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HerUniverse Releases Disney Inspired Retro Fashion

I got another Disney shopping post just for you. Yay! Sorry for all the shopping posts, but it’s pretty much the only posts I can release from my schedule due to the craziness of the world right now. However, maybe some online shopping can be a great distraction from everything even if you don’t end up putting them in your cart. Maybe you are like me who scrolls through clothes and makes a bunch of wish lists or adds to the cart without actually paying. Either way, here is a new post highlighting some new Disney fashion designed from HerUniverse with the pieces having a slight retro inspiration. Like my other shopping posts, this post is not sponsored; just me sharing with you some collections and items that caught my eye with my fashion opinion. Let’s get into it.

The Aristocats Marie Retro Dress

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

If you could guess by looking at my outfit above, you probably can assume I really love Marie which oh yeah, I definitely do. I felt like I could always resonate with Marie’s sass and attitude plus she happens to be a really cute kitty too. This adorable retro-inspired dress has a sweet Marie print and her signature bow. I would try and find the same color bow but smaller for the hair to tie the whole look together. This dress is priced at $49.90 and $54.90 for plus size available at HerUniverse.

Snow White & The Seven Dwarfs Poison Apple Button-Up & Skirt

At first glance I’m not going to lie, I didn’t realize this design was based on Snow White. If anything, I could have seen this design go towards a Cruella De Vil look. Regardless, I think this is a very cute look especially with the styling they decided on for the model. My favorite “color” is black so I am a huge fan of white and black looks, but a pop of red is such a classic, hot look. This design combines a cute, classy retro look with a modern fiery look. The nice thing is the look is made of separates so you can always pair the top with some red jeans or the skirt with a tank top. I think overall there is a bunch of ways to wear this look. The button-up top is available for $29.90 and $34.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse. The skirt is $42.90 and $47.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Beauty & The Beast Belle Retro Dress

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

So I am sharing this look because it is part of the new collection and I know so many whose favorite Disney Princess is Belle, however, I am not a huge fan of this dress. I love the retro cut to the dress, but I wish they would have only left the rose on the collar and not have added the design on the skirt. If anything, I would rather see just the rose on the skirt as well. That is just me being a design snob, but since these items are not that cheap, I rather not see cheap design choices. Just my opinion. However, the dress is available at HerUniverse for $54.90 and $59.90 for plus-size.

The Aristocats Marie Tie-Front Button-Up

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

This top is by far my favorite from the collection and if I wasn’t in a financial struggle due to the virus, then I would be buying this top for sure. Then I could paint his top with some pink pants or jeans and use my pastel eyeshadow palettes from Colourpop cosmetics. Pastels do seem to be very popular this Spring season so I think this top will be perfect for when we are allowed out again plus the Marie graphics are too cute. This tie top is $32.90 and $37.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Tangled Floral Icon Dress & Sun Quilted Flats

Continuing on with the pastel trend, we move into a Tangled-inspired dress with matching flats. I really appreciate when HerUniverse designs items that go together making it easier to complete a full look. If the world was normal again, I could see this as a very cute Easter look or any other Springtime event look. I am not a huge fan of puffy sleeves on me, but the print and front lace part of this dress are really cute. I also really really love the shoes specifically the color since it is between like a mauve and lilac color perfect for Spring. The dress is $42.90 for plus-size and the shoes are $74.90 at HerUniverse.

Winnie the Pooh Tie-Front Tank Top

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Okay, I must be a bigger fan of tie-front tops than I realized because this tank is also definitely on top of my list for purchase. If you read my post about Disney+ bringing back my childhood, then you know how much Winnie the Pooh means to me so it is no surprise how excited I was to see a Hundred Acre Woods print on this tank. The tank would go perfectly with my Winnie the Pooh backpack I purchased from BoxLunch. This tank would work well for Spring or Summer time with some denim shorts. The tank is $32.90 and $36.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Winnie the Pooh Hunny Shortalls

Getting some more Winnie the Pooh cuteness with these overalls perfect for Spring and Summer even though I’m quite not sure why the model is wearing a thick beanie. I wouldn’t exactly recommend that styling choice, but I definitely do recommend these overalls. I am obsessed with wearing overalls in the Spring which the nice thing is you aren’t left bare with overalls when you go to the Restroom like you would be with a jumpsuit or romper. These overalls would not fit well with the Winnie the Pooh tank above, but any solid color tee will work. These overalls are available at HerUniverse for $49.90 and $54.90 for plus-size.

