Disney! Disney! Disney! What’s Going On?

Disney Recent Changes: Winners & Losers

Disney has made a couple of recent changes and announcements recently so instead of writing a blog on each topic, we will be discussing some of the recent updates in this post. We will be discussing some of the goods, but some of the shockers as well. So let’s get into it.

Disney World Has New Lower Cost Option

Starting off on a positive, Disney announced a new ticket option at a lower cost for Disney World called the Mid-Day Magic Ticket. These new tickets are for visitors to come after 12 p.m. and enjoy Disney World at a lower cost by just arriving later in the day. The tickets can be used at any of the four theme parks within Disney World, but the promotional tickets are only on sale and available for use from now until December 15th. Here is the price breakdown for each of the Mid-Day Magic Ticket options:

  • Two-Day ticket from $88 a day, plus tax (from $176 total, plus tax)
  • Three-Day ticket from $84 a day, plus tax (from $252 total, plus tax)
  • Four-Day ticket from $79 a day, plus tax (from $316 total, plus tax)

I’ve personally been to Disney World twice in my life and if these prices existed before, I probably would have gone more. I do think this is a pretty good deal if you can budget yourself for the other costs for going to the park, but I would say downloading the app that tells you the wait time for each lines would probably be really necessary for visiting the park at this time. If you would like more information or purchase these magic tickets, click here.

Disney + Updates

A couple of new things have been announced for Disney’s new streaming service: Disney +. One thing is another new pricing option. If you read my Disney + blog post, you would of seen Disney + will cost $7 a month or $70 a year. Disney + is now offering a bundle option where you will receive Disney +, ESPN+, and Hulu all for only $13 a month.

So far we have seen a lot of live-action remakes of classic Disney movies hitting theaters, but now we will be viewing a new live-action film released on Disney + instead of the big-screen. Disney revealed that a rescue dog was chosen to play Tramp in the film and even gave us a sneak peak of the two dogs to be featured.

Photo Credit: The Walt Disney Company

New update! Disney has also released a new trailer for Lady and the Tramp. Check it out.

Now last, but not least, The Proud Family has been said to have new rebooted episodes on the streaming service. The Proud Family was part of the listing for shows said to be on Disney + when it is launched, but I think most assumed it would only be the old seasons of the show. Lucky for us we were wrong and the show will be rebooted with brand new episodes. Tommy Davidson, voice of Oscar Proud, revealed the big news and twitter has announced that Kyla Pratt, the voice of Penny Proud, would be returning to reprise her role as well. I was already going to subscribe to Disney +, but now I am definitely more excited.

Photo Credit: The Proud Family

MCU Losing Spider-Man: Disney-Sony Dispute

Our last piece of Disney news is quite the doozy and something I could not wait to talk about once I heard the news. Lead producer, Kevin Fiege, who has helped navigate Disney and their Avengers series is no longer going to have a role in the next upcoming Spider-Man movies. It has been said that the cause of his leave is due to Disney and Sony not being able to reach new terms of financial agreement. Disney was hoping for a higher percentage of the revenue earned from the movies.Without Sony and Disney on the same page, fans are worried Spider-Man will permanently leave the MCU causing confusion and chaos in the next coming movies.

I personally would be very disappointed if we lost Spider-Man from the MCU. To begin with, getting Spider-Man to join the MCU came with a huge purpose. We knew for a long time as sad as it is that some of the main Avengers we knew and love were gonna eventually leave the universe in some way causing us to having a team of “new Avengers”. This is why we were given more movies such as Doctor Strange and Black Panther so we could introduce new heroes to take the lead after some of our faves were gone. Spider-Man was meant to be one of these new leads hence the importance of his relationship with Iron Man as his mentor. If we were to remove him, it could cause major fumbles in the storyline that honestly I wouldn’t know how they would fix.

Secondly, no offense to Sony, but they don’t have the best track records with producing a full successful Spider-Man series. Don’t get me wrong there were some winners in there like hello Spider-Man 2, but there were some huge failures causing this series to kind of just end. We all remember the Spider-Man 3 weirdness that was filled too much of a cringe-worthy performance from Toby McGuire and Eric Foreman, I mean Topher Grace. As far the Amazing Spider-Man Series, you know I thought I liked them as first, but rewatching I realized just no, no, no. Andrew Garfield was pretty good for the most part and gave us the sarcastic, witty side of Spider-Man we were missing before, but the villains in those movies, I mean come on. Yes, I know Marvel hasn’t been the best with villains either, but they have way more that can make up for it at least.

All in all we can hope the disputes are resolved, and they reach an agreement where the audience doesn’t have to lose out. However, we do know how greedy Disney can get so we will how this goes.

What announcements are you most excited for? Will you be planning a trip to Disney World? What else are you excited for on Disney +? But mostly, what do you think of Disney losing Spider-man? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to get notified of new posts. I had to add this little note in because my phone started blowing up after I published this post. Disney has released a bunch of brand new trailers and show announcements for the Disney + streaming service so I will be writing another new post soon with all of these trailers so you can check them out. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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