Walking Into 2020 Like a Princess

Disney Princess Inspired Make-up and Party Looks to Bring in the New Year

Well, it looks like the new year has come which means it’s time to party like a rockstar, make bad decisions, and then hopefully go through with all the goals you’ve planned out for the year. Hopefully, anyways. One of my goals is to get out more starting with New Year’s Eve so I decided to make a post with some fun night-out makeup looks inspired by three Disney princesses and Colourpop’s Disney Princess Collection. I decided to create my own looks using only Colourpop makeup focusing around Belle, Sleeping Beauty, and Cinderella. This post is not sponsored but I have loved being able to experiment more with Colourpop makeup since they are so affordable and wanted to share. Let’s get into it.


Belle is probably most of my girlfriend’s favorite Disney Princess growing up, but it wasn’t quite mine. Growing up in a dominant Hispanic community, I think all the girls chose Belle as their favorite because she was brunette, but I didn’t join that fan club. My favorite princess will always be Jasmine, but unfortunately, she didn’t fit this post.

For Belle’s look, I did not go too heavy with the inspiration, but more so focused on a red flower and her hairstyle. Below you can see I am wearing a white strapless A-line gown covered in an assortment of red, orange, and pink flowers. This dress was actually the dress I wore to my Junior Prom in High School. I paired it with red rose studs and a black lace choker.


For Belle’s makeup, I primarily stuck with the Colourpop Disney Masquerade collection for the eyes and used the Belle blush and liquid lip from the collection as well. The look was topped off with Colourpop’s falsies, Hunny, and their black BFF mascara and liner.

The eyeshadows I used were Damsel, Enchanted, Djali, and Gaston. I started off with Damsel in the crease as a transition shade, followed by Enchanted in the lower crease. I used Gaston for the outer corner and blended it into the crease. After applying concealer to the lid, I applied Djali with a wet brush.

My final look resulted in a warmer more natural glam feel. The warmer pinks and reds worked well with my skin tone giving me a more subtle glam look which works well with Belle’s modesty. I also let the dress do most of the work and kept the styling simple. For my hair, I went with Belle’s half-up style by placing half of my hair in a small top bun with curls underneath.

Sleeping Beauty (Aurora)

Oh Aurora, Miss Pretty in Pink; I find her to be one of the most underrated princesses. Yes she didn’t have many lines and her villain counterpart was way cooler, but there was something to her beauty don’t you think? This is why I used her as inspiration for a more classic, vintage-inspired evening look. Being that Sleeping Beauty was one of the first Disney Princesses, I thought I would create a more vintage party look, a little Gatsby inspired you could say.

The Roaring 20s is absolutely my favorite era so this was definitely my favorite look to come up with and probably is the most “me”. For my dress, I wore a pink lace, halter top, form-fitted gown with crystal embellishments. This dress is also another dress from my Prom days as this was the dress I wore to my ex’s senior prom which was Gatsby-themed. I styled the dress with soft pink jeweled earrings, silver bangles, and silver heels.


For Aurora’s makeup, I used both of Colourpop’s Disney Princess eyeshadow pallettes but did not use any of Aurora’s personal makeup in the collection. She does have a liquid lip and highlighter available for purchase. Instead of her lip kit, I used Colourpop’s ultra blotted lip in shade, Cloud Chaser. Final finishes used a highlighter in shade Sugar Trap, falsies in style Hunni, and black BFF mascara and liner.

For the eyeshadow, I used Chip as a base before adding Damsel into the crease. I used New Dream on the outer corner into the crease. After applying concealer to the lid, I added Prince charming to the lid and Spinning Wheel in the inner corner.

Sleeping Beauty’s look was definitely my favorite to do and came out as a softer, cooler tone look than Belle’s. It was nice to focus more on blush tones, but add various pink hues to liven up the look. I also went classic with my hair by adding soft curls and pinning back one side so the earrings could stand out.


Oh last, but not least, the party girl herself, Cinderella. Now Cinderella was actually one of the first Disney Princesses I ever dressed up as. My first time in Disney World was when I was 7 where I showed up in the airport where a Cinderella two-piece costume, rolling a Cinderella suitcase, and carrying my “Cindy” rag doll. But now I think I was able to up my Cinderella look a bit. For her look, I wore a sapphire blue corset and ruffled skirt which you won’t be able to find in stores. This was my Quinceañera dress when I turned 15 made by my aunt. Sapphire blue is my favorite color since Black isn’t technically a color and I wanted my Quince’s theme to revolve around the painting, Starry Night. To turn the dress into a more sophisticated and Cinderella theme, I styled the dress with a diamond necklace, earrings, bracelets, and ring. Cinderella is also known for her glass slippers so I topped her look with some charcoal glitter heels from Vera Wang.


For Cinderella’s makeup, I again used both Disney pallets. I did use Cinderella’s liquid lip but added silver gloss on top for more shine. I again used the falsies, Hunni, black BFF mascara, and liner to finish the look.

For the eyeshadow, I used Merryweather in the crease and after adding concealer to the lid, applied Thingabob on top with Prince Charming in the inner corner.

I focused on adding a lot of sparkles and shine with Cinderella’s look to contrast against the dark blue. I did not go crazy with color, but let silver and blue be the main focus. A standout shoe is also always a great accessory for a night-out look. Plus with a strapless dress, you can’t go wrong with a little bling. I truly wish I could have looked more like this on my 15th birthday.

I hope you guys enjoyed my evening, dress-up looks inspired by some of the most iconic Disney Princesses. It was a lot of work putting these outfits together, but I really enjoyed trying new things and experimenting with colors. It was also really crazy to see myself in so many old dresses that still magically fit. I do really recommend Colourpop’s products especially if you’re like me just starting off with doing your makeup. they are pretty affordable and way better quality than most drugstore makeup. They also launch new stuff pretty much every week giving a huge variety of colors and products for you to play with. They tend to also have numerous sales including 25% off the whole site right now, but in case they are not having a sale, use code NICOL in checkout. She is a beauty guru, YouTuber I follow and when you use the code, she gets a bit of commission and you get 10% off so hey win-win. The code will not work on items that are already on sale though so keep that in mind. I do recommend the Princess eyeshadow palettes, but when it comes to the lip colors, I would choose carefully. Some of the colors are duplicates of lip products they already have and the princess ones will cost more because they are part of Disney.

Which Disney Princess is your favorite? Which look would you try? Are they any other characters, you would like me to create a look for? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. All you have to do is go to my home page and add it to your email. It’s that simple. You can also follow Bombshell on social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). I am really thankful for those who have been following my blog thus far, but there is definitely way more to come in the new year. We have Wonder Woman coming, Birds of Prey, Pax South, YouTube videos, and so much more so you don’t want to miss. Happy New Years everybody and be safe. until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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