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Birds of Prey Cosplay Inspiration & Movie Review

Despite Suicide Squad being a tragedy of a movie, there was probably one saving grace to the film: Harley Quinn. With Margot Robbie’s impressive portrayal of cooky, fun Harley Quinn, she received a spin-off movie, Birds of Prey. In honor of the movie’s release, I decided to share with you guys how I put together my Harley Quinn-inspired look from the new film as well as share my honest thoughts on the new women power-heavy movie.

Harley Quinn Inspired Cosplay

To start off with this semi cosplay look, I decided to recreate one of Harley’s looks from the new movie, but I changed certain elements making it my own. I did opt out of having a blonde wig and using my natural hair instead. Therefore this is more of a nerdy fashion look that could be transferred into everyday attire as well as be a full cosplay look for an event. I will share with you where I purchased each item as well as other options for sale. There are also a couple of other items I want to recommend for a Harley look I was not able to purchase, but would in the future.


The main piece to my Harley outfit that brings it all together is the caution tape jacket. I purchased my jacket from Hot Topic for $89.90. Now I was a little lucky in that at the time of purchase I had Hot Cash coupons and a gift card from Christmas, but I do feel the jacket’s quality is worth the price. Now for the rest of the pieces, there is a shirt and shorts at Hot Topic directly replicated from the movie if you are interested. The shirt is $28.90 and the shorts are priced at $38.90. However, I decided to go a different route and order a hot pink crop cami to match Harley and create my own shorts. I ordered my hot pink cami from Romwe for $5.95 and some ripped shorts from Romwe for $10.87 and then bought acrylic paint to add stripes and stars on the shorts. Painting my own shorts helped save money and for the top, and a hot pink sports bra or crop top can work. This completed the garment portion of the outfit.


For the accessories, there are multiple options for jewelry and bags at Hot Topic, but I’m going to tell you what I did purchase and what I wish I could have bought. Harley Quinn wears a dog collar type chain as a choker with the dog tag Bruce as well as other charms. This necklace is available at Hot Topic for $16.90. However, for my look, I ordered a chain for a wallet from Romwe for $4.00 and used it as a necklace. For earrings, Hot Topic has a gold safety pin cuff earring for $10.90, but I bought silver safety pin earrings from Romwe for $0.95. That is where I left it off for jewelry, but Hot Topic does carry a replica Harley ring set and other Birds of Prey-inspired jewelry.

The next accessory I purchased was her orange suspenders which I ordered a replica pair from Amazon for $22.00. the next accessory which I was not able to purchase is Harley’s socks from the movie which are available at Hot Topic for $14.90. Now Hot Topic has also designed a mini backpack and wallet to match Harley Quinn’s look, but the accessory I really wish I could get in the future is a purse from BoxLunch which resembles her mallet.

The mallet-inspired purse is available at Boxlunch for $69.90. I think this would be the perfect accessory for this cosplay at an event. Photo Credit: BoxLunch


The last wearable piece for this outfit comes down to the shoes. Since Harley’s socks are more of a standout than her shoes, Hot Topic opted to design a Harley print-inspired sneaker. I decided to wear boots like her, but instead of pointed heel boots, I ordered holographic combat boots. I purchased these boots from Romwe for $30.95. It was important for me to order a shoe I could wear with multiple outfits.

The Harley print sneakers are currently available at Hot Topic for $39.90. Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Hair & Makeup

Last, but certainly not least is hair and makeup. Now I decided to opt-out of wearing a wig or coloring my hair, but if I wanted to do a complete cosplay look then I probably would do so. I did find one wig option at Amazon that did have four stars but with only one review and costs $29.50. Obviously, I think the higher cost of the wig, then the better quality you could get. I think you could always use your natural hair and just spray the ends with light blue and pink. For me, I went completely with my natural hair and sectioned the top of my hair into pigtails.

Moving into makeup, Harley didn’t have as a distinguished look this time versus in Suicide Squad so I stuck to a simple smokey eye with a little bit of black and heavy liner. With wearing a heavy liner, I did wear a set of false eyelashes to help my eyes pop through the black. I also used my liner to draw a black heart under my eye, but temporary tattoos are available to match Harley’s face and leg tattoos. To finish it off, I added a red matte lip and there you have it.

There are other Harley outfits at Hot Topic from the movie, but I really enjoyed putting together this one look and hope I can use it for a con in the near future. Now to move into my thoughts on the new Birds of Prey movie. Now no worries, this is a quick spoiler-free review that won’t ruin the movie for you. Check it out below.

Thoughts on Birds of Prey

Are there any other characters you would like me to create a look for? What do you love most about Harley? What are your other favorite women in comics? What did you think of the movie and do you think it worked having an all-women team creating the film? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Be sure to also follow Bombshell on social media to stay up to date with new posts and events on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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