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Last Minute Unicorn Costume Idea

With Halloween just around the corner, I decided to post for you guys another last minute easy costume idea. Earlier this week, I posted an idea for a traditional witch and now we will be exploring a different side of Halloween. For this costume, we will be pulling out the glitter and dressing up as a simple unicorn. With this costume, I wore a simple tee, but let my makeup and accessories create the look.

Now I have to admit, I’m not the biggest unicorn fan like I never was even when I was a little girl. Ponies or anything remotely similiar were just not my thing. Then we fast forward to my junior year in High School and my boyfriend at the time would not stop bugging me about watch My Little Pony. He was so persistent about me watching the show and convinced by telling me there was a unicorn that reminded him of me because she was a little fashionista. Well it was indeed Rarity from My Little Pony that hooked me onto the show, so now I have seen all the seasons plus spin off shows and movies. Therefore, Rarity was my inspiration for this costume idea.

For this quick costume, I think you could use any shirt with a unicorn on it so for me I wore my Rarity shirt from Hot Topic. For my pants, I wore dark purple jeans to mimic the purple in Rarity’s hair, however, I recommend white jeans and a white long sleeve undershirt to replicate the unicorn’s body. Now for the main accessory I bought a unicorn headband from the Claires Icing Store and I would recommend wearing a clip on tail. Plus for a little sparkle, I wore blue druzy earrings from Etsy.

Now for the best part that brings the whole look together. Make-Up! If you guys haven’t noticed yet, I’ve been having a great time experimenting with make-up and color. For this look I stuck with my traditional foundation and blush look, but played it up with the eyes and lips. For the eyes, I did a duo eyeshadow with different shades of purple and teal. The purple shades were comprised of some single Hot Topic pigments I had and the Disney Princess collection eye shadow pallete from Colourpop Cosmetics. The teal color is also from Colourpop with their monochrome Sol eyeshadow pallete. Finally I added glitter on top from the Disney Masquerade eyeshadow pallete also from Colourpop. I’m going to be recommending Colourpop a lot to you guys because I find their formulas really comfortable to wear, highly pigmented and affordable. Plus one of my favorite things is Colourpop uses Afterpay as one of the paying options which allows you to pay in four installments with no interest. My eyeshadow is also toped with the BFF eyeliner and mascara set from Colourpop as well as the satin blue liquid lip. Which btw this lipstick I was able to buy for $3 and it lasted all day without drying on my lips. However, I do recommend with any satin or matte lip to buy the lip primer and scrub from the site to go on before. It really makes a difference.

Well guys, that was another quick and easy costume idea for you to try if you are in a jam for Halloween. We have all been there where we might be last minuted invited to something or to busy to even come up with something. This idea could help you out and doesn’t take much effort plus if you love makeup as much as I do, then it could really be a chance for you to have some fun!

What are you dressing up as for this Halloween? Have you ever been a unicorn? Will you try this look? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like and subscribe to get notifed of new posts. Halloween is getting soooo close. Are you excited? Until next my Bombshells, Bye and Trick or Treat!

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