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More Beetlejuice Fashion Invading My Closet

It would not be Halloween season without me buying more Beetlejuice items for my closet. I don’t know what it is exactly about the movie Beetlejuice, but every year I am obsessed with all the new Beetlejuice clothes and accessories that come out. I own so many pieces from bags to swimsuits and overalls to jewelry. So of course this year was no different, I bought some new items and have some new top picks for products. Like my other shopping posts, this post is not sponsored; just me sharing with you some collections and items that caught my eye with my fashion opinion. *Disclaimer: I’m adding the full price for all of the items below, but the items at Hot Topic are currently on sale and could be a lower price at the time of this post going live. Let’s get into it.

Beetlejuice Chibi Suspender Skirt

So I’m going to start off with one of the items I recently purchased. I was beyond excited when I went to the mall and found this suspender skirt in my size. I have a couple of suspender skirts from Hot Topic already and I love how comfortable and cute they are. Most of their suspender skirts have a collaged pattern of some sort so they can be easily paired with a simple tee underneath or a matching shirt with logo or character. This skirt stood out to me particularly because other than being Beetlejuice-themed, I loved the chibi art style and the use of mint and black instead of the typical lime green or purple. I think adding a pastel color makes the skirt more versatile to wear with makeup and accessories. The skirt is priced at $39.90 and $44.90 for plus size available at HotTopic.

Beetlejuice Stripe Soft Overalls

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

I own quite a couple of overall shorts from Hot Topic including a Beetlejuice pair from last year, but I don’t actually own any of their long pant overalls. I love overalls and rompers in general because of how easy and comfortable they can be. However, I don’t own many pant overalls because I’m very short and a lot of them just end up looking way too large on me. Despite my short legs though, overalls are a really easy go-to item with these Beetlejuice ones having a very classic Beetlejuice look perfect for any Halloween-themed party or get-together. These overalls are available for $54.90 and $59.90 for plus-size at Hot Topic.

Beetlejuice Logo Pajama Pants

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Speaking of comfortable, you can’t have Halloween without some super cute PJ pants to wear during spooky movie marathons. I love having cute-themed PJs during Halloween especially having thicker PJ bottoms for when the nights get a little more chilly. Hot Topic usually has a pretty cute selection for PJs starting in Halloween all the way through Christmas. Another place that has some nice selections as well is Walmart. I was able to buy some Nightmare Before Christmas and Hocus Pocus PJ pants from there last year. These Beetlejuice pjs are available at Hot Topic for $19.90 and $26.90 for plus-size.

Ghost Lace-Up Sneakers

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

I have not yet bought these sneakers, but probably will right after I finish writing this post because they would go really nice with my suspender skirt. Just like Loungelfy bags and other purses, I really love seeing fun patterns on shoes. I am not a huge shoe lover and they are not my favorite accessory, but I am drawn to shoes with patterns more than solid color shoes. I think owning a couple of pair of shoes with your favorite movie or gaming characters is a nice way to slip nerd fashion into your everyday wear. Since these shoes are black with not too many crazy colors in the pattern, it makes it easier to match them into an outfit. One downside I will say about Hot Topic shoes are they dominantly only sold online so you aren’t able to try on to find the best size. I am a size 7 1/2 but I have to purchase an 8 from Hot Topic which usually causes the shoes to be a little big on me so just a little side note. These sneakers are priced at $32.90 at Hot Topic.

Beetlejuice Chibi Wallet and Mini Backpack

Again I am going to reiterate how obsessed I am with the pastel colors over the usual vibrant neon green and purple. This backpack and wallet set are another great example of how cute the color and art style choices caught my attention. The great thing about using pastel colors for the design is the fact that you can wear these accessories pretty much all year long. I mean you can wear whatever you want whenever you want really, but if you do like to change your color style around the seasons, then this is a great bag for both the fall and spring seasons. The mini backpack priced at $44.90 and the wallet at $22.90 are both available for pre-sale at Hot Topic.

Beetlejuice Stripe Mock Neck Top

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Honestly when I saw this shirt, I just immediately thought comfortable. Stripes are one of my favorite patterns because I love how graphic it is, but I’m also really obsessed with long sleeves. If I had to choose between a tank and a long sleeve, I would choose the long sleeve in a heart beat which is really strange considering I live in stifling, hot Texas. However, I am that girl you would find wearing a really large sweatshirt or long sleeve shirt and stretching my sleeves out past my knuckles. I just love wearing tops that feel warm and cozy like a big bear hug. You can find this top priced at $33.90 for plus-size at Hot Topic.

Chibi Lydia Mini Backpack

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Okay so I think most people can agree that Lydia is the best character from Beetlejuice or maybe that’s just my opinion. Hot Topic came out with a Lydia backpack, wallet, and crossbody bag last year that were online exclusive so I instantly bought all of them. This new backpack has a very different art style than the one from last year in that it has a much more adorable side. I love them both equally and I will say when it comes to the online exclusive bags, they are definitely worth snatching. Once they are gone, they are gone and usually are resold online for a much higher price. This mini backpack is available online only at Hot Topic for $44.90.

Sandworm Sweatshirt

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

So after my small little rant above about long sleeves, it comes as no surprise I would add a sweatshirt to this list. I won’t repeat myself on how much I love comfy tops, but what I will say that I love about this sweatshirt specifically is the black and white vintage style. The vintage style is very appropriate for this image because it is very classically, creepy Beetlejuice perfect for Halloween. The sandworm sweatshirt is priced for $39.90 at Hot Topic.

Chibi Icons Passport Crossbody Bag

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

If you love the suspender skirt from above, then you will love this matching crossbody bag. I am a little disappointed the bag is not the exact same color scheme as the skirt, but it does make more sense so the bag can go with more looks. I have a couple crossbody bags for when I don’t feel like using a mini backpack because they’re perfect for carrying the essentials while still keeping your purse close. I’m someone who doesn’t like a lot of handbags or totes because I prefer for my purse to be more attached to me and less risk of losing. Plus these bags are typically not very expensive making them the perfect little bag to keep around. This chibi crossbody bag is $14.90 at Hot Topic.

Loungefly Beetlejuice Mini Backpack with Barbara and Adam

Now unfortunately I do not have a link to this item. A new Beetlejuice Loungefly mini backpack and cardholder exclusively to BoxLunch has released, but not yet online. The bag has been rolling into stores as of last week, but I am not sure of a date for an online release. If the information changes, I will add the link to this post. Loungefly bags all in all are a fun way to add some of your favorite characters into your everyday wear, but they also can be hard to find or buy before selling out. I’ve become a huge Loungefly fan and swore to not buy any more bags for the year, but then I saw this little devil come out. Purple and lavender have become one of my favorite colors during this year so this bag immediately caught my attention. I also loved how they added the stripe detailing to the straps and how the design of the front pocket is a heart. My favorite thing to see with mini backpacks is when the design adds unique features on top of the bag or with the bag’s pockets. Stay tuned on my page for a Loungefly video showcasing my collection of bags and what I look for in a great collector’s item.

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