Working Off the Turkey

Working off the Holiday Feasts in Nerd-Inspired Activewear

Happy Holidays my Bombshells! Long-time no chat, but I’ve been busy prepping some new content for you guys so I apologize. However, I wanted to take a moment with you to share some Nerdy Activewear. As you guys know as holidays roll around so does a lot of indulging and feasting which can lead to some full bellies of yummyness. Which is why I don’t wait til after New Years to begin working out and hit the gym while the holidays are happening. Now I’m not going to be sharing with you work-out tips or a routine, but I am going to show you some cute, nerdy activewear you can buy for when you’re ready to burn those cookies off. These outfits are so cute though, you don’t really need to hit the gym to wear them, since they also make for some great casual wear as well. Let’s jump into it.

Typically for me a good work-out week consists of a day for cardio, legs, and then core strenghening. However, recently it has been difficult to fit that many days at the gym in a week, but I do go to a Zumba class at least once a week every week. I love doing cardio and I’ve been dancing for a long time so of course Zumba appealed to me. I started going to Zumba in October of 2018 and have been going ever since. They do sell some cute workout gear with Zumba’s branding which usually consists of bright, fun colors. But of course, if there is any chance for me to wear something from pop culture, I am going to take it. Lucky for me brands like HerUniverse have designed nerdy activewear for women sold at Hot Topic. Below I am wearing one of my favorite two-piece sets inspired by Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas. I bought this last year, but there are still plenty of other choices sold now.

Now a lot of the HerUniverse and other activewear sold have been going on sale and selling out which I’m hoping means new collections will be released this coming year. However, I will show you some of my favorite options out now which you might be able to purchase at a great deal.

Galaxy Print Three-Piece

One of my favorite work-out sets from HerUniverse is this galaxy print sports bra, capris, and running jacket. I’m completely obsessed with all things stars, moon and galaxy so it is no surprise I gravitate towards this set. Now unfortunately this set, does tend to run out of stock and it is hard to catch it when it is back, but galaxy print sets can also be found at stores such as Target and Old Navy. For this specific look, the bra is priced at $24.90, the pant at $29.90, and jacket at $39.90 all purchased at HerUniverse.

BeetleJuice Two-Piece with Short

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

I do love a nice capris or yoga pant, but living in Texas, a short is really nice to have as well. This two-piece from Hot Topic contains a sports bra with a matching short with a sandworm. I do like the fact the designer added a lavender instead of the bright green I am use to seeing with Beetlejuice merch so it is a nice change. The sports bra is priced at $16.90 and shorts for $19.90 both sold at Hot Topic.

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Two-Piece

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

This sports bra and active pant is inspired by Asajj Ventress sold at HerUniverse. I do tend to wear black all the time especially with work-out clothes because of its slimming affect and doesn’t show much sweat stains. However, I do play with colors in my wardrobe as well and the color in this wear really stood out to me. I love the pattern and color chosen making it fun and slimming. The sports bra can be purchased for $29.90 and $29.90 plus size as well. The pants are priced at $34.90 and $39.90 plus size.

Sport Bras Variety

Now unfortunately many bottoms and full sets have been sold out, but I still wanted to show you guys some of my favorite sports available for purchase which can be matched with your favorite solid-color bottoms. The four I have selected is a Harry Potter inspired Sports bra with an illustration of the Marauder’s Map, a grey and silver Stitch sports bra, a black and grey Supernatural sports bra, and Dragonball Z printed sports bra. All could be paired with a black pant except for Stitch who would work nice with a light grey. There are many more on Hot Topic‘s site, but there were just some standouts for me. The Supernatural and DragonBall Z can be purchased for $16.90, Stitch for $24.90 and Harry Potter for $29.90 all at Hot Topic.

I can’t brag about HerUniverse or Hot Topic enough. I’m not sponsored, but I really do love these brands. However, there is so many ways to tie in your favorite characters into your work-out or errand-running routine. I have purchased tees from the boys sections as Target or Walmart and do some simple cutting which then ends up being a really cute work-out top. There is no right or wrong, but I love a chance to wear anything nerdy in every part of my life.

What are some of your favorite holiday foods and treats? Any holiday traditions? Do you do any of the holiday cooking for the family? Let me know in the comments below. Sorry for the lack of content during November, but it is because very soon, there will be video content posted here as well from Bombshell’s YouTube channel. So I hope you guys stick around for that and see my journey of creating relevant and fun videos. Be sure to like, share and subscribe to my blog to get notified of new posts and when my YouTube channel will be officially launched. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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