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Last Minute Witch Costume Idea

With Halloween just around the corner, I decided to post for you guys some last minute easy costume ideas. For this costume specifically, we will be going a little old school traditional and I dressed up as a witch. Basically with this costume idea and the one I will post later are ones that you can come up with if you’re good with a makeup brush.

Photo Credit: Jeffrey Gomez

For this costume, there wasn’t much I had to do on my part. My dress itself is from Urban Outfitters specifcally from the clearance section. I bought the dress about four years ago, but honestly there are so many places to purchase a plain, black lace dress. Pretty much any black dress with either lace or velvet will work. I have seen some witch dresses at Walmart for under $12, however I personally like to be able to buy looks that I can wear at anytime and not just as a costume. Therefore, I recommend buying a little black dress you adore that you can wear at anytime and just witchify it with accessories.

For my accessories, I kept it very simple. I bought a paper made witch hat from Hobby Lobby which then I painted black and glued it to an old black headband. You can find plain black headbands at the Dollar Tree, Walmart, Ross, etc. and the witch hat was $2 after discount. You can get creative as you want with the witch hat and add any detail or decor to it with paint, ribbon, or glued jewels. I also wore a pair of black lace heels and bat button studs which I bought on Etsy.

For my makeup, I decided to stay away from the blacks for once on my eyes and actually play with purple and green. Personally after I did it, it actually made me think it could work for a joker look, but none the less, it ended up being a great pop of color to the look. I topped the eyeshadow with a cat eyeliner and Colourpop’s BFF mascara. I do think a fake lash would also bring the look together, but I don’t have much experience with falsies yet. I also used L.A Girl’s bleach white foundation and concealer for my face with grey eyeshadow to contour my cheeks and forehead. Lastly was a nice grey lip, which I accomplished with Colourpop’s ultra satin lips. I highly recommend Colourpop if you’re looking for long-lasting matte lips. However, if you’re gonna use their liquid matte lips, then I would also recommend buying their lip primer and a lip scrub to smooth out the lips before application. There is a lot of fun to be had with make-up and I think we reached an era where you can get really experimental with color so don’t be afraid.

I really enjoyed putting this look together and it ended up being pretty simple to do. I recommend this idea for a quick costume and not one that will necessarily win you any big costume contests. However if you were invited to a last minute halloween party or are expected to dress up at work, then this could be inexspensive look for you. The point is to keep it fun and not take it too seriously. It’s Halloween after all so get out there. Trick or Treat.

What are you plans for Halloween? Any parties? Do you have a costume yet? Do you want any videos of my makeup looks? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like and subscribe to get notifed of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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