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Zoey 101 Coming Back for Possible Reboot

If you loved Teen Nick as much as I did 15 years ago, then get excited because there is talks about a possible Zoey 101 reboot. It seems like reboots are going to be a continuous trend for 90s and early 2000s shows and Nick might be jumping on that bandwagon.

Rumors started speculating for a possible reboot with Jamie Lynn Spears making a post for Nick’s people to call her people which means she definitely is down for repairing her role as Zoey. Other cast members such as Sean Flynn (Chase), Christopher Massey (Michael), Matthew Underwood (Logan), Erin Sanders (Quinn), Victoria Justice (Lola), and Paul Butcher (Dustin) all recently had a mini reunion excited to be together once again and hoping to work together.

Now I know reboots or spin-offs have been kind of a hit or miss lately which I totally get. You want things you once loved to stay as you remembered them. However since it doesn’t seem like reboots are gonna slow down, I feel like bring it on and hopefully don’t disappoint. Zoey 101 is particular was one of my favorites growing up and for sure made me want to go to a boarding school. I considered Teen Nick shows to be like little soap operas for kids. I watched to see if the nerdy guy was gonna get the leading girl and the drama between all the friends. It was great and a nice pass time after school. I was sad when the show ended after four seasons and finding out Jamie Lynn Spears was pregnant and wouldn’t be acting.

The show didn’t necessarily answer all my questions when it ended and I definitely wanted more. Luckily for us viewers, Dan Schneider did produce other great shows and we did get Victorious using Victoria Justice from the show. In 2015, we sort of received a Zoey 101 reunion with a short video called “What Did Zoey Say?”. This marked 10 years from the episode where Zoey told Chase, he could know what she said in her time capsule video in 10 years. In the short video, we see Michael remind Chase he could know what Zoey finally said about him.

As you can see at the end of the video, it says to be continued so I definitely think a reboot is in order and we can see what happens between Zoey and Chase. There are other Nick shows I would love to rewatch and see new episodes following the current lives of these characters. For instance, I would definitely be down for a Ned’s Declassified, Drake and Josh or ICarly reboot. I personally feel like Victorious never got a proper ending, but I doubt Ariana Grande has any time for that (no shade, but honestly). A lot of the actors from these shows haven’t been seen much these days and I think they should have shot coming back and reprising their characters.

Either way I am excited to see if they go through with this reboot and what they are wanting to do with the characters. Will Quinn and Logan be a thing? Will Quinn have won a Nobel prize? Will Jamie Lynn Spears get to sing any in the show, maybe with Victoria Justice? Who knows, but I’ll be waiting to tune in.

Are you excited for a Zoey 101 reboot? What other classic Nick and TeenNick shows would you like to see make a comeback or would you rather classics stay classic. Let me know in the comments below and until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

In case you want to travel back in time for some good memories, here is the official theme song we know and love from Zoey 101.

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