Phoenix’s Joker. Oscar Worthy?

Final Trailer Released for 2019’s Joker

Warner Brothers Pictures just released a final trailer for the anticipated thriller, Joker coming to theaters October 4th. Joaquin Phoenix is next in line to show us his adaptation of the Joker and fans already deeming him as giving us an Oscar-Worthy performance. The film will solely focus on the Joker’s upbringing as we see the character, Arthur Fleck slowly be taken over by madness due to society’s treatment of him. The film will be different than other batman movies or any other Joker role in that it will be a dramatic psychological thriller looking at Joker from the beginning. Before continuing this post, I highly recommend you watch the final trailer below before continuing on to hear my thoughts on the new film. Go ahead, I’ll wait.

Credit: Warner Brothers

Now before I go into specific thoughts on this particular release, let me start by saying my attachment to DC and Batman specifically. Batman is my number 1, ultimate favorite hero making me feel like I was always a “DC girl”. This wasn’t always the case. Growing up, I found myself mostly in love with Spider-man and reading Spider-man comics whenever I had the chance. I felt Batman to be kind of lame because what kind of hero has no powers, but then in 2008 something changed.

My friends forced me to go see The Dark Knight with them and everything changed. Everything that I thought I hated about Batman became the exact reason on why I love the series so much now. I thought the Dark Knight Trilogy did something so powerful and great as a superhero film because it didn’t rely on things like aliens, powers, comedy, acid, and so forth. It has real characters performing real crimes and actions giving it more feeling and thrills. From that movie on, I became obsessed with everything Batman; reading every comic I could, watching the animated series, and watching the older movies. To this day, even though DC has some serious faults, I still believe myself as a DC fan because Batman has the special place in my heart.

With that being said, obviously one of the highest credits I can give to the Christopher Nolan’s trilogy is Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker. There is really no denying his performance and how he really changed the game for superhero villains. Since then, I think its pretty safe to say that no one has come close to matching his portrayal. I mean I don’t even think Jared Leto and Joker should even be said in the same sentence. Sorry not sorry, but DC has really let me down in the film department since the actual Dark Knight Trilogy. There has been a lot of flops and some mehs in between. Now, they are at it again, and giving us another Joker portrayal.

And I have to say… I’m pretty excited and think Warner Brothers might actually be coming back. The new Joker movie is doing something that really hasn’t been seen yet by making a comic based movie rely on thrills and the mind instead of pointless jokes and action. We as viewers get the chance to connect on a deeper level with a character and specifically a villain instead of a superhero who usually gets more screen time. My number one reason for having hope for this film is not because Joaquin has delivered strong performances before, but because the. movie is going to be serious. What I mean by this is that I think DC started to fall because they were trying to compete with Marvel. Marvel is known for being cheeky, sarcastic, and funny which is completely fine, but that is not DC. DC movies should have never tried to be something they are not. The Dark Knight Trilogy worked for me because of its realism, thrills, and seriousness adding a dramatic element different than Marvel films. Now I think this movie will be finally going back to the formula that I feel works better for DC in the first place.

The release of the Joker, may be coming at a perfect time. Every day people try to figure out mental health and mental illness as well as judge each other for things they don’t understand. Now I’m not saying Joker’s actions have ever been justified or needed, but viewing a movie focused on an everyday man driving himself into madness could give an interesting perspective on how mental health matters. I am really excited for this movie and think maybe Phoenix has a chance to redeem DC movies and earn himself an Oscar. I will be watching the film in October and be back to share with you my thoughts.

What do you think of Joaquin’s portrayal of the Joker? Do you think it’ll be an Oscar-Worthy performance? Will this finally get DC out of the gutter? Do me a favor and let me know in the comments below. Also be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

2 thoughts on “Phoenix’s Joker. Oscar Worthy?

  1. farleysma says:

    I just went to see this tonight and I was blown away by Phoenix’s performance. My profession involves working with individuals with mental illness every day, and his portrayal was shockingly accurate. I particularly liked his monologue during the “live tv” segment. I think 100% he deserves an Academy Award! Just my two cents.

    • bombshellgaming says:

      I completely agree. I actually am working on my review for the movie right now which will go up tomorrow 10/30 at 12 pm central. Hope you can check it out and thanks for reading. 🙂

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