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BoxLunch Releases More Adorable Nerdy Bags for your Everyday Needs

A couple of months ago I stepped into the BoxLunch store at my local mall for the first time and instantly fell in love. My favorite product they sold by far was the different mini backpacks and purses. I decided to treat myself and buy a classic Winnie the Pooh mini backpack and matching tumbler. My Winnie the Pooh backpack is only the first of more backpacks I would like to purchase from BoxLunch and they definitely have been releasing plenty which has caught my eye. Therefore I wanted to share with you some of my favorite designs they’ve recently released with their mini backpacks, purses, wallets, and fanny packs. This post is not sponsored; only me sharing with you my fave picks you may be interested in. Let’s get into it.

Lion King Crossbody Bag

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

I’m honestly not the biggest Lion King fan like I like the movie and I definitely cry when Mufasa dies, but its not like in my top ten. However, I do love the design of this purse especially the muted colors in the fabric. The coral goes really well with the green tones and the pattern probably works well with a lot of summer outfits, but could even work in the fall as well. This new crossbody bag can be found at BoxLunch for $79.90 but is currently on sale for $63.90.

Sleeping Beauty Sequin Mini Backpack and Wallet

This backpack and wallet duo I think works really well for someone like my niece or younger cousins. I’m not a huge fan of pink, but I think it was an adorable idea to make pink to blue changing sequins in the design since, in the movie, Aurora’s dress kept changing from blue to pink with the fairies’ magic. Super adorable design I think someone younger will enjoy or older; perfect for any Sleeping Beauty fan. The mini backpack is priced at $66.90 or currently, $55.92 and the wallet is $39.90 or currently $31.92 at BoxLunch.

Mulan Mini Backpacks and Cardholder

Of all the products I’m showing you today, these Mulan ones are the ones I am most excited about and most likely going to purchase soon. I am excited for the Mulan live-action remake this year even though no Mushu, but regardless I want to purchase a new Mulan outfit for the premiere with one of these backpacks making the perfect accessory. I honestly am not sure wish backpack I like more, but I will say the one with Cri-Kee works better with casual wear. I really love both though and the first mini backpack has a feature in the front push where you can add enamel pins. It even gives you a pin of Little Brother to start off your collection. The first mini backpack with a bamboo handle is priced at $79.90 and the second backpack with a cloud pattern is priced at $64.90 and is an online exclusive. There is a matching cardholder that works with either backpack for $16.90 or is currently on sale for $13.52.

Stitch and Turtles Mini Backpack and Coin Purse

BoxLunch had previously released a Stitch watercolor design with Stitch reading to little ducklings, but they have continued the style with another design. This backpack and coin purse duo features another watercolor design but instead with Stitch helping out turtles. I love the simplicity and calmness of the colors in this design, but it does make me wish they did a similar design for a baby Moana purse as well. This mini backpack is priced at $69.90 and a matching coin purse for $16.90 or is currently on sale for $13.52.

Lady and the Tramp Crossbody Bag and Fanny Pack

Switching over to a more vintage and classic design, BoxLunch has created a lovely crossbody bag and fanny pack based on Lady and the Tramp’s pups. Each design even incorporates a blue velvet bow very reminiscent of Lady’s baby blue collar which I think adds a cute pop of color. I know this fanny pack is definitely something my mom would love to have on her for any trip to Disney Land or World. The crossbody bag is available for $79.90 and the fanny pack is $34.90.

Lady and the Tramp Mini Backpack and Cardholder

Okay so I couldn’t help myself and I had to share this other cute Lady and the Tramp design. I mean just look at them and I’m definitely a sucker for this classic illustration style. The mini backpack can be found at BoxLunch for $69.90 and the matching cardholder for $16.90 or is currently on sale for $13.52.

