The End of a Wicked Trilogy

Descendants 3 Finishes Up Amazingly Evil Trilogy and Pays Tribute to Cameron Boyce

Last Friday, Disney Channel premiered its closing movie to the Descendants trilogy based on a story surrounding the four core villains kids and their adventures with other villains and good characters. Before you go on to reading this post….. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!! There will be spoilers in this review. If you have not seen the movie or any of them, what are you doing!? I highly recommend them even though they are Disney Channels movies. They are really fun for all ages, I promise. But if you have no interest in watching them, but want to read this review to possibly persuade you then continue on.

During my childhood, I felt Disney Channel produced some of the best original movies from the Thirteenth Year to the Luck of the Irish. However after the High School Musical era, I didn’t see any movies that interested me that much anymore except for maybe Starstruck. Well that all changed when the High School Musical director, Kenny Ortega, came back and created the Descendants series. The man is very talented because he has yet again produced something with great music the whole family can sing a long to, fun characters, and interesting storyline.

The Descendants series stuck out to me when I found out the story circulates around children from our favorite Disney characters like Belle, Mulan, Maleficent, and more. I was raised on Disney so when I hear about anything related to my favorite animated movies growing up, I am game. Luckily for me, the Descendants movies were created very special that I truly believe people of all ages could enjoy them. But enough about my appreciation of the series, lets dive into the third movie shall we. Again SPOILER warning!

We left Descendants 2, with Mal and Ben finally revealing their love for each other after Mal bans Uma away from threatening Auradon. All is happy for the people of Auradon with everyone feeling closer together and the core four: Carlos, Jay, Mal, and Evie have settled in and found their place. Carlos has a best friend in his dog, Dude and a new girlfriend, fairy godmother’s daughter, Jane. Jay is part of the turny and fencing team where he gives his captain title over to Mulan’s daughter, Lonnie. Evie has made enough money from designing gowns to buy her own castle and continue her relationship with Doug. And finally, Mal has realized her place in Auradon and that is in Ben’s arms. All is good and happy except not knowing exactly where Uma went to what was up her sleeve.

Descendants 3 has the core four still going strong and moving forward their plans with Mal engaged to Ben and bringing more kids from the Isle to Auradon. However a certain somebody is not happy with all of this and its not Uma. Remember how Ben was dating Sleeping Beauty’s daughter Audrey before Mal and then she kind of just disappeared. Well the girl is back and has deemed herself the new queen of mean with Maleficent’s scepter on her side. The core four now have to stop her from taking over Auradon and bring her back to reality.

Without disappointment, the movie brought high fashion, upbeat, catchy songs with Audrey’s Queen of Mean definitely at the top, and final closing to a great trilogy. Everything really came together with all the characters being closer with a greater understanding of the difference of good and bad. Not all heroes are good nor all villains bad bringing a final good message for viewers. However, a few little nitpicks here and there. For one, Doug, Dopey’s son, should not have been rocking that lion’s mane or pony tail. That caught me a little of guard. And second, where was Lonnie?! We got so much of her last movie, it was sad for her not to return in this one. Lastly, since it was the final movie, it would have been nice for the core four’s parents to make a return and show all the cast for the final movie. And that’s all I’ll say about that, but before we go. Disney Channel was gracious enough to end the movie with a tribute to Cameron Boyce, “Carlos”, who just recently passed. I remember watching Cameron in the Grown Ups movies and its very sad to see him go so young. I’ve attached their tribute below which only shows just a small part of how great he was.

Let me know in the comments below your favorite moments in the Descendants movies and how you liked the ending to the trilogy. We were lucky to see one more amazing work from Cameron Boyce and our thoughts go out to his family and costars. Rest in Peace Cameron, you will be missed. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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