sleeping Beauty. Out of all the girls, her style is edgier and darker with all leather looks and different touches of dragon whether it be drawn wings, dragon accessories, or scales in the design. Colorful hair, leather tights, dragon tank, and a dragon cuff can have you looking like a fierce mistress of evil like Mal.


Miss Evie, the fashion diva herself takes great pleasure in her designs and fashion as her character even designs outfits for the other characters. Evie’s looks have continue to raise the bar in its sophistication and elegance with just a touch of bad so we still know she is a villain kid at heart. She still rockers her studs and leather jacket, but we see her pair it with more skirts and dresses versus pants like her supporting characters. She adds in more accessories including small tiaras to add her to feminity and royal look. Only critics I could give to her looks in the new movie is the colors sometimes making her look more like Cruella Devil than Evil Queen’s daughter. To achieve looks inspired by Evie, I would choose navy dresses or lather circle skirts with red studded heart accessories.


Uma’s look in Descendants 3 is probably by far my favorite of all the characters and the one I would most likely want to mimic. We were introduced to her in Descendants second installment where we learn she is Ursula’s daughter and head of a pirate gang. Pirates and the under the sea are the biggest inspirations for Uma’s look, but we see it get elevated in the third movie where her fashion becomes a little more feminine and sophisticated. She stands out more as a leader and her signature color of turquoise becomes more apparent. The designer chose turquoise as her leading color due to Ursula’s signature bright blue eyeshadow and I think its a perfect color for Uma to stand out against the others. In order to choose styles influenced by Uma, turquoise, golds, and brown leathers are a must. Choosing gold accessories, a brown leather jacket or boots with any turquoise blouse or top can easily make you look like this sickening sea witch. I also recommend wearing turquoise eyeshadows or eyeliner like Uma, which you can find inexpensive turquoise eyeliner and mascara duo at colourpop.com

My Look

Here is a look at my outfit inspired by the villains of Descendants. I wore a v-neck tee with the three leading ladies’ moms, Maleficent, Evil Queen, and Ursula paired with a black snap skirt and fish net leggings. My accessories included black combat boots, black leather jacket, black lace chocker, and black druzy earrings. Most of my look can be found at stores such as H&M, Wet Seal and Hot Topic with the exception of the tee from the Disney Store. You can have some real fun when making any look inspired the villains. Just remember color, color, color, leather, studded accessories, and have fun whether its adding color to your makeup or even coloring your hair!

Pick your favorite Disney Villain and add black accessories with a darker make-up look and you will have a wickedly evil look. Comment below your favorite look from the Descendants movies and your favorite Disney Villain. Would you like to see a closer tutorial on how I accomplished my make-up for this look, let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to get notified of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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