Celebrate the Green Month with Tiana

Bring a Little Green in Your Life With Princess & The Frog Inspired Merch

It may seem like a gloomy St. Patrick’s Day this year, but maybe a little online shopping or perusing can cheer you up. Since it is the month of green, I wanted to share with y’all some of my picks from the new Princess and The Frog collection at BoxLunch. Princess and The Frog is my favorite newer Disney princess and the music from the movie always puts a smile on my face. Since probably a lot of celebration plans were canceled this year, sit back, grab some popcorn, read my post and maybe tune into Disney Plus for some movie action. I posted each item with the full price, but the site does currently have a code for 20% off. Like my other fashion/shopping posts, this post is not sponsored but only me sharing with you some of my shopping picks. Let’s get into it.

Tiana’s Place Kitchen Set

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

The first item we have is not green per se but does feature something very important from Princess and the Frog, Tiana’s dream restaurant. Tiana singing about her restaurant is one of the best scenes in the movie for me because not only was she killing the vocals, but I really enjoyed the illustration style used in the animation. Since the song is above food and cooking, it is only fitting they would use the scene as inspiration for a kitchen set. I do wish they made other items than just the oven mitts, but still, find the set very cute. You can find this kitchen set for $19.90 at BoxLunch.

Evangeline Tie-Front Button Up

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

Now we can get into some green with this button-up featuring Tiana and Naveen. I will say this top does sort of remind me of a bowling uniform for some reason. I think it may be the length and the fact it doesn’t have much of a “woman” cut to it in that the shaping is kind of square. I do like how they featured the Evangeline quote as well as other illustrations so it wasn’t too simple. I would probably pair this top with blue jeans instead of green slacks or bottoms in order to eliminate the “uniform’ vibe. This top is exclusive at BoxLunch for $44.90.

Spell Breaker Women’s T-Shirt

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

Next, we have a tee that also follows one hue, but now there are different golds and greens to break up the design a bit. I do like how the colors work better in this design than the previous top so if I was looking for a more green look, then this would be the top I would choose. I also like the enchantment and spell feeling of the graphics with the renaissance style flowers and “Spell Breaker” title. This tee is $28.90 at BoxLunch.

Tiana’s Palace Raglan T-Shirt

Here is probably my favorite girl shirt from the bunch which happens to have the least amount of green, but it’s all good. The t-shirt is simple in design, but I think it is the simplicity and concept that I like so much. I think for me it is just smart graphic design on a t-shirt that happens to look very comfortable to wear. This top is available for $28.90 only at BoxLunch.

Princess & The Frog Scrunchies Set

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

In my previous Cinderella post, I mentioned how I love scrunchies but was disappointed in how there was only one actual Cinderella print scrunchie in the set and the other two were a solid color. Luckily for this Tiana bunch, they designed two out of three with Princess and the Frog prints making it a bit more special in design. I do also like the green they chose for the solid color but would have preferred for a small frog icon on there somewhere for just a touch more influence. I am just being picky though. This scrunchie set is available for $10.90 at BoxLunch.

Princess & The Frog Ankle Sock Set

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

BoxLunch also made another Princess and The Frog set, but this time for your footsies. This ankle sock set includes five pairs each representing different moments from the movie. I am not the biggest fan of purchasing designed socks since no one can see them in your shoes. However, I still end up being a sucker for the cute designs and buy a couple of packs here and there especially since I usually walk around the house in cozy socks anyways. This sock set is $14.90 at BoxLunch.

Dr. Facilier Tarot Cards Crew Socks

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

Speaking of cozy socks, if you’re like me and like walking around in warm socks then these crew socks may be for you. I do own the Pocahontas pair from BoxLunch and love the design, but I will say they are kind of tight around the calf depending on your leg size. I do believe their socks are one size so keep that in mind. One of the coolest parts in Princess and the Frog was the villain Dr. Facilier so I like how this design focuses on him. I will say though I am not the biggest fan of the red and would have liked the socks in a deeper purple, maroon color. These crew socks are $9.90 at BoxLunch.

Naveen and Tiana Enamel Pin Set

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

One of the things I am most guilty of collecting is enamel pins and buttons. I am not sure why since I don’t always have a place to put them, but I do like adding them to certain outfits or purses from time to time. This enamel pin set stood out to me because I think the characters look so cute and I could see myself keeping the Tiana pin while giving the Naveen pin to my boyfriend. There are caps on BoxLunch’s site that also would work with adding one of these pins. The enamel pin set is $12.90 exclusive at BoxLunch.

Princess and The Frog Button-Up

Photo Credit: BoxLunch

Unlike the women’s button-up mentioned before, I find this men’s button-up really cute and not like a uniform at all. I honestly would wear this button-up myself if I found a small size and then wear it open with a lime green tank underneath. I like this on a man too, but I’m just saying I have no shame stealing a man’s clothing item now and again. This colorful button-up is $44.90 at BoxLunch.

Dr. Facillier Long Sleeve Shirt

Another men’s shirt I would totally steal is this bight neon green long sleeve with a Dr. Facilier graphic on the back. I just love long sleeves in general since they are super cozy and warm, but I do love how vibrant this particular one is. I also love the additional graphics on the sleeve that tie in with the back graphic. Since the green used is so vibrant, I appreciate the graphics stayed in black so it wasn’t too overwhelming with the colors. There is another voodoo men’s t-shirt on the site, but I wasn’t too fond of it because of the mixture of colors. You can purchase this long-sleeve for $32.90 at BoxLunch.

Who is your favorite princess of all time? What other princesses would you like to see a collection of? How do you normally celebrate St.Patrick’s Day? Let me know in the comments below and if you like these fashion posts be sure to like, share, and subscribe to get notified of new posts. All you have to do is enter your email under Get Notified on the home page. You can also stay up to date by following Bombshell on social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). I still have more posts to come this month, but I will say some event posts planned for the future will no longer happen. Unfortunately due to the Corona Virus, many public events and conventions have been canceled therefore I no longer have plans to attend as many conventions this year dropping my cosplays and posts. However, there are still plenty more topics I will be covering each month and will do my best to write on topics while not risking my health. I do wish everyone good health and be safe. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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