Happy Halloween from the Spider Queen!

Trick or Treat My Bombshells! Halloween is Finally Here

Well looky here, it’s Halloween. The time has finally come which means October is sadly over. But no fear it also means there is a chance for you to win a prize. With this being my final Halloween post, you can participate in my giveaway by being the first to comment on this post with all the Beetlejuice reveals from previous posts. If you’re the first one to comment with all the correct 17 Beetlejuices, you win. So go ahead and check out the other posts, I’ll wait.

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My costume this year ended up being a bit of a last minute DIY, put together costume, but still was pretty cool all the same. My plan for this year’s Halloween was to be Kitana from Mortal Kombat 11. I really liked the look they made for her in the latest game so I wanted to dress up as her specifically from that game. Fortunately I found the costume online which was very difficult considering most Kitana costumes out there are the more revealing ninja outfit. Unfortunately the company I ordered from has been very difficult and hasn’t even shipped my costume even though I ordered it a month ago. I hope I will still get the costume for later events, but we will see what happens.

So as a back-up plan, I had a couple of ideas to go with and after visiting a couple of stores, I was able to make my decision. I am a Spider Princess/Queen, you get the idea. I found some spider web stickers for the face from Five Below for a $1 and a spider choker from Walmart for $4. Then I knew with some stuff at home and my makeup that I was able to put a look together.

So with the choker and the stickers, I had some accessories prepared, but I wanted to make a couple of more to really push the spider idea. I had some small black plastic spiders from Hobby Lobby I bought for decor so I decided to use them to craft my other accessories. My mother and I hot- glued the plastic spiders to bobby pins for my hair and added some silver glitter on top to help them be more visible. We also hot-glued one to a plain metal ring of mine as well as a princess sash I had from winning Homecoming Princess in high school.

With accessories done, now there was just the idea of what I was going to wear. Lucky for me my senior prom dress was a red ballgown which with the red and black accessories, I thought fit perfectly for the look. It was all set from that point. I wore my senior dress and heels with the DIY accessories and we were good to go. With addition to the stickers, I did a red and black smokey eye with exaggerated liner and a bright red lip. I added some quick curls to my hair with my hair straightner and pinned each curl up randomly into an updo which then had the spider bobby pins added in. And there you have it folks. I do enjoy dressing up and the idea of dressing up as a character or someone else really excites me, but it was nice to come up with something from scratch for a change and I was happy with the results. Since I had the clothing at home already, the costume itself was very inexspensive for me so of course that was a plus. Whenever there is a chance to get creative and a little crafty, I am in.

What were you for Halloween? What has been your favorite costume? Have you ever DIY a costume? What did you do for this Halloween? Let me know in the comments below and don’t forget this is the post to comment on if you want to participate in this month’s giveaway. Good luck to everyone and thank you for reading. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notifed of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye and Boo!

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