Non-Spooky Halloween Movie Marathon

My Top Picks for a Halloween Movie Marathon

Well Hello, Hello, Hello. Man it sure has been a while. I feel like a broken record when I say this but I am back online once again. Just like many, I’m sure, my life has quite gone up and down in this past year with the pandemic and everything making me unsure when I was going to ever come back to this site. And what better time than October 1st, the beginning of the spooky season to get back on the horse. So I want to kick off my Fall posts with some simple picks of favorite Halloween movies I will be enjoying with my Husband this year.

Now here is the thing, this list is about to be real PG because I am a huge, HUGE scaredy-cat. I don’t like horror, thriller, blood, killing, or creepy anything other than maybe zombies. I suffer from bad nightmares and night sweats so I don’t like to be filling my crazy imagination with any dark, scary stuff. When I say I am a scaredy-cat, I literally mean the Grinch scared me when I was a kid and the movie trailer gave me nightmares for weeks; like I am a huge wimp. Unfortunately for me, it doesn’t mean I’ve never seen a “scary” movie. I’ve seen quite a few or at least all the creepy scenes from most so it’s pretty hard to escape. However, my husband knows I can’t deal with putting any type of horror movie on our T.V., so he is a good sport and watches the cheesy, cute Halloween movies I pick. For starters….

Hotel Transylvania 1 & 2

Now when I think of Adam Sandler movies, I am not exactly thinking oh “greatest of all time” and let me watch his movies every day. However, I was completely surprised to find his Hotel Transylvania series to be funny, cute, and charming. I won’t even watch most new animated films that come out these days, but I do like to rewatch the Hotel Transylvania movies every year. I only watch the first and second though because after that it’s pretty much just cash grabs with a few jokes here and there. The first two give us something different and cute as far as children’s movies go, but doesn’t give me a headache or any annoying songs to later become overplayed. The movies still had the typical SNL, improv, Adam Sandler, and the boys’ style comedy, but the endearing family message and Halloween references kept the movie enjoyable.

Hocus Pocus

Obviously, I can’t make a family-friendly Halloween movie list without adding Hocus Pocus. This movie is beyond classic and perfect for all ages making it the perfect choice for any movie night during the Halloween season. The music was fun, the acting from all three witches were superb and witty, and of course, it had my second favorite black kitty. First being, of course, my fur baby Crow. Sorry to disappoint but, I did not name my black cat after Binx. I will never get sick of Hocus Pocus and I’m very curious to see if the sequel will for sure pull through and how it’ll turn out. We shall see.

Twitches 1 & 2

Honestly, I am not sure if the Twitches series is underrated or overrated. I feel like it’s one of those movies where you forget about it and then someone mentions it randomly and you’re like oh yeah, I loved that movie. Yea, that seems about right. I personally love the series though and it’s one of my favorite projects with both the Mowry sisters. Nowadays Tia and Tamera both do their own thing when it comes to their careers and taking care of their families so it’s really nice to reminisce back on movies or shows they use to do together. I feel like when I was younger, every girl I knew wanted to be witches with their sister or best friend including me. I mean why wouldn’t you just want to be able to teleport somewhere or find a giant castle in your closet. Or is that just me? The first Twitches was definitely way better than the second one, but it is just one of those things where I prefer to watch both and complete the series.

The Scream Team

You may be wondering, ” what the heck is “The Scream Team?”. Well back when Disney Channel was still fun and niche with their storytelling, there was a Disney Channel Original Movie called The Scream Team that had me glued to the screen as a kid. If you’re a 90’s baby like me, you probably have heard of it and maybe remember watching it every Halloween like me. The movie is basically centered around two siblings, with the older sister played by Kat Dennings, who visit their Dad’s childhood home after their grandfather just passed away. They both discover that their grandfather’s spirit might be stuck from passing onto the afterlife so they end up on a crazy adventure teaming up with other spirits to help their grandfather and others move on. Disney Channel movies are not known for amazing set design or the best acting, but I will say so many of those movies had really intriguing story-telling while also pushing boundaries. Therefore if you haven’t seen the movie, I recommend going over to Disney+ checking it out, and maybe clicking through a few other older Disney Channel Original movies; you know like before the Teen Beach era.

Halloweentown I, II, & III

Just like Hocus Pocus, I think Halloweentown is a classic, family-friendly Halloween movie but just not quite as mainstream. Clearly, a lot of my favorite Halloween movies come from Disney Channel, but hey Disney Channel was my life growing up so sue me. Disney Channel really had some of the most entertaining movies growing up especially around Holiday time. There were four Halloweentown movies made, but I only watch the first three even though I really rather only watch the first two. The first two were the best and the third one really tried but didn’t have the same magic as the prior movies. The fourth one is barely worth mentioning and in my opinion, should not be considered as part of the series. It was a complete total fail to create a movie without the original leading actress with a lackluster storyline so all in all the movie doesn’t need to exist. The first two in the series had the right ingredients in making an entertaining and fun, spooky movie with the charm of the beloved Debbie Reynolds as well as three different kids to relate to and love. I know one day when I choose to have a kid, I will be showing them these movies.

There are a few more movies and shows I like to watch every year at this time like the Munsters, but this list pretty much stays consistent every year because I know these movies will always bring a smile to my face. Sorry for being corny, but it’s true. I know I said I am a scaredy-cat, but let me know if you want to see my ultimate can not watch scared list down in the comments below and maybe you can give them a view.

Sorry for the rough posts that will be coming out within these next few weeks. I feel like I am ready to get back into things and get on track, but it will take me a second to get used to writing again and taking pictures. I will get through it though and hope to come out with many more new posts! To get notified of new content, please subscribe on the home page or you can follow Bombshell’s social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle). Until next time my Bombshells, Bye and Happy Spooky Season!

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