Minnie Mouse Mini Backpack and Purse

You might have caught on by now that classic or vintage styles do gravitate me the most which there is no exception to this vintage Minnie Mouse backpack and purse. Both designs incorporate her classic polka dots, but what I love in the backpack is the addition of her older hat with the daisy. The small crossbody bag works perfectly for a casual day or even for a night. I enjoy crossbody bags the most since I know they hold more securely on my shoulder and give me easy access. The mini backpack is $74.90 but is currently on sale for $59.92 and the purse is $59.90 but on sale for $47.92.

Avatar: The Last Airbender Duffel Bag, Fanny Pack, and Cardholder

Deviating from backpacks and purses, this design is based on Avatar has a matching trio available with a duffel bag, fanny pack, and cardholder. This could be a great set for the gym or even a gaming night to transport your system or other games. I appreciate BoxLunch keeping Avatar in their designs since it was a show I really enjoyed when I was little after school. The duffel bag is priced at $69.90 or currently $48.93, the fanny pack is $39.90 or currently $27.93, and the cardholder is $16.90 or currently $11.83.

Sanrio Keroppi Mini Backpack

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

Stepping even farther back in my childhood, I remember at age 6 being completely obsessed with Hello Kitty and the Sanrio store. My mother used to buy me all the Hello Kitty Stuff, my sister the Keroppi, and my oldest sister Badtz Maru, but I honestly loved all the characters. I think this backpack is so cute, but I wouldn’t have many outfits for it if I want to match. Regardless this backpack can be found at BoxLunch for $74.90.

Harry Potter Chibi Mini Backpack and Cardholder

It would not be one of my posts if I didn’t incorporate Harry Potter somewhere. I don’t think any design can go wrong with a Chibi illustration style since younger-looking versions of characters usually sell pretty well. Which is no exemption in this duo which features different magical characters from Harry Potter. The backpack can be purchased for $69.90 and a matching cardholder for $16.90 or currently $13.52.

Birds of Prey Harley Quinn Mini Backpack

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

So in my Birds of Prey post, I mentioned a mallet-shaped purse available at BoxLunch perfect for a Harley Quinn cosplay, but now they even added another great Birds of Prey bag. This time in mini backpack form, this Birds of Prey bag is perfect for concerts and big events with its acceptable see-through material. As much as I love this bag, I would have liked to see more designs released incorporating the other characters from Birds of Prey and not just Harley Quinn. If you are interested in this backpack, it goes for $69.90 but is currently $48.93.

DC and Marvel Comics Cardholders

On a simpler note, I wanted to share some awesome comic cover cardholders if you’re looking for something easy to slide in your pocket holding your id and cards. The three superheroes they currently feature are Batman, Spider-Man, and Iron Man which I most likely pick the Batman in my case. All three of these are sold at BoxLunch for $16.90 but are currently $13.52.

Whoa, that was a lot of products and honestly, they have so many other cool designs at their store and site. However, I do want to make a quick note about BoxLunch. I love sharing my picks with you guys and finding some great nerdy items. Now I personally am always looking for the best deals and don’t typically pay full price for anything. BoxLunch happens to be a company on which I have not found the best way to save money yet. Their bags are probably their highest costing item and also their most popular. With that being said, there are not a lot of ways to save on their big-priced items. For the most part, their site holds a 20% off sale, but occasionally will do 30% off. However, when they have these sales, it does not always cover all the products on their site especially their bags and backpacks. Some of their Disney items are also usually excluded from sales unless Disney products are having their own sale. BoxLunch does also have a rewards program and gives out Box Cash which is $15 off a $30 purchase. Unfortunately, though a reward coupon cannot be used if Box cash is used and also cannot be used in-store if they price-match for you. I mean there are ways to save, but not a lot and not in the easiest way. I do hope BoxLunch can fix these problems one day because their pricing is something that keeps me away from buying more products. However, I do understand BoxLunch gives a chunk of their proceeds to helping feed hunger and they could use as much profit as they can to give to their cause.

Which bag is your favorite? Which characters would you like to see designed in a bag? What other nerdy items would you like me to post about? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. You can also stay up to date by following Bombshell’s social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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