Made A Huge Move

How I spent My Quarantine and What’s to Come

Well my Bombshells, it has been quite the disappearance. As you all are fully aware, our world has been put through the wringer making 2020 one of the most devastating years. It has affected everyone in more ways than one and I’ve had my fair shares of disappointments because of it. I lost my job, stopped working out, and turned off my blog since I couldn’t find the inspiration to write anything honestly. This is so small compared to what others had to face and are still facing. But don’t worry my Bombshells, we aren’t going to turn this into a sad post. Oh no, this post is my chance to get back on the horse so to speak. Yes it is true I faced some challenges, but I also came across some exciting new positives in my life as well. So today we are not going to focus on the bad, but the good instead.

Once the pandemic hit, I went straight into quarantine and stayed at my home entirely, but I wasn’t alone. Right before quarantine, as some of you might have read I went to PAX South for the first time. I wasn’t sure what to expect out of PAX, but the last thing I expected was to end up with a boyfriend. Definitely the last thing on my radar. I had just ended a confusing relationship and was truly only focusing on myself. Oh but does the world like to play funny tricks sometimes. I met someone so amazing who ended up quarantining with me for a couple of months.

In those couple of months, we fell in love. Crazy, I know. There is nothing like speed dating then having someone be stuck in a house with you everyday. I would never have imagined my life taking this turn, but I am glad it did. Now my boyfriend and I have a new place together with my crazy little nugget, Crow (my silly black cat who enters my pics from time to time).

We are doing amazing as we continue to learn about each other, settle into our new home, take care of our furbaby, and build a life together. Since we moved into a new place, my first thought went straight into how I was going to decorate. I was so excited to start planning out each room and picking themes. So today I am going to share with you guys my beginning process for making our home a dream. We have a two-bedroom, two-bath, but I won’t be sharing every room today since there is more to be completed in other rooms. So let’s get into it.


First stop is the bedroom. I brought all of my original bedroom furniture from my house, but I wanted a whole new theme than from the European fashion theme I had before. I decided to go with a marble, starry night theme because I wanted the bedroom to be very serene and calming. I like to sleep in absolute darkness so I designed the room to be very dark in lighting with a selection of ambiance lighting throughout the room with a moon lamp and string of moonlights. In addition to the dark greys in the room, I added light blues and silver with mirror star stickers, and the artwork was done by yours truly. This room is not yet complete as I intend to add more stars on the wall as well as larger moon artwork on my wall opposite of the TV.

Living Room

The next room would probably be my boyfriend and I’s favorite and where we spend most of our date nights. The living room for me symbolized the most of putting a piece of him and a piece of me together. Therefore deciding on a theme was a bit tricky. He had his collectibles and games where I had my books and game which I needed to blend all together. In order to create a sense of cohesion, I kept the furniture and accent pieces in black and white to not collide with all the colors of games and collectibles. Besides being black and white, I specifically chose Studio Ghibli Films as inspiration for the accent decor. I painted three character portraits from the films, Princess Mononoke, My Neighbor Totoro, and Spirited Away. I plan on adding more Studio Ghibli artwork to the TV wall with vinyl cutouts behind the TV.


The last room I’ll be sharing with you is my retro inspired kitchen. I am obsessed with vintage styles so I decorated my kitchen with a modern, classic twist. The colors I chose were red, black, mint blue, and white. I ordered mint blue mason jar accessories from Amazon and found my black and white accessories from Ikea. I would say my kitchen is done as far as setting up but would like to eventually find mint blue knives and a pot set.

Home is Where the Heart is

Thank you for letting me share my new home with you. My blog will still focus more on nerdy topics, but I like being able to share with you guys my personal journey as well. I do hope everyone is being safe out there. These are very unsure times for everyone for many different reasons. I am excited to slowly get more content out there, but I do have to keep my safety in mind. I do still have posts in mind for this year, but unfortunately it won’t be as many as I had planned before. Regardless I am going to do my best and try to stay positive during the uncertainty. There will be some shopping posts coming as well as some game, show, and movie reviews. There should also be some gameplay videos coming as well so stay tuned. In order to see this content, please please subscribe by entering your email on my home page. You can also follow Bombshell on social media on Facebook @bombshellgamingandstyle, Twitter @bombgame_style, and Instagram @bombshellgamingstyle to stay updated. Until next time my Bombshells, stay safe and bye!

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