I Hopped On the Euphoria Train

Recapping First Half of Euphoria Season 2

I’ve been hearing about the hype for Euphoria for ages now but wasn’t quite sure if I could deal with watching the series. I have really high anxiety so didn’t seem like Euphoria was the show for me. So who else watches a Youtuber react to show you’re interested in first so you can decide how you feel? Just me. Well, essentially this is what I did. I watched Ur Internet Mom Ash react to season 1 first and then I was pretty much hooked into watching season 1 myself. But now here we are with season 2 with an announcement for season 3 to come in the future. Now even though I’ve been getting through this series, I’m not going to lie and say the show is very dark with some serious content. I do not recommend this show to everybody unless you can handle dark content matter involving drugs and abuse. I also quite frankly don’t believe anyone under 18 should be watching this show. I’m not anyone’s mom so do what you want, but I do think the show is fully intended for a mature audience only.

Four episodes have aired for season 2 with probably another episode out by the time I get this post out so I want to recap what has happened so far with some theories for the future. Season 1 was pretty crazy, but it looks like season 2 has only opened another big can of worms. Near-death experiences, love triangles, and more character backstories just to name a few. A SPOILER WARNING is in order for this post so don’t read if you have not seen season 2.

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Episode 1: Trying to Get to Heaven Before They Close the Door

So the season started with its tradition of showing a backstory for a different character. This time we finally got some insight into Fezco and even where Ashtray came into the picture which nipped Nate’s missing brother theory. These two were put into the drug business from a very young age after Fez’s grandma took him from his dad in a really wild scene. This episode in particular gave a lot of Fez scenes as well as Lexi which I think the fandom was really craving. We even see some sparks between Lexi and Fez which I am kind of here for. I mean I’m kind of against relationships in this show because these characters have some serious problems they need to work on, but I have to admit the way Fez looked at Lexi was super cute. Lexi in general just deserves more. Other than this new romance, we were introduced to a new character, Elliot who is not the best influence for Rue. Rue had already relapsed in last season, but this guy gave her the ammo to keep on with her drug use despite reuniting with Jules at the end of the episode. I’m really not Team Rules here and this season only furthers my opinion which I’ll explain later.

The romance I think that had everyone talking though is the hookup between Cassie and Nate. Omgsh Cassie girl, we need to make some better choices. The scene with them in the truck had me on edge; you cannot be speeding like that while drinking and get away with it. Somehow they made it to the party together in one piece and decide to hook up in the bathroom until a certain knock came. How Cassie got away with Maddy not finding out I will never know but need to build the tension I guess. Despite the grossness and weirdness of Nate hooking up with Cassie and then bullying McKay in an awkward conversation, we did get one sweet moment this episode…. Fez completely destroyed Nate Jacobs. Yes Fez, I stan. It was about freaking time Nate got what he deserved. Poor Lexi for experiencing that, but it needed to be done.

Episode 2: Out of Touch

Now Nate can’t exactly die so the episode begins with Nate dreaming of Cassie while lying in a hospital bed. Not exactly the romance we need, but Nate seems to think Cassie is the real love he needs because somehow Maddy is to blame for his crazy behavior. Uhm wrong, Nate. However, I’m not going to lie this episode somehow made me feel for Nate. I know, crazy right? I don’t think this boy deserves a relationship with anybody and needs serious help, but if he could just change the cycle of abuse. I just want him to be better and do better. Honestly, who knows if he is capable of love and who he is really feeling because who else caught that shot of Jules in his Cassie fantasy. I mean clearly, he is not over the idea of her either.

Moving past Nate, we get the awkward encounter of Rue introducing Elliot to Jules who has no idea Rue is still doing drugs and poor Jules can get through an episode without crying. But seriously what is with these characters assuming cheating or relationships are going on when they are not, i.e. Katherine with Ethan in the carnival episode. Anyways I can sense a lot of drama brewing between Rue, Jules, and Elliot with a possible love triangle.

I love how we saw a totally different side of Maddy in this episode with her in her babysitting job. Yes, she still dreams of a glamorous life, but it’s nice to see her working and being so sweet with Theo. She did look amazing in those looks though and if she can just focus on herself, maybe she will get that lifestyle someday. But leave it to Nate to be messing with both Maddy and Cassie’s heads. Poor Cassie has put herself in deep and clearly isn’t learning anything as she continues hooking up with Nate. You can’t feel bad girl and still do what you are doing. Nate does step up though and lets his dad know why Nate was beaten up so maybe Cal can stop trying to harass teenagers. Cal you stay away from Fez, okay.

