Swimming the Quarantine Blues Away

New Nerd Culture Inspired Swimsuits

I know it is a strange time for this kind of post, but I had it planned for a long time and didn’t want it to go to waste. This blog means a lot to mean and it has sucked to not be able to post like I once did so this is the first step to kind of getting back on the horse. I realize some have their own personal pool or have been visiting public pools under their own discretion so why not share with you some nerdy inspired swimsuits from Hot Topic. Like all of my other shopping posts, this post is not sponsored, but simply me sharing with you some of my favorite products with nerdy references.

My swimsuit is from Hot Topic and inspired by Jupiter from the popular cartoon, SailorMoon. I noticed SailorMoon had been making a huge comeback everywhere with numerous styled products everywhere. Therefore, I wanted to pick one of the characters as my new suit for the year. When I watched the show as a little girl, I didn’t really have a favorite girl so I chose the swimsuit with colors I liked the best and different from my Jasmine suit from last year.

I paired the swimsuit with Luna studded earrings, Sailor Jupiter icon necklace from Hot Topic, and star sunglasses from Earthbound. My makeup comes from Colourpop using their SailorMoon eyeshadow pallette, Mint to Be palette, and SailorMoon ultra blotted lip with silver gloss on top. I’m going to help you with shopping for your summer swim look with my favorite available swimsuits from Hot Topic. So let’s get into it.

Beetlejuice Striped High Waisted Swimsuit

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The first swimsuit is one of my top choices from Hot Topic’s newest suits, so much so, I actually purchased this swim set. I don’t know where my obsession with Beetlejuice came from, but I have loved numerous Beetlejuice stuff that has been coming out from both BoxLunch and Hot Topic. I think one of the main reasons is the black and white stripe design which is one of my favorite patterns. In this swimsuit, I find the black and white stripe design very cute and flattering. The top costs $26.90 but is on sale for $18.83. The bottoms are available for $18.83 ($26.90 regular price) and $20.93 (29.90 regular price) for plus-size.

Mickey Mouse One-Piece Swimsuit

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

If you are a fan of one-piece suits, then this Mickey Mouse swimsuit is a must-have. I think the design is very clever and adorable. Even though I am not the biggest Mickey fan, the classic Disney look translates really well on a swimsuit. It kind of reminds me of the swimsuits worn in the ’50s which of course I love. This one-piece is available for $31.43 ($44.90 regular price) and $24.95 ($49.90 regular price) for plus-size.

Minnie Mouse Polka Dot Swimsuit

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Not only do they have a Mickey-inspired suit, but a Minnie Mouse one too! I love this style of a two-piece. It is very similar to the sailor moon one I purchased. The skirt is a nice touch if you’re like me who likes two pieces, but not a big fan of bikini bottoms. The top also has a lot of support for different chest sizes. The polka dot pattern is again another nice nod to the ’50s and I definitely recommend this suit. The top is available for $13.45 ($26.90 regular price) and $14.95 ($29.90 regular price) for plus-size. The bottoms are available for $10.76 ($26.90 regular price) and $14.95 ($29.90 regular price) for plus-size.

Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and Winnie the Pooh Ruffle Top and High Waisted Swimsuit

It seems other than the classic Mickey and Minnie characters, Hot Topic decided to release suits inspired by other classic Disney films as well such as Peter Pan, Sleeping Beauty, and Winnie the Pooh. All three looks feature a ruffle top with Sleeping Beauty having a skirt bottom and the other two having a high-waisted bottom. I like the bottoms and patterns on all three, but I personally don’t wear the ruffles on the top well. If you’re like me with a smaller chest, then I wouldn’t recommend a ruffle top, but it is still a really cute style nonetheless. I do think the color combination on the Sleeping Beauty suit is my favorite, but I adore all three movies and swim sets. Starting with Peter Pan, the top is available for $13.45 (regular price $26.90) as well as plus-size. The bottoms are available for $13.45 (regular price) as well as plus-size. The Sleeping Beauty top and bottom are $10.76 (regular price $26.90). The Winnie the Pooh top is $13.45 (regular price $26.90) and the bottoms are $16.14 (regular price $26.90).

Sailor Moon Cosplay Swim Top and Skirt

Now unfortunately most of the Sailor Moon character suits are sold out online, but I wanted to share with you at least what was available in case you wanted to mix and match on your own. I do recommend if you can do so safely, check out your nearest Hot Topic or call for availability on any characters they might have left. I know at my local store, they did have the Sailor Moon original available. you never know, but I do hope they bring back this style next year since it did seem to do really well in sales. Online they have the Sailor Venus skirt for $21.52 ($26.90 regular price), Sailor Moon top for $21.52 ($26.90 regular price), and Luna skirt for $26.90.

Wonder Woman Swim Top and Skirt

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

I believe they came out with this Wonder Woman swimsuit last year, but with the new movie coming out this year, it makes sense to keep it on the market. It is a really cute suit with the gold detailing particularly standing out to me. I am sure it shines really well in the sun. I noticed a lot more Disney suits on the site, so I like that there are still some cool superhero options as well. With the style of this one, I really would like to see Hot Topic make some more DC villain suits or other Marvel characters like Gamora. The top and bottoms are both available for $26.90.

Birds of Prey Swim Shorts

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Hot Topic designed a Birds of Prey one-piece swimsuit, but I thought it was kind of ugly, to be honest, so I wanted to share with you the swim shorts instead. The shorts are inspired by the shorts worn by Harley Quinn in the movie. I made my own shorts for my Harley Quinn cosplay, but I never thought about having them as a swim version and I have to say they’re pretty cute for swimming. You could match these with a black bikini top or sports bra and be ready to go. The shorts are available for $17.94 ($29.90 regular price).

Black Widow One Piece Swimsuit

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

With the new Black Widow movie coming out, I was curious about what Black Widow collection they were going to come up with, but I honestly wasn’t really in love with anything. Then I saw this swimsuit and was like okay, I could see myself in that. I personally would probably add black shorts on top because of the way the bottom is cut, but I do like how the style reminds me of a super-agent outfit. The suit is currently not on sale and is priced at $44.90.

Harry Potter Houses One-Piece Swimsuit

Okay, so I love love love these suits. Like oh my gosh what a cute way to represent your house. Now let me tell you, I don’t care what Gen Zer’s have to say about us Millennials and I will always be a proud Ravenclaw. I think the idea of being part of a house is really fun and I love moments where I can find cute Ravenclaw merch. I could totally see my best friend and me in our Slytherin and Ravenclaw suit by the pool. The simplistic style is really nice on anybody and why not have another way to represent your house. The Hufflepuff suit is unfortunately sold out, but the Ravenclaw suit is available for $31.43 ($44.90 regular price). The Gryffindor and Slytherin are $31.43 ($44.90 regular price) and $34.93 ($49.90 regular price) for plus-size.

I hope everyone is being safe out there. These are very unsure times for everyone for many different reasons. I am excited to slowly get more content out there, but I do have to keep my safety in mind. I do still have posts in mind for this year, but unfortunately it won’t be as many as I had planned before. Regardless I am going to do my best and try to stay positive during the uncertainty. There will be some shopping posts coming as well as some game, show, and movie reviews. There should also be some gameplay videos coming as well so stay tuned. In order to see this content, please please subscribe by entering your email on my home page. You can also follow Bombshell on social media on Facebook @bombshellgamingandstyle, Twitter @bombgame_style, and Instagram @bombshellgamingstyle to stay updated. Until next time my Bombshells, stay safe and bye!

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