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Finally Had the “Pleasure” of Watching Life Size 2

So unlike most, I have not canceled my Disney+ subscription just because the Mandalorian has finished. I originally wanted Disney+ so I would have access to all my childhood favorites, especially from the Disney Channel. However as I was scrolling through, I came across a rebooted sequel to one of my favorite movies growing up I had not yet watched. In 2018, I heard they were making a sequel to Life-Size to premiere on Freeform with Tyra Banks coming back to reprise her role as the doll, Eve. I was intrigued because I love Life-Size and didn’t mind Lindsey Lohan not returning, but since I don’t primarily watch cable, it slipped my mind and I missed my chance to see the sequel. Fast-forwarding to the present and seeing Life-Size 2 on Disney+, I thought this was my chance to finally see how good it was. Well, there is a reason why people don’t always respond well to reboots. Let me explain…

Let me start off by saying that I completely understand how Freeform or once known as ABC Family movies work. I don’t expect a Spielberg-type movie to come out of a Disney tv network and I have enjoyed many Freeform original movies like Revenge of the Bridemaids and Lovestruck. However, Life-Size 2 left me wishing they left Life-Size as part of my childhood and not recreate something that was supposed to resonate with my adulthood.

This review isn’t really one of those SPOILER Warning types because I don’t think most of y’all are that interested in seeing this movie so this will be more of me venting on how not to write a sequel over 20 years later.

I will admit the original Life Size is a cheesy movie with some fun awkward moments, but as a kid, this didn’t really matter to me. There was definitely a charm to the movie and at the time a compelling original story. I mean a little girl gets a doll, but in her attempts to bring back her mom from the dead, she ends up bringing her doll to life instead. Movie gold to a young girl like me who loved magic, playing with her Bratz dolls, and participating in sports. Which yes I know I am wearing a Barbie shirt for this post, but believe me I was more of a Bratz girl growing up; completely obsessed. Anyways, unfortunately, with the sequel, I didn’t feel quite the same charm. Instead, I felt it was a sad attempt from writers who were trying to push a modern agenda and trying to connect to the same viewers who watched the original decades ago.

For once I think the writers could have had a more successful movie if they had targeted a younger generation to love the Eve doll from the film. I don’t typically sway this way with reboots because I like to be selfish. If something is from my childhood and wants to come back then I want it to still cater to me. I can fully admit that, but I rather be kind of selfless this time around.

While watching the movie, right off the back I was like whoa, okay this is going to be more adult. I didn’t really know that before going into the film. The only knowledge I had was Lindsey Lohan was not coming back, but instead, the story was going to focus on a new character played by Francia Raisa who is the CEO of the toy company that creates the Eve doll (i.e Tyra Banks). With that knowledge, I didn’t automatically assume the movie was going to go in such an “adult” direction. After seeing the film and reading some articles, I realized the writers wanted to cater to the same audience from years ago but realized we are adults now. Okay writers, but did you have to make us seem like stereotypical Millenials.

The main character, Grace is the new CEO of the toy company who created the Eve doll after her mother, the former CEO, went to prison. However, she is a snobby rich girl with a gay best friend living in a fancy New York apartment and parties with no care in the world. Figures. That part of her character is obvious, but what wasn’t obvious is her apparent dismay towards her mom and what was going on there. Later the movie decides to tell us her mom is in jail but doesn’t actually explain why she ended up in jail until the very end of the movie. It just made me believe her mom abandoned her instead of really explaining what happened in her childhood. I just find that to be poor writing. I hate if I am supposed to figure everything out myself or writers try to brush things other the rug.

So since Lindsey Lohan was not returning, we are supposed to care about a new story where Grace is now the CEO of the Eve doll but wants to shut down the creation and stop making Eve. And then conveniently enough for the sake of storytelling, Grace has a young neighbor who brings Eve back to life because she found a book with Lindsey Lohan’s picture in it. Uhm okay. Now Eve (Tyra Banks) is back to convince Grace to still make Eve dolls. Oh but this isn’t the same Eve from before because every doll is unique making this Eve, Grace’s doll from her childhood. Are you still with me on this?

This is where I really knew they weren’t making a children’s movie. Eve comes to life and is laying in Grace’s bed when she wakes up. Grace sees Eve and thinks she hooked up with her the night before. I mean really? Grace thought she had a one-night stand “Lez Be Honest” moment and can’t remember. Oh boy, they really went there. Getting past all of this, Eve finally convinces Grace she is her childhood doll because somehow Grace lets a total stranger follow her around and come to lunch with her and her friends. There are so many levels of “yeah right” in this movie that I can’t even.

So without boring you with too many details about the plot of the movie, essentially the premise is Eve being her random, outgoing self becoming close to Grace and convincing her of her use to little girls. Which throughout all of this Eve manages to get herself a man because why not I guess. Oh and can’t forget about Grace who also discovers a love interest because every Millennial cares about a love story, right? Anyways Grace is about to make her big speech to the company on how to update Eve when then we suddenly find out the truth about everything.

Grace’s mom was framed by some tart at the company who is also trying to push Grace out because there always has to be that one guy in a cheap suit trying to take over everything. After Grace visits her mom and explains her feelings of abandonment, she learns the truth and is ultimately going to see her mom be released. But not so fast cheap suit guy because Grace still needs to make her speech. Grace uses the help of her new friends to show the company that Eve could do better if we see her in modern roles as a woman. I feel like this almost fell back into the old storyline where Eve needed to be more “real” and less perfect. Now she has to get with the times and start expanding her careers showing little girls they could be different things. Okay so my only problem is the conclusion to the movie was to show little girls to embrace different talents and their differences, but this movie in no shape or form was geared to a younger generation. All the older character learned was to stop being a brat and take control of her company with her friends by her side.

I may be going hard on this movie which TV movies like this never have the best writing anyways. But the original had enough character and charm to it that still made me love it past the cheesy story. There still felt like a depth to it that wasn’t forced where this one was obviously trying to push something we weren’t buying. This was the one time I wish one of my favorites didn’t come back, but all I could say is at least I got a few good laughs in. And no, I’m still not going to end my Disney+ subscription.

Are you anti-reboot? Did you enjoy the first Life-Size movie or have no idea what I am talking about? any reboots you wish never happened? What was your favorite toy, doll, or action figure growing up? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Just enter your email on my home page and you’re all set. You can also follow Bombshell on social media to stay up to date for new posts on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). I would love to see you guys there. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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