We did also get some more Katherine in this episode who is the only one in a normal relationship, but of course, she is not happy. I completely saw this coming since last season. Nothing about her screams love for Ethan, but rather just into him because he is into her. I relate to that probably the most out of any character’s story because I was really insecure in High School so I did steer myself in the direction of guys who were giving me attention whether I was attracted to them or not. I don’t want Ethan to get hurt so I hope she deals with this situation maturely but it’s Euphoria so who knows.

This episode had so much going on and I really want to know if Nate will ever get the tape back from Maddy. I mean what if she even ends up telling Jules about it.

Episode 3: Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys

Back to another backstory intro, but I have to say this was the first one to really get to me. Yes everyone has a pretty intense backstory and reason for their pain, but I teared up a bit during Cal’s story. It did seem to be going longer than everybody else’s, but it did have me on the edge of my seat because I really wasn’t positive about where it was going. I thought his best friend wasn’t going to reciprocate those feelings so when he did, my heart burst. I mean Cal should have wrapped it up honestly if he was going to be doing that, but I wish he could have ended up with his best friend. Plus now we really know why there is so much hate towards Nate.

Episode 3 was kind of all over the place as far as tone, but Zendaya coming out singing and dancing after the intro was done had me rolling. She is truly phenomenal. However, Rue, we do not condone you gaslighting your sister like that. Poor Gia has been through so much. We also saw a different episode approach with Lexi which I love seeing more Lexi, but not sure how I felt about the style. I am curious if we will see an episode with her full show debut and how that will play out though. Lexi really is the eyes and ears to everyone’s problems.

Speaking of problems… Cassie, Cassie, Cassie. Girl, I just can’t with you honestly. First of all, no way would I ever lose sleep to get all dolled up for some guy. A guy who happens to be your best friend’s ex. That would be a no. Second of all, why are you exfoliating so much, your poor skin is going to fall off. And lastly, she really does not need to be doing all that because is very naturally beautiful. You can really see how all of this is messing with her self-esteem though. She is truly doing way too much.

Rue probably took the cake though for screwing up in episode 3. First with Mia, then going to the drug lord, and then finally with Ali. Things are not looking good at all and something is going to go down for sure.

Episode 4: You Who Cannot See, Think of Those Who Can

So it looks like this season is differing a bit from the previous with not every episode having a backstory. I know we already covered a lot of characters so it makes sense, but I love seeing them so much that I was hoping for more. Still, the intro for episode 4 was pretty entertaining until I realized the references were all from a tragic love story with the male lead dying. Could this be foreshadowing for Rue? Before I had mentioned how I didn’t ship Rue and Jules, well this episode furthers my point. I honestly thought Rue might hook up with Elliot or like a three-way was going to happen, but no. Jules decided to get a piece of Elliot for herself. I never really thought Jules felt that way about Rue and I kind of thought Rue was asexual like Elliot said. Jules can be with Elliot if she wants, but for her to be angry with Rue while going behind her back as well is very hypocritical. I’m sure at some point their relationship will completely crumble before our eyes.

This show also loves to mess with my anxiety. The director is a master at making you think something bad is about to happen when really everything is okay. I for sure thought Cal was going to run into Elliot’s car with Jules and Rue. I’m glad they are okay, but Cal I wanted to smack you. I do feel for Cal though, I really do and I’m glad he was able to live his truth. Hopefully leaving his house will be good for him, but he did make a mess out of his family.

The award for biggest mess though is you guessed it, Cassie. I think at this point she is getting more on my nerves than Nate. I get Nate is messing with her, but she put herself in this situation. As Nate said, which I can’t believe I am agreeing with, she isn’t so sweet and innocent. If she didn’t want to hurt Maddy, then she wouldn’t have hooked up with him. I haven’t seen such a hot mess since Flavor of Love. Let’s pray for Cassie, shall we?

A lot of drunk and crazy mess occurred, but the episode highlight was for sure Rue’s hallucination sequence with an appearance of Labrinth. This scene was probably the best in the season so far. Rue has really dug herself in deep, but to see the pain of her missing her father is so heartbreaking. The sequence was so well shot and I loved seeing Zendaya holding onto Labrinth as he sang. I hope for many more Labrinth appearances, but just hopefully not one during a Rue funeral. Many have speculated someone is going to die this season and more likely it will be Rue. I don’t know to be honest. I know Game of Thrones has taught us that no character is safe, but I really don’t see Rue being taken out like that. Something will happen to her for sure, but I don’t see death in her cards. I guess we will have to continue watching and just find out.

So much already happening and we are only four episodes into the season. I hope you enjoyed my little recap and I will be back at the season finale so stay tuned.

What do you think is happening next? Do you think Rue will die or only go missing? Where do you stand on Nate? Team Maddy or Team Cassie or let’s be real Team Single? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. You can also follow Bombshell on social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle) where you can also get notified of new posts or videos. Until next time my bombshells, Bye!

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