Mando, You’re My Only Hope

Disney+’s Original Mandalorian First Season Almost Over

It has been a month since Disney Plus has launched giving us a way to access all of our favorite classic Disney content including Marvel, Star Wars, and more and some new original content as well, such as the Mandalorian. Based off of George Lucas’s Star Wars, Disney created a spin off series called the Mandalorian which is an 8 chapter series following a Mandalorian’s journey and life. A new episode premieres every week and there is currently 5 chapters out now you can catch up on if you haven’t already. I waited a little while to start watching the series just so I could have more to binge and not be stuck after one episode. So now five episodes in, I want to share my thoughts on the new series so let’s get into it.

Okay so this may be a very strange way to start off a series review, but I just need to get this off my chest. Is it weird to have a crush on someone who is wearing a mask the whole time? I’m asking for a friend. No I’m not. Let’s be real. I’ve shared with you guys before my thoughts on certain actors and characters that have caught my eye like Harry Potter and Steve from Blue Clues. Well it looks like there is another and that is Mister Mandalorian. From the very first episode, I was like well hello there. The voice, the walk, and the way he just took down enemies definitely caught my attention. Judge me all you want, but he is certainly becoming a favorite of mine.

Okay but seriously, I am here to judge and review the series honestly. Honestly I really like the series and once it is over will probably rewatch is a bunch of times. I find it very enteraining despite the sort of been there, done that story. For some reason, even though it has been done in many cases, I don’t mind bounty hunter type stories or stories with a character who kind of walks the fine line of good or bad, but more of just living their life the way they know how. I gravitate towards these characters a lot like for instance, Catwoman being my favorite woman character in the DC universe. She plays the fence a lot, but I love her for it. This sort of happening again in the Mandalorian where watching us viewers are seeing different sides to him trying to understand his purpose and what he cares about. I rather have a character who leads us in a journey with them versus us being able to figure them out right away like knowing right off the back, “oh this guys is a hero or villain or etc”. So in this ascpect, the show right away had my attention with the story. Watching it even reminded me a bit of Netflix-Marvel shows like the Punisher. Of course not exactly, but more so in the style of how it is being put together of following a journey of a specific character.

The next thing which really caught my attention was the tone in the series. I have loved Star Wars since I was 9 and all Star Wars, prequels and all. Of course I love more than others, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the work of George Lucas as a whole. With this being said, it is safe to say the Star Wars films for the most part other than Revenge of the Sith and the newest trilogy, the movies are very PG, kid friendly. Not all aged kids may understand the movies, but the content and tone was appropriate enough for children to watch. I being the dark person that I am however, have been waiting for a different approach to the Star Wars franchise including the tone. I thought this was going to happen with the Force Awakens, but feel it was too much of a repeat of the original trilogy. There is nothing wrong with this, but wasn’t what I was hoping. Rogue One has been my favorite new release from the franchise and now this show as well. Mandalorian within the first ten minutes showed me okay this show means business and we are going to get some cool action. I feel throughout the episodes we see different action and fighting tactics then the films, but still has enough similarties that have worked well before. I don’t want to spoil but there is a scene where the Mandalorian backs up into a fighter behind him so he can shoot their ship down. I laughed so hard and was like whoa never seen that in a Star Wars chase before. Little things like this stood out to me causing me to smile and just fall more in love with the Mando character.

Speaking of characters, you guys didn’t think I wasn’t going to mention baby Yoda did you? Even if you haven’t been watching the series yet, you might have noticed pics everywhere of the crazy, adorable baby Yoda. Yes, the series introduces us to a 50-year old baby Yoda cute as a button. He may not have a lot to say yet, but he has definitely stolen my heart and I love watching his interactions with the Mandalorian. I am excited to see more of the relationship built between these two and what sort of origin we will learn about Yoda. One unfortunate thing is the Baby Yoda plush, which I totally plan on getting ,is not available until next year in May I believe, but it is available to pre-order now. I knew Disney had to be smart and make Baby Yoda merch, but they know how to make us wait. There is one Yoda thing you can buy now, I want to tell you about.

One of my guily pleasures is Starbucks. Yes, I know there is cheaper coffee and I have gone to small business coffee shops too, but I still have a small addiction for Starbucks. I mean I was able to use my dining dollars in college on Starbucks so of course I may have built a strong liking to it. One of the things I love most trying from Starbucks are different frappuccinos and when I found out I could make a Yoda Frappuccino, I drove straight over. It is a very simple frap to order. All you have to ask for is a Green Tea Matcha Frappuccino with caramel drizzel in the cup as well on top with caramel crunch topping. Perfect little drink for watching the series or just cute pics for the gram. I did enjoy it especially since I am not a huge matcha fan, the caramel drizzle helped with the flavor for me. Also cool thing is if you are currently a Starbucks app user, they are having BOGO drink deals every Thursday 2-7pm all December long. This of course works for all their crafted beverages including this off menu frap.

Yoda Frappucino: Green Tea Matcha Frap with Caramel Drizzle

Overall, I have really enjoyed the series so far and will be sad when it ends. Lucky for us, I have read a second season is in works which hopefully will lead to more episodes in the future. Even though Disney already has a lot of success, I am proud of them. It isn’t always easy for a streaming service to make successful original content and Disney is new to the streaming game. Netflix has some great series, but I have seen some issues with them and they tend to cancel things a lo,t so hopefully Disney doesn’t follow this same pattern. Disney does have a huge following and good budget so as long as they listen to their audience, could do great things. You got me hooked Disney, I’ll give you that.

Is baby Yoda just the cutest thing in the world? What has been your favorite part of the series so far? Is there any Disney plus originals you recommend. Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

2 thoughts on “Mando, You’re My Only Hope

  1. dandynandie says:

    There is something about Mando that I really like and that is his no nonsense demeanor, unlike other star wars protagonists we have had in the past. I too am a sucker for the, masked protagonist whose actions speak louder than words. Something about not seeing their face let’s you relate more to the character because it allows you to project yourself more. That and he reminds me of the Master Chief from Halo, so bonus points for that. Here is hoping the show wraps up nicely and delivers a second season. Also, Baby Yoda such a great and adorable contrast to everything we see in the show. I never knew I needed that so much until he was introduced.

    • bombshellgaming says:

      Yes I was feeling similarities to Master Chief as well which might have added to my attraction to the show. Yes I never thought I needed a baby yoda. We’ve seen origins for multiple characters and storylines in Star Wars but I never thought to think about someone like yoda. Thinking of yoda’s beginning after seeing him as the older master of the force is pretty mind blowing.

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