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Full Review and Analysis for Spider-Man No Way Home

Now that a week has passed since the big theatre release for Spider-Man No Way Home, it is time to break it down and see how right our original theories were plus look into what happens next for the MCU. Full Spoiler Warning for this review as we are not going to hold back and take a look at everything. I was completely in awe the first time I saw the film so I did go back for a second time to make sure I caught all the details. Unfortunately for me I also was sitting next to someone who didn’t have the best theatre etiquette during my first viewing so I knew I definitely had to go see it again. Guess maybe more theatres should implement the same rules as Alamo Drafthouse because I really didn’t know how anyone could be late for Spider-Man, but anyways. No Way Home was jam-packed with thrills, excitement, and tear-jerking moments so let’s not waste any more time and jump right in.

The beginning of No Way Home jumps right into the events preceding Far From Home where Mysterio has released a video announcing Spider-Man’s real identity as Peter Parker which I have to say is a bold move. I’ve had conversations with my husband about my views on villains before where I think villains are one thing, but it is another thing when a guy is a pure a**hole. I think Spider-Man deals with a lot of a**hole and what I mean by this is when someone doesn’t just mess with the superhero but messes with the real person behind the mask as well. It’s like sure mess around with the superhero and kick their a** or whatever, but why get involved in their personal life. Hmmm, Vulture. I’m just saying. So now that Spider-Man’s identity has been revealed, troubles face Peter and everyone he knows and loves who knew about his identity as well. The first 15 minutes or so revolves around this issue including having Peter, MJ, and Ned’s future for college be compromised. I really wanted someone to tell Peter and Aunt May that the little envelope means you didn’t get into college. Peter, MJ, and Ned all received the little envelopes from MIT due to the Spider-Man controversy. Who knew even Universities followed cancel culture? By the way, statistically speaking, I don’t think that many students from one high school graduating class were going to get into MIT so they probably didn’t have much chance of going to school together.

I do favor how Marvel in general has been adding more political topics into their movies and shows as more of a way to relate what happens in the real world. It is so easy to get caught up in all the action and humor that we don’t always get to see the relatable factors in their movies adding depth for a more interesting film.

In regards to Peter’s problems, Matt Murdock was luckily able to get Peter out of legal troubles but Peter would have to be responsible for dealing with MIT and his friends’ future. We only saw Matt as a quick cameo as Peter’s lawyer, but I’m pretty sure we will be seeing more of him in the future considering Kingpin showing up in the Hawkeye series. Plus as far as Marvel’s older original shows from Netflix, I would say Daredevil was their most successful show so Murdock definitely deserves more time on the big screen.

Peter decided to make a visit to a past coworker, Doctor Strange in hopes Strange could help turn things around and get his friends out of this big mess. Lucky for him Doctor Strange did think of a spell that could help, but in true Peter from, he spoke too much causing Strange to contain the spell after too much tampering. After a lecture from Strange, Peter decides to talk to MIT’s chancellor in giving his friends another chance which leads to the real meat of the movie.

The spell caused villains from other Spider-Man films to enter their universe starting with two villains from Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, Doc Oc and Green Goblin. Peter then has to round up the other villains who have made it through which leads him to Electro and Sandman. With Doctor Strange’s help, they capture villains from both Spider-Man franchises including Doc Oc, Green Goblin, Lizard, Electro, and Sandman. Therefore my theory of having Harry Osborne from the Amazing Spider-Man 2 was incorrect and we are dealing with five of the original villains. Due to some of these characters knowing each other, they were able to put some pieces together and realize they have been taken out of their world before facing some of their deaths. Doctor Strange is ready to send them back despite their fate, but Spider-Man wouldn’t be who he is if he didn’t want to help them first before sending them back so they wouldn’t die. I get where Peter is coming from because he is the hero who saves and tries to do the right thing, but I honestly sided with Strange a lot in this movie since he made a lot of sense.

This pickle really began because of Spider-Man’s identity being revealed but maybe he shouldn’t be trying to live two lives anymore. At this point, superheroes have become such a normal concept in their world with most of the heroes including the Avengers no longer having a secret identity. Even Shang-Chi had no problems just telling his friends in a bar what he and Katy just defeated. Spider-Man is growing up and graduating High School so maybe it was time for him to fully take on the Spider-Man name. Who knows really but I think it is interesting how casual super figures have become in the world.

I also found it funny how Peter’s friends were in trouble in the beginning for being involved with him, but then he had no issue involving them again to help him round up these multiverse visitors. They become his only help since he goes against Doctor Strange and tries to heal the villains giving them another chance before having to send them back. The visual effects during the Doctor Strange scene of course were amazing, but a couple things stood out for me. For one, I really want to know why Peter was able to control his physical form after Strange separated him. And for two, I felt like showing multiple Peters in the mirror verse sort of foreshadowed future events in the movie.

