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HerUniverse Designs New Cinderella Inspired Fashion

In celebration of 70 years with of the original Disney Princesses, Cinderella, nerdy fashion company HerUniverse has designed special Cinderella clothing. The items can be found at HerUniverse as well as Hot Topic which is also selling other Cinderella-inspired accessories and items. In light of this new collection, I purchased some of the accessories sold at Hot Topic and wanted to share with you some of my other favorite picks from the collection. This post is not sponsored in any way; this is only me sharing with you some of my favorite shopping finds. So let’s get into it.

I’m going to start with the accessories available at Hot Topic I purchased to create this Cinderella-inspired look before moving into the specific HerUniverse designed clothes.

Cinderella Stud Earring Set

The first accessory I purchased would be of course earrings. I absolutely love earrings and they are by far my favorite accessory. I use to get slightly teased for having stuck-out ears when I was little so my response was to sparkle them up with earrings and make them stand out more. I also currently can only really wear stud earrings since one of my pierced holes is stretched therefore these Cinderella-themed studs were perfect for my outfit. The studs include the signature glass slipper, Gus Gus, and the Fairy Godmother. I am so happy they included Gus Gus since the mice are my favorite part of Cinderella especially Gus Gus. These studs are available at Hot Topic for $11.90.

Cinderella Cuff Earring Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Hot Topic decided to create another earring set, but with fake cuffs attached to dangle earrings instead of only studs. There are matching studs to go with each set which is perfect for someone with multiple piercings in their ears. The set is still very simple in style with just a bit of sparkle and other movie references such as the slipper, carriage, and key. These earrings are available for $12.90 at Hot Topic.

Cinderella Slipper Necklace

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

To go with the earring set, I decided to purchase a matching necklace. This necklace again is very simple in design and showcases the iconic glass slipper for the pendant. With its simplicity and shine, it can be the perfect accessory for any casual or night-out outfit. This adorable necklace is priced at $9.90 available at Hot Topic.

Cinderella 3 Piece Scrunchies Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

To finish off my look, I wanted to add a Cinderella-themed hair accessory. Ever since I decided to grow my hair back out, I’ve been obsessed with scrunchies probably because it reminds me of my childhood in the late 90s and early 2000s. These scrunchies are very very simple unfortunately in that only one contains an actual Cinderella-themed print and the others are only color-themed. The colors are nice, but honestly, if I want to purchase solid color scrunchies, I probably go to Claire’s or Walmart. Nonetheless, these scrunchies are available at Hot Topic for $9.90. If you are interested in any of the jewelry or scrunchies mentioned above, Hot Topic is currently having a Buy Two, Get One Free jewelry sale which does include the hair accessories.

Now here are a few accessories I was not able to purchase, but stood out to me that are currently available.

Cinderella Book Crossbody Bag

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

If you have read my previous post about pop culture-inspired purses and bags, then you would know I absolutely adore all the new purses coming out featuring my favorite characters and movies. This Cinderella crossbody bag is no exception. Even though I am not the biggest Cinderella fan since Jasmine is my favorite princess, I would definitely be interested in purchasing this purse due to its vintage design inspired by the opening book. I love anything classic or vintage and the fact that this purse is designed like a book is a huge plus for me. If you are also obsessed with the bag like me, you can purchase it at Hot Topic for $44.90. I would also like to note Hot Cash can be used on all purses and bags at Hot Topic, unlike Box Lunch who does have certain exemptions with some bags and their Box Cash.

Carriage Tie-Dye Cap

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

I don’t wear a lot of baseball caps even though I do live in a very hot climate, but this cap did stand out to me. I love the colors they chose to tie-dye with, but if I am going, to be honest, it almost seems like the colors would better work with as a Sleeping Beauty cap. Either way, the carriage does look nice on the cap and I think it’s cute for any day you might be having a bad hair day or need protection from the sun. The cap is $19.90 at Hot Topic.

Now finally what we have all been waiting for is the specially designed items from HerUniverse available at both Hot Topic and HerUniverse.

Stroke of Midnight Tie-Front Tank Top

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

So for the first clothing item on our list, we have a buttoned tank top with a tie-front and silver Cinderella carriage on the chest. With warmer weather coming up, this adorable tank is perfect for walking out in the sun. It pairs nicely with shorts or denim jeans and can be accessories with any of the jewelry mentioned before. This tank is available for $26.90 at HerUniverse and Hot Topic. Plus size options are also available at both HerUniverse for $31.90 and Hot Topic for $32.90.

A Dream is a Wish Varsity Stripe T-Shirt

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The next shirt we have is a varsity style tee with ribbon and lace creating the stripe. The graphics contain the iconic slipper and song quote, “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”. I love the idea they had with the pop of blue and adding the lace, but my only complaint is the blue gets a little lost in the cream color. The colors may have been photographed weirdly so it could be easier to read in person, but I do wish the colors didn’t look as washed out. Like the tank, the top is available for $26.90 at HerUniverse and Hot Topic. Plus size is available for $31.90 at HerUniverse and $32.90 at Hot Topic.

Sewing Mice Dress

My favorite clothing item I will be sharing with y’all is this mice printed dress showcasing all the mice with their sewing equipment they used to make Cinderella’s dress. As I mentioned before the mice are my favorite part of the movie so it is no surprise I absolutely adore this dress. I think the print and colors are cute as well as the actual cut of the dress which is a comfortable style to wear. The dress is currently sold out at Hot Topic but is available at HerUniverse for $39.90. Plus size option is $44.90 available at both Hot Topic and HerUniverse.

Cinderella Princess Off-Shoulder Dress

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Now for HerUniverse’s most Cinderella-themed design is a blue off-the-shoulder dress with a carriage print lined at the bottom. This dress is the closest to looking like Cinderella without actually being a costume. It can be worn for a date, a cute night out, or even a school dance. It also pairs nicely with the earrings and necklace, but I probably would style it with a choker like the model. The dress is sold for $59.90 at HerUniverse, but is selling out fast on their site. It is available for $59.90 at Hot Topic as well. A plus-size option is available at Hot Topic for $64.90.

Fairy Godmother Collared Dress

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

For the last dress, we have a fairy godmother-inspired print over a white collared top. I do wish the print itself was in a different color than the blue to stand out more, but my favorite part of the dress is the collared top. I liked collared tops in general, but find them the cutest when they are paired with a circle skirt or dress. This dress is only available at HerUniverse for $44.90.

Who is your favorite princess of all time? Which Disney princess fashion do you love the most? What other princess would you like to see a collection of? Let me know in the comments below and if you like these fashion posts be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. All you have to do is enter your email under Get Notified on the home page. You can also stay up to date by following Bombshell on social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). I still have more posts to come this month, but I will say some event posts planned for the future will no longer come out. Unfortunately due to the Corona Virus, many public events and conventions have been canceled therefore I no longer have plans to attend as many conventions this year releasing my cosplays and posts. However, there are still plenty more topics I will be covering each month and will do my best to write on topics while not risking my health. I do wish everyone good health and be safe. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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