Special October Giveaway !!!!

Contest! Contest! Contest!

Bombshell is launching its very first giveaway! Yes, you heard correctly, you have a chance to win free stuff. As some of you know who have been following, Bombshell is just starting out and this has been a whirlwind of a beginning. I have more plans for the future of Bombshell and hope to continue to produce new content for you guys. I am really grateful for the support I have received so far so that is why I decided to have this little contest/giveaway for a chance to give back a little bit.

So this is how it works: You can either continue to read my little spell on the rules and how the contest works or you can watch my YouTube video down below explaining.

Are you still with me? Okay so all October long, a bunch of posts will be going up with different topics such as movie reviews, costume ideas, etc. You will be able to know which posts are a part of this contest, in that every post will end with three multicolor bombs with spiders on them. This includes the Haunted Mansion post already up. If you missed it, you can read it here. In each of these posts, in at least one of the photos is going to have a hidden me dressed as Beetlejuice somewhere in the background. So we are gonna play a little Where’s Waldo with this. Whoever can be the first to comment on October 31st and name the location of all the Beetlejuice figures will win the special prize. I am asking for you to comment on the post I will be releasing on Halloween at midnight, so I can see the time stamp of who was actually first. There is no age restriction to enter, but you must live in the U.S.

Okay so you’re probably wondering, what the heck is this prize you keep mentioning. Well if you win, you will receive two temporary Bombshell tattoos, a Bombshell vinyl sticker, a Bombshell button, and a custom Bombshell t-shirt which I’ll order any our size. You can view these items before. And it’s as simple as that.

Read up on every post posted for October and be sure to catch all the Beetlejuices you can. Make sure you subscribe to get notified of every post and won’t miss anything coming up. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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