Saying Goodbye to Summer

The Highlights of My Summer and What’s to Come

Well it’s finally that time of year where Summer is coming to a close and we can look forward to the holiday season to come. Before we move on to Jack-o-Lanterns, turkeys, and Santa Claus, I thought I share with you a bit of my summer particularly about a certain movie I enjoyed. I’m talking about Disney’s summer live-action princess movie, Aladdin.

My swimsuit, sunglasses, kimono and accessories were all purchased at Hot Topic

Now I know I’ve told you guys how I kind of grew up as a Disney geek and some of my loves in the Disney universe. Well here is another. My ultimate favorite Disney princess growing up was 100% Jasmine. I thought she was the most beautiful princess with her long, dark hair, gorgeous skin, and her outfit was so cute. Plus I loved her attitude and how strong-minded she was and I just remember growing up wanting to be just like her. Well no fast-forwarding into my early 20’s, I find out Aladdin is coming out as a live-action film. When this announcement was made, Hot Topic came out with so much new merchandise inspired by the Disney princess so of course my bank account and I went a little nuts. Before summer began, I bought all the different Aladdin merchandise I could find including a hoodie dress, denim skirt, purse, jewelry, swimsuit, and the classic jasmine outfit. I wanted to be ready for when the movie came out and also have some different Aladdin looks to wear for the summer.

Now even though I wore all my new outfits for different get togethers throughout the summer, my favorite was when I was actually able to dress as Jasmine for the Aladdin movie premiere in May. I was looking forward it to so much and even though my babe wasn’t a huge movie-goer or Disney fan, I just had to make him go with me. I wore my little Jasmine two-piece with genie lamp earrings, jasmine bangles, gold slippers, and a magic carpet bag. My boyfriend and I stopped at McDonalds, loaded my purse with Hot & Spicy’s, and headed to the theater. When we got to the ticket window, I didn’t even have to mention what movie we were seeing because she just knew. We took our seats and it was time for the show.

Now I have to admit, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect from the live-action version specifically because I didn’t know how I would feel about Will Smith’s performance as the genie. Well I was pleasantly surprised and Will Smith ended up being my boyfriend and I’s favorite part. He kept us laughing and we enjoyed his musical performances. The biggest musical performance for me, however, was Naomi Scott’s performance of the added song “Speechless“. The song made a great addition with how beautiful it sounded and the message it portrayed which gave the movie new levels of meaning. Jasmine becoming the new sultan was amazing and the fact that I was actually able to see Aladdin marry Jasmine, Ahhhhh! Overall, I really loved it and had no regrets buying as much Jasmine clothes as I did. With the movie’s great success, there are also talks to bring Aladdin’s sequel, Return of Jafar, as a new live-action film as well. Jafar’s performance was probably the biggest let down to me, but since I liked the movie so much, I would still like to see the sequel be made. If you have not yet seen Aladdin, you can buy the movie digital out now and the DVD will release September 10th.

The rest of my summer, I kept pretty busy and continued fun little outings like my Aladdin date. I spent weeks with my sister in Austin where I explored the city and downtown area. I reconnected with old friends including my photographer for most of the photos you’ve seen on my blog. Lastly but most of all, I’ve spent a lot of time getting to know the Aladdin to my Jasmine; just having fun playing video games, watching the Overwatch League, and eating a lot of food. So overall, it has been a great year so far and I am excited for what comes next. Fall is actually my favorite holiday and I have a lot planned this fall with posts of all my fall looks, costume ideas, and movie opinions.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gomez
Outfit, purse and accessories were all purchased at Hot Topic. Shoes are from Old Navy.

Who is your favorite Disney princess? Have you been enjoying the live -action remakes, which is your favorite? What fun things did you get to do this summer? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, comment, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. I am ecstatic for this fall season and have a lot prepared to share with you guys. A lot of great films are coming out, costume ideas, halloween decor and so much more that I will be discussing here so stay on the look out. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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