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Bombshell’s Gamer Update: Edition 3

Hello my Bombshells! It’s that time of the week for another edition of Bits & Bytes: Bombshell’s personal gaming news post. Sorry for the late update. Time has not been on my side recently, but I still have another edition of Bits & Bytes for you. Bits & Bytes is a weekly post where I share with you some gaming news highlights from the week such as game updates, character releases, tournament news or game sales, etc. So without further a do, let’s jump into another edition of Bits & Bytes.

90s Games Coming to Modern Systems

Photo Credit: IGN

Disney’s classic video games, Aladdin and Lion King are making a return from the 90s and releasing on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The games were originally playable for Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo in the early 90s. My older sisters had both of these games for their consoles which I later played when I was about 8. Now I can play it more vividly with the games being purchasable digital or in physical versions. The games will also be updated with higher graphics, customizable controls, interactive game viewer, and more. The launch date has not yet been revealed, but it is set to cost $29.99 and come some time this fall.

Trailer Released for Jumanji: The Video Game

Credit: Playstation

Bandai Namco and Outright Games is releasing on November 8th, a Jumanji video game based off the new rebooted film series. This multiplayer game will be available for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC where players can play online or build their own team to play the storyline of the game which like the movie has the objective of recovering jewels and saving Jumanji. You can pick nay of the characters seen in the movie to play as and it said to have the same mischievous humor like the movie. A new gameplay trailer was officially released and can be viewed above.

Eevee and All Its Eeveelutions

Pokemon Sword and Shield will have Eevee and all its evolutions. Nintendo’s latest trailer for Pokemon Sword and Shield revealed that Eevee and all the various evolutions will be in the game. This is both a relief and surprise for fans because it was unclear of which Pokemon would be in the game since it was announced some of the popular Pokemon were going to be unavailable. This decision was primarily made to create a limited database of species and keep a standard animation quality for all. The database listing is specific to the Galar Pokedex meaning you can only use Pokemon in the game that you caught within in the Galar region. About 200 Pokemon species have been confirmed such as Charizard, Lapras, and Pikachu.

World of Warcraft Classic Allowing Players to Move Realms

Photo Credit: Blizzard

World of Warcraft Classic was released and as figured realms were heavily populated causing long queue times for players to join in. Even though Blizzard asked players to switch to different realms, thousands of players were still stuck waiting to get into the game. As a solution, some players in select realms will have the chance to jump to a new home. Blizzard announced they will let players movie more specifically players in the busier realms. Blizzard stated, “When free character moves become available from one of the most highly-populated realms, players will see the option to initialize a free character move on either the character select screen or the queue screen of the realm”. However, anyone who is a guild leader, has active auction listings or bids, or has mail won’t be able to move to a new realm. Blizzard has no intention of raising the cap to fit more players on a single realm.

Borderlands 2 VR Experience for PC

Credit: GameSpot Trailers

Borderlands 2 will be adding a new virtual reality experience now coming to PC in just a few short months. Borderlands 2 has already been previously experienced in VR for playstation, but now PC players will get to experience it this fall. Here are a few of the mechanics you can experience with the game play in VR:

  • Virtually Step onto Pandora: Step into the boots of a treasure-seeking Vault Hunter armed with 87 bazillion possible guns on a quest to line your pockets with loot and free Pandora from Handsome Jack’s clutches. Blast bandits with real-world aiming, punch bullymongs in the mouth, find the perfect gun inside a life-sized treasure chest and inspect it from every angle. Catch-aRide and race across Pandora in first-person view and experience the thrill of a psycho running toward you with grenade in-hand yelling, “Boom time!”
  • Virtually Slow Time: Borderlands 2 VR includes new features unique to the VR experience to empower Vault Hunters in their fight against Handsome Jack. With Bad Ass Mega Fun Time (aka BAMF Time), players can use this new slow-mo ability to literally slow the speed of the game temporarily to set up their next attack. In addition, with the option to Teleport, players can glide across Pandora as gracefully as Claptrap (if he had grace).
  • Become a Virtual Vault Hunter: Take on the role of one of four playable classes – Siren, Commando, Gunzerker and Assassin – each with unique combat styles and updated skills that leverage the new VR functionality, including the new BAMF Time ability. Whether crushing enemies with Maya’s Siren powers, calling in Sabre Turret reinforcements as Axton, feeling the heft of dual-wielded machine guns as Salvador, or the satisfying swing of Zer0’s sword in an enemy’s back, Borderlands 2 VR immerses players like never before.
  • Experience Virtual Improvements: For the first time ever, players can experience the sublime exhilaration of driving around the Borderlands in first-person perspective – accelerating and steering with the joystick and aiming the vehicle’s weapons with their headset. With the use of the motion controllers and headset, players can interact with the menu systems in a new and intuitive way for the platform, easily navigating through the menus by pointing, clicking, dragging and dropping. Players will also have the choice of preferred movement styles. Whether that’s the VR popular pointed-teleportation, or the classic direct movement style with joysticks – your experience should feel good for VR and true to form of classic Borderlands.
  • Get Virtually Rich: Borderlands 2 VR brings shoot-and-loot mechanics to VR with bazillions of procedurally-generated guns and gear, each with their own capabilities and modifiers. Procedurally-generated shields, grenades, relics, class mods and more round out your Vault Hunter’s arsenal for maximum power and mayhem.

Marvel’s Avengers Releases Gaming Mechanic, “Heroics”

A new gameplay mechanic has been announced for the new Marvel Avengers game called “Heroics” which are special attacks heroes can use on opponents. The way it’s broken down is each Avenger is given three heroics: support, assault, and ultimate which all operate on a cool down timer. Each heroic is exactly as it sounds with the support heroic being beneficial for all team members where assault heroics are attacks, and then ultimates usually being an attack with higher impact and damage. All heroics can be specialized in each player’s game style meaning a layer can progress in how they use each tactic and improve on their skills.

Overwatch League Playoffs Standings

The Top 8 teams have been decided to compete in a double elimination style bracket leading to the Grand Finals in Philadelphia. Here are the teams:

  1. Seoul Dynasty
  2. London Spitfire
  3. Atlanta Reign
  4. Los Angeles Gladiators
  5. Hangzhou Spark
  6. San Francisco Shock
  7. New York Excelsior
  8. Vancouver Titans

Xbox Games with Gold for September

Microsoft has announced the new games coming in September for the Games with Gold. Here is the schedule for the games:

Hitman: The Complete First Season: Available from September 1st – September 30th

We Were Here: Available from September 16th – October 15th

Earth Defense Force 2025: Available from September 1st – September 15th

Tekken Tag Tournament 2: Available from September 16th – September 30th

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