Now not only is there only one Green Goblin in this film but he is the lead villain and causes all the villains except Doc Oc to turn against Spider-Man’s efforts and cause mayhem in the streets. I am very pleased Doc Oc was positively affected by Peter’s technology because it further reiterates how all these characters still contain the same character traits from their own movies. Although watching, I’m not really sure what Lizard wanted in all of this. In the mass destruction of Green Goblin’s attack, he ends up knocking Aunt May to the ground with his glider and then throwing a bomb towards her body leading to her death. They really got me with this one. First of all, I had a feeling Aunt May’s death was inevitable, but I was so nervous she was about to be stabbed with Goblin’s glider. When this didn’t happen and she stood up telling Peter she was fine, I actually really thought maybe she would survive. Unfortunately though after her big speech and the great responsibility quote, she bled out and died. I knew it had to happen, but I was really pissed when it did because there were literal fire trucks and ambulances outside. Like c’mon society had to choose the worst timing to go all crazy on Spider-Man. Literal innocent woman right there who just needed some help and then you go and shoot Peter. Ugh, just ugh.

Peter’s heartbreak did lead to the craziest movie reveal causing the whole theatre to scream and applaud. Thanks to Sony’s marketing and not the best hiding, I think it was becoming more and more clear both Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire would be making an appearance. The question was more when and how. Ned being the reason how was the last thing in the world I would have guessed so luckily there was still an element of surprise. Everything about the joining of all three Spider-Men was amazing and well done. They really did cover all the bases with the therapy talk, the jokes, and even the conversation we were all waiting for, them comparing web-shooters. I really loved when Tobey called Andrew amazing just to throw that little nod in. The ultimate highlight though was watching all three of them swing in the sky and land in a pose before taking on all their villains. It was just a marvelous moment that made all the waiting worth it.

All three heroes really did their part and I didn’t feel like any of them were overshadowing each other but really worked well as a team. Just as I expected, I was super excited for Andrew to get his moment to save MJ after not being able to save his own love. Now that we have opened the concept for the multiverse, I hope there could possibly be a future for Gwen to come back but until then Andrew at least got his redemption. Maybe there might even be more of a future for Andrew and they will bring back the Amazing Spider-Man. Let’s get him the true redemption he deserves.

After Andrew and Tobey helped Tom take on all the villains, it was down to one more, Green Goblin. This last fighting scene between Peter and Norman was everything and a true testament to each actor’s acting. Dafoe in particular did an exceptional job bringing the Green Goblin back to the main screen from his facial expressions to his stunts. What stood out the most during this fight though was the fact the two were fighting on Captain America’s shield added to the Statue of Liberty. Seeing Peter in rage fighting Green Goblin brought me back to Civil War and the fight between Iron Man and Cap therefore it was very fitting for the scene to take place on the shield.

All the Spider-Men saved the day and were able to send everyone back to their universe but not without cost. Doctor Strange had to cast a new spell where everyone would forget about Peter Parker. Of course, knowing the theme of Doctor Strange’s sequel, we know this doesn’t go as smoothly as they think. But for the time being, it works where everyone gets to go back home, but no one will remember Peter including Ned and MJ. Got to have a conflict somewhere to continue the story of course, but it did make me sad for MJ and Peter to have to go through this. I was thinking of Fantastic Beasts and how Jacob’s character got to remember so I was really hoping for one of those moments where a loophole or technicality happened. Instead, we are going to see what the future brings for Peter, his friends, and the multiverse. Definitely going to be a crazy ride.

I do have new questions following No Way Home’s release. I was really hoping for a loophole for MJ and Ned to still remember Peter so I do wonder how they will reenter his life specifically if Ned will go on a path to becoming Hobgoblin. Now that we have a chance for Venom to enter the MCU, we could possibly see if Flash is going to take on that role. I am pretty sure he will but with Marvel, you honestly never know. Lastly, I would like to learn more about the tech from the Avengers’ compound and Happy’s future. We’ve been seeing more and more tech appear through different deals and black markets so I would like to see how this plays out now that we have Kingpin and maybe we will get some Prowler and Myles Morales in the picture.

I honestly felt like this was Marvel’s movie of the year and a marvelous film from beginning to end. I know the big surprise of having Tobey and Andrew join the cast was a huge standout for everyone, but I feel the movie was a big success even if they didn’t end up showing up. It was the perfect ending to the trilogy and really closed up Peter’s teenage life. We got to see how his character evolved, how much Aunt May truly meant to him, and gave him the push he needed to be the hero he truly is. I didn’t even mind how they reused scenes from the other movies for Sandman and Lizard because the film had so many outstanding moments. The movie started out with Peter being accused of murder, but it ended up with him giving life to those who didn’t always deserve it. He even gave a chance to the one who took away his aunt’s life. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, but this movie had a lot of heart which is all Spider-Man really is.

What was your favorite part of the film? Were any of your theories right? What do you think is Venom’s future in the MCU? What do you think will happen next with Ned? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. You can also follow Bombshell on social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle) where you can also get notified of new posts or videos. Until next time my bombshells, Bye!

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