Did Sonic Overcome its Initial Criticism?

Sonic the Hedgehog Races Through the Box Office and Scores Big in my Book

Sonic the Hedgehog was finally released in theaters this past Valentines’ weekend after months of anticipation. Sonic left quite a bit of a negative impression on fans after their first teaser trailer was released. Sonic’s original style seen in the trailer was described pretty horrendously by fans as Sonic’s design looked more like a person in a cheap costume with bad CGI effects versus a well-animated figure. Luckily due to a rising uproar, the creators listened to the fans and were able to create a way better designed Sonic. However, the jury was still out on how good the movie will actually be. Well now the time had come to see how well this video game movie adaptation did and I got to say I was pleasantly surprised. I am going to share with you some of my thoughts on the movie, but no worries, this review will be completely spoiler-free. Let’s get into it.

I’m going to first off by letting you guys know I am in no way a super Sonic fan. I don’t know the complete history of Sonic nor played all the games, therefore, I didn’t fully know the story I was walking into when going to the theatre. However, I have played a couple of Sonic games in the past and was interested in seeing the movie. I only wanted to disclaim to you guys my knowledge of Sonic because I wasn’t walking into the movie with a critical eye of how much they got right. I more so was walking in with a critical eye of (was it a good film?) and (was it entertaining?).

Especially since when it comes to children’s films or animated films, it is sort of a hit or miss in my eyes. I either like it because it was entertaining and it caught my interest or it could just be very meh in my opinion. I know this movie did have a younger audience in mind so I was conscious of that, however, I do feel it still needed to attract an older audience due to the nostalgia Sonic has for people. Therefore, I kept both in mind when watching the film. I wanted to see if my attention could be captured and held the whole way through.

Which thanks to Jim Carrey, my attention was definitely captured. I was so happy he came back out of the shadows because I missed his work. He is cooky and a little crazy, but man is he funny. Jim Carrey ended up being the highlight of the movie for me. Between his sarcastic bantering and jerky robotic dance moves, I was dying of laughter. I think he was a perfect choice for this movie as Doctor Robotnik and why wouldn’t he be; dude is pretty much comedy gold in most cases.

But honestly, Jim Carrey wasn’t the only good part of the film thankfully and there were other great performances with Sonic as well as the Sheriff, Tom who spends the most amount of time with Sonic. James Marsden who played Sheriff Tom did a great job of bouncing off Carrey’s performance and snarky lines as well as portraying the bond his character and Sonic begin to form. These three characters are the main core of the film, but every other character did a great job completing the story and having their own comedic moments which added to the film’s personality.

I give this movie A- and definitely recommend it for all ages and audiences. Is the movie perfect? No. But is it entertaining enough and brings out some good laughs, yes. The movie did its job and was a very clean, well-executed video game into a movie adaptation. I will say if you have not seen the movie, be sure to stay for the credits as there are multiple scenes played. Without spoiling, I’m sure it is safe to say there will be a sequel, and then who knows maybe a trilogy is in mind. Regardless, the creators did an awesome job, and see this is what happens when you actually listen to your audience.

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