It’s Just A Bunch of Hocus Pocus

Hot Topic Releases New Hocus Pocus Merchandise

HerUniverse designed a new collection inspired by the classic Halloween movie on everyone’s t.v. at this time of year, Hocus Pocus. Their merchandisde can be purchased at their site or at HotTopic. Similar to my post on the Haunted Mansion collection, I will be sharing with you guys my thoughts on the clothes and my own personal Hocus Pocus inspired look I wear every Fall. Again this post is not sponsored, only me sharing my thoughts. So let’s get into it.

Hocus Pocus Bell Sleeve Hoodie

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

For the first item, we have a cute twist on a classic black hoodie. This hoodie features Hocus Pocus written on both sleeves as well as an illustration of the Sanderson house on the back. What makes this hoodie unique is its longer fit as well as the bell sleeves making it both comfty and stylish. I could see this hoodie being paired with some ripped jeans or jeggings due to its length. The hoodie can be purchased for $44.90 and $49.90 for plus size at Hot Topic or HerUniverse.

Hocus Pocus Icon Velvet Bell Sleeve Dress

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The next item we have takes a traditional witch styled dress with black velvet and bell sleeves, but switches it up a bit with a Hocus Pocus inspired print. I think this dress is perfect if you wanted to dress up as a witch for Halloween or to attend maybe a Halloween themed party or dinner and anytime you feel really. I’m sure the velvet and long sleeves makes it a tad warm to wear so pairing it with fishnets or other tights like the model would really make the whole look. Since the neckline is also a bitter lower, I could see some sort of choker or spooky inspired pendant for an accessory as well as laced-up booties. or mary jane heels. This item is available for purchase for $49.90 and $52.90 for plus size at Hot Topic or HerUniverse.

Velour Lace-Up Hoodie Dress

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

This next item would be the one I would most likely get because I have a hoodie dress from HerUniverse that is so comfortable and cute. I think hoodie dresses are the ultimate way to dress comfty and warm in the fall, but still be cute and stylish. This one in particluar is in a deep red color with quotes on the sleeves as well as the sisters on the front. These hoodie dresses are also nice in that you can dress it up with so many different shoes whther you want to go flat, heel, or boot. The dress can be purchased for $49.90 or $52.90 for plus size at Hot Topic or HerUniverse.

Girls Billy Glow-in-the-Dark Long Sleeve T-shirt

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Now I know I said I would most likely purchase the hoodie dress, but this shirt is actually my favorite design wise out of the collection. Billy is probably my favorite character in Hocus Pocus so it’s really no surprise the item imspired by him would be my favorite. Now here is the thing, this is not the first time I have seen a long sleeve at Hot Topic with this laced up sleeve detail and I typically haven’t really cared for it. In this case though, I really love it and I’ll tell you why. I think all design should either have a purpose or meaning and the lace up on the sleeve here is very reminiscent of the way Billy’s mouth is sewn up in the movie. Therefore I think the design element here is genuis and works well with the illustration in the front. I also love the pants chosen to be styled with this shirt and would want to do something similiar. This shirt can be purchased for $32.90 at Hot Topic.

Sanderson Sisters Acid Wash T-shirt

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The last item is probably the simplest of the collection, but still really cute and worth it if you’re a major Hocus Pocus fan which let’s be real, most of us are. The item is a medium grey acid wash style tee with an illustration of the Sanderson sisters on the front. Again, it is just a simple tee so it can be paired with a lot, but as far as absolutely needing it, I probably pass. I’m a little particular with t-shirts based off pop culture, in that I really need it so be special and stand out in order for me to purchase. There is nothing really calling me to this shirt in my opinion. But the shirt is available for purchase for $26.90 and $32.90 for plus size at Hot Topic and HerUniverse.

Now I have yet to purchase anything from this collection yet, but last year I did buy a hairbow from the Spirit Halloween store that was inspired by Sarah Sanderson. They had a bow and costume for each Sanderson sister, but I liked the colors for Sarah the best. the only thing about the bow is that they put the clip in the back backwards, but I actually like the bow each way so I guess its personal preference. Below you can see the bow and the easy Fall outfit I put together.

Sarah Sanderson Hairbow purchased at Spirit Halloween

Is Hocus Pocus one of your favorite movies? What are some of your favorite Halloween movies? Do you like scary or more fun movies like Hocus Pocus? Will you be shopping this collection? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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