Hercules Muses High Neck Tank Top

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Moving into a Hercules design, the bold colors and cut of this tank stood out to me. I don’t typically see many high neck tanks out there which is a shame causing me to cut up and create a lot of my own. Either way, this tank is super adorable for Summertime and the rich purple definitely stands out giving you the diva attitude like the Muses. The Hercules tank is $24.90 and $30.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Lilo & Stitch Boba Dress

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Who doesn’t love some good Boba Tea?

Another look ready for the Summer is a light blue, Stitch print dress where Stitch is definitely ready to cool down with his Boba Tea. I gravitate towards these types of dresses because they are extremely comfortable to wear and can be matched with many different styles of shoes. To top it off, the dress has a cute and relevant print since cmon who doesn’t love some good Boba Tea? This cute, little dress is $39.90 and $44.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Minnie Mouse Bow Print Dress & Quilted Flats

We are about to hit some Minnie Mouse overload in these next couple of looks, but it will totally be worth it. I am not sure if it was the model’s styling but I was completely sold on this look. As I mentioned before I love a great black, white, and red combination in an outfit which this is another perfect example of how it works. The first Minnie Mouse look is this adorable bow dress which I have paired with their quilted Minnie flats. The flats do work however with the other Minnie looks shown below, but I liked them best with this dress. Other than that, I honestly wouldn’t change one thing with the model’s styling and would wear as is maybe on a nice brunch date. The dress is $47.90 and $49.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse. The flats are $74.90.

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Cardigan

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

The next Minnie item is a cute and sophisticated cardigan perfect for work, a Sunday outing, or school. I for one do enjoy anytime I can incorporate fun or nerd life into my wardrobe for work when I was previously working in Corporate. This would be one of those pieces I would wear to work and again style it just as the model did. I know it’s a repeat of the previous dress but I think it works really well for both looks. It is also great how the cardigan is Minnie inspired, but not too obvious. This cardigan is $44.90 and $49.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Minnie Mouse Polka Dots Tie-Front Button-Up & Mickey and Minnie Embroidered Mom Jeans

Moving more into a casual Minnie look, we have another tie-font top with a peek-a-boo Minnie in the pocket matched with embroidered Mickey and Minnie jeans. This look I wouldn’t necessarily match with the quilted flats above, but rather some flat white sneakers. I love how the jeans pair with the top giving it a complete Minnie-inspired look rather than just wearing plain jeans. This would definitely be a great look to walk around Disney land or Disney World. The top is $32.90 and $37.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse. The jeans are available plus-size for $52.90 but are running low on sizes. Hopefully, the site will restock all sizes.

Minnie Mouse Crop T-shirt

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

If the jeans are able to restock, then this top would be another great pairing option. The last Minnie option we have is a bold graphic crop t-shirt. Simple in color, but bold in the message. There is no way of not knowing who inspired this fun top. Even without the jeans, this top matches well with a lot of bottoms and is great for casual wear. There were many other Mickey and Minnie designs on the site you can check out, but I decided to share with you guys just my favorites. This crop-tee is $26.90 and $31.90 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Disney Logo Accessories

If you’re looking for accessories for these looks, planning a future Disney World trip, or just obsessed with Disney, then maybe these accessories are for you. HerUniverse created some Disney logo jewelry and matching belt buckle. I would be tempted to purchase the jewelry for a Disney World trip if I ever get to go again since I love to dress in a theme. I do love the simplicity of the logo used in the items so it’s not overwhelming or looks like it’s throwing up Disney on you. The earring set, necklace, and bracelet all cost $10.90 individually and the belt is $29.90.

Evil Queen Icons Button-Up

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Just as my boyfriend pointed out, there aren’t many men’s options for geek wear at stores except graphic tees, but I did find one men’s shirt in this HerUniverse collection. If I purchased the poison apple print top and skirt from above, I know he would be interested in wearing this button-up to match. Of course, we would much prefer Maleficent or Ursula than the Evil Queen, but it still works. I think the colors in this top are what works the most, but I would be curious to see HerUniverse design a men’s button-up that didn’t have a full-covered print on it. I would like to see them try something different and simplify the amount of graphics on the top. This button-up is $39.00 at HerUniverse.

What other classic Disney Movies would you like to see being used as inspiration? What items stood out to you? How are you holding up staying home? How are you spending your spare time? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Be sure also to follow Bombshell on social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle) where you can also get notified of new posts or videos. I hope everyone is staying safe during this time. It definitely is a nightmare for all affecting more things than I can count. It is affecting my blog posts since the big events and movies I was planning on attending have been postponed so I’m sorry for the lack of content. However, I do wish everyone well and hope we can back to normal soon with all of this being a distant memory. Stay safe my Bombshells and until next time, Bye!

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