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Two Comic Leading Ladies Release New Teaser Trailers

Two new trailers were released for two leading ladies in the comic cinematic universe. Since a trailer was released for both a DC and Marvel character, I thought why not write my reactions to both in one post and maybe even do a little comparison. They both have a different history and objective in their delivery so there is not a complete comparison to make, but we can still see how both universes decided to depict these women in their own independent film. I don’t typically watch a lot of trailers for movies except closer to the premiere date for a couple of reasons. I find trailers to be a hit or miss at times. They can really hype you up for a movie or spoil too much or be filled with too many fake scenes. However since there is a lot of hype for both of these films, I wanted to share my thoughts. If you have not yet seen the trailers for Wonder Woman 1984 and Black Widow, I have linked to the official trailers in this post. Let’s get into it.

Wonder Woman 1984

Credit: Warner Brothers Pictures

I am primarily a DC fan, but will admit DC has not exactly kicked butt in the cinematic universe in the last decade. However, when Wonder Woman was released in 2017, I thought wow maybe DC is finally coming back with something. I really enjoyed both the Wonder Woman movie and her character in the Justice League. I didn’t think Justice League was horrible, but okay and entertaining enough with Wonder Woman being the biggest saving grace. Overall I think the actress is great, her fighting scenes are awesome and the musical score in her first film was fantastic. Therefore, I do have a lot of expectations for her sequel and hope DC can continue the good work especially now that we have the Joker movie as well.

Watching the 1984 trailer, there was one initial note that kind of stayed in my head which will make me seem like a buzz kill. I have read many positive reactions to the trailer specifically about the music choices, the style and tone, story, and action sequences. Now first off, I absolutely agree the movie looks great and has got my attention. I am very curious about the story line and how things are going to pan out in the timeline. Plus Wonder Woman’s actions scenes look just as great as ever and I’m excited to see her battle. But… But with the music and tone. Oh I am going to get hate for this one. The music is really good and the style choices are aesthetically pleasing. I just wanted something different. I loved the music in her first film and how hardcore they made her style. I understand they didn’t want to take that same approach with this film since now we are seeing her in a whole new light. Now she is living among society and its in the 80s not present day so that serves for her inspiration. But I am just a little torn about it because ever since Guardians of the Galaxy, I feel DC and Marvel have both been guilty of going to the same retro, colorful, and classic music feel.

Stylistically it is not bad at all and brings a lot of joy and fun, but I guess I am just waiting for a different apporach or maybe a different twist on the approach. That is just me being super critical honestly. I think the reason I was left with a bad taste is because unfortunately when I was watching, memories of Suicide Squad came up and no one wants to think about that film.

On a positive note, I am very excited for the film and I do think DC got its mojo back. I see them more and more getting on the right track and I’m looking forward for what is to come.

Black Widow

Credit: Marvel Entertainment

Now moving on to Black Widow. This has nothing to do with my love for DC because I do enjoy Marvel movies, but I haven’t felt much hype for the Black Widow movie. It’s only because I’ve never felt much attachment to Black Widow as a character. She has just not ever been a favorite of mine, but maybe it has been because of how the movies have utilized her so far. I could see why it is a big deal for her to have her own film though because she hasn’t had anything on her own yet much like most of the women in Marvel, as well as just recently dying in Endgame. It makes fans feel like we haven’t completely lost her yet, but another sad confession of mine is that her death didn’t impact me so much. When I saw Gamora die, oh my goodness, I was a bawling mess, but with Black Widow, I was like ok. I can’t really explain why other than for one thing.

I think my real reason for not being drawn to Black Widow is simply because I am bored of strong woman characters in films to typically be some sort of spy or assassin wearing tight black leather and having their childhood be taken from them. I don’t know why every woman has to be some sort of assassin and not just that but doesn’t seem like Scarlett Johansson plays that sort of character a lot. I just get bored easily with these characters or storylines so forgive me. Watching the trailer for Black Widow, I do think we are going to get a lot more of her story which is nice and I am excited for that. However, I do think the action and fighting will be very predictable and not in an entertaining way. I am going to watch the movie without a doubt, but if I had to pick between the two I feel Wonder Woman 1984 will live up more to its hype. I do think Wonder Woman brings a lot more excitement and originality to a female lead and hero. I’ve never though a hero needed to have powers to be interesting, but in this case my money goes to the Goddess with the lasso.

Which film are you excited for? Are you more Marvel or DC? Who is your favorite leading comic lady? What questions do you have for the Wonder Woman movie? Are you happy to see Black Widow finally have her own film? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Also be sure to follow Bombshell on social media: Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). Until next time my Bombshells, Bye.

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