They’re Creepy & Their Kooky..This Movie is All Together Ooky

New Animated Addams Family Movie Review

My dad and I like to do this thing where we have like a “daddy-daughter” day out usually involving eating Whataburger, talking about my future, and then go see a movie. If you’re not from Texas which I know many of you are not, you wouldn’t know the wonder that is Whataburger. It is my favorite fast food burger and probably always will be. But I’m not writing this post to talk to you about food. For my dad and I’s last day out, we went to go see the new animated Addams Family. Now I have to be honest with you guys up front, I’ve actually never seen any Addams Family movie or show. Yes, I know. It was never really shown in my house growing up and the only “spooky” show I liked on t.v. was the Munsters. So seeing this animated Addams Family was my first really experience with the kooky family.

Now since this was my first time, I wanted the whole “Addams” experience. For the release of the movie, Ihop came out with a limited time menu with kooky inspired food for children and adults. I of course just has to order this food for myself, so you can see in the photos above I ordered some delicious purple hot chocolate and spider webbed pancakes. Now unfortuantely, I didn’t get the whole experience. I ordered the food through Uber eats and sort of decorated the food and hot chocolate myself, but it was still very delicious and I recommend it to anyone who has a sweet tooth.

Alright so now for the movie itself. Obviously my expecations might be a little skewed because I had never seen an Addams Family movie and this version is meant for children which I am not. I do love some animated films though, for instance, I really enjoyed the Hotel Transylvania series. So it is fair to say I went into the theatre with an open mind. Overall, I will say the movie was really cute and fun for the whole family. There were a bunch of fmailies in the theatre with my dad and I and it was so nice seeing everyone snap along to the song and laugh together. I don’t like when people talk during a movie, but I do think when the audience can all enjoy a movie together and interact at the same moments makes for a great experience.

I still prefer the Hotel Transylvania series as far as writing goes, but the message in the Addams Family was a high part with some fun little cheeky comedy moments in the movie as well. If you have not seen the movie yet, let me just say that the zombie butler, Lurch was one of the best parts. He had me dying at some parts. Overall I think that is one of the best parts of seeing a childrens’ movie as an adult is just being able to laugh and be silly. It is a time to not take things so seriously. If I did have children, I definitely would have taken them to see this movie, but for now I just have a fur baby who would not be very welcomed in the theatre.

However, the message the movie tried to portray as far as don’t judge others and everyone is weird in their own way, was a really good message to send to children and I think even a lot of adults now should hear. Children aren’t usually born with judgemental thoughts, but are taught, therefore I feel adults could learn from children a little bit and be less cruel to others. I’m just saying. I know how I have felt when others have found me strange or “different” and honestly is just pure stupid to point out differences so much. I also want to give a shout out to a girl who dressed up as Wednesday Addams in the theatre. Now thats my kind of girl. Now as you can see above, I tried my own little Addams Family look, but my hair had to go more Mortcia than Wednesday due to length. I tried though and I really love the style the Addams girls rock. I unfortunately just can’t rock that all year. Anyways, I digress a bit. I 100% recommend this movie, so get the family together or a couple of friends and just get a little spooky.

Have you seen the Addams Family yet? What’s your favorite Halloween movie? Did you ever watch the original Addams Family show or maybe the Munsters? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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