Happy Birthday Kerropi!

Celebrating 30 years of Kerropi with New Fashion

Guys I’m not going to lie I am really starting to feel my age. It is crazy how fast time goes and to think of how old things are from my childhood. One of them being Hello Kitty which I was completely obsessed with as a little girl. I have so many memories visiting the Sanrio store in my local mall and collecting all the character plushies. My mom probably didn’t like visiting as much as I did considering how much I would always ask for, but I wanted to keep shopping since you would earn points to win really cool exclusive Sanrio stuff. In general, there was honestly so many awesome stores in the 90s that I really wish didn’t go away. Warner Brothers, KB Toys, Limited Too, Rave Girl, just so many honestly. But the point of my little spiel is not about my age, but about celebrating Sanrio’s little froggie, Keroppi’s 30th Birthday! To celebrate, I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Keroppi fashion available now at Hot Topic and HerUniverse. This post is not sponsored just my honest opinion on some cute clothes and accessories. In no particular order, lets get into it!

Crossbody Bag

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

To start off our list, we have this super adorable crossbody bag I would have loved to own as a little girl. I have a pretty big obsession with handbags and mini backpacks, but I am super picky when shopping for them. I like to see a lot of effort made into the design and I’m not a huge fan of bags with just basic printing on them. I like to see 3D designs and embroidered details. This crossbody bag definitely meets my criteria with its cute, simple design of Keroppi’s face. Thanks to its simplicity, I think this purse would make a cute accessory for any bright summertime outfit and not just Sanrio theme. This purse is available at Hot Topic for $44.90.

3D Mini Backpack

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Sticking with cute bags, we continue onto this fun, gingham Loungefly backpack. Similar to the purse, the designs uses a 3D cutout of Keroppi as the main focus, but it adds a popular summer pattern with some pink highlights. I really love how pink compliments green and overall find this backpack super cute. You can also find this backpack at Hot Topic for $49.90.

Pinstripe Woven Button-Up

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

One of the newer items released was this striped button up top with a Keroppi pattern all over. Button up tops have become pretty popular and I didn’t know how I felt about them at first, but I realized how versatile they can be. You can tuck them in or wear them over a crop top. You can also tie them up in the front or wear as a dress with some biker shorts underneath so my mind has quickly changed about these tops. You can find this top at Hot Topic for $25.83 & $30.03 for Plus-Size or HerUniverse for $29.52 & $34.32 for Plus-Size. (These prices are for the current sales on the sites.)

Fuzzy 3D Earrings & Necklace

Now I wasn’t really a fan of all the Keroppi accessories Hot Topic had to be honest. Personally, I don’t like jewelry to look so cheapy or childish and that was just sort of the vibe I was getting from most of the items offered. However, I did find something sort of nostalgic about this earring and necklace set that made me smile. I thought about all the velvet and fuzzy jewelry I wore back then & realized okay, I do really like these pieces. Definitely not my favorite item from this post, but it does make a cute addition to any Keroppi outfit. The necklace and earrings are available at Hot Topic for $12.90 each.

Mom Jeans

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

One recent trend I absolutely love is mom jeans. I wore a lot of skinny jeans in High School, but I’m honestly over having jean lines imprinted on my skin. So mom jeans, high-waisted jeans, and bell bottoms are definitely my thing now. What makes them even better than just being comfortable is all the cute, fun art on them. It reminds me of my older sisters who use to paint stuff on their baggy jeans and wear them to school. Just a nice way to add a little personality to your jeans when you don’t feel like wearing simple, blue jeans. These Keroppi jeans go for $54.90 and $59.90 for plus size at Hot Topic or $43.92 & $47.92 for plus-size at HerUniverse.

Stripe Tank Top

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

I don’t know about you, but I have been absolutely miserable in this Summer heat. Feels like it has been getting worse and worse every year so it has been near impossible to stay cool. With that being said, tanks and shorts are pretty much a must have for me in order to stay cool. This tank would make a really cute addition to my collection and even pairs great with the mom jeans above. It makes a great juxtaposition with the tightness of the tank compared to the bagginess of the jeans giving a more A-line effect to the body. This tank is currently on sale at $13.45 & $12.76 for plus-size at Hot Topic.

Floral Drop Earrings

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

A cute accessory to pair with the tank would be these drop floral earrings to bring out some of that Keroppi green. I was feeling 90’s nostalgia with this collection, but truthfully these designs actually feel a little more 70s inspired. Either way these earrings make a great statement and a cute accessory to any of these outfits. These earrings are $10.90 at Hot Topic.

Friends Stack T-shirt

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The best thing about HerUniverse existing and selling collections at local stores is how they turn our favorite characters and fandom & turn them into full fashion collections. It is nice to have different pieces other than just t-shirts to show our fandom love. Truly respect HerUniverse for their vision and everything they create. However, doesn’t mean can’t still love a cute t-shirt especially when it is as adorable as this one. I really love the colors on this design and have been really obsessed with pastels in the last couple of years. Plus I could have totally seen me in this when I was younger so why not buy it now? This shirt is available for$13.45 at Hot Topic.

Sleep Mask

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Honestly, I don’t know how well sleeping masks actually work, but if you’re into them, this one is just too freaking adorable. It’s just fun and if you’re going to have a sleeping mask, why not pick a super cute one. My only criticism is Hot Topic should release some matching pajamas and slippers to go with it. Regardless, you can find this sleeping mask at Hot Topic for $14.90.

Plush Crew Socks

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Now I know I was just complaining about there not being slippers or pjs to go with the sleeping mask, but technically they do have these plush crew socks to match. I personally don’t wear a lot of crew or long socks out, but I do own a few pairs for sleepy time. I suffer from a lot of leg and foot cramps so I love sleeping with long socks because they keep my feet warm and cozy. Truthfully, I wouldn’t know how to style a going out outfit with longer socks, but I’m sure with the right sneakers and bottoms, they could look really cute. These socks are currently on sale for $10.32 at Hot Topic.

What is you favorite Sanrio character? What recently had a birthday or anniversary from your childhood? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts.

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