What’s Coming Next in the Upside Down?

Theories for Stranger Things Season 5

Sadly we’ve reached the end of Stranger Things and have to wait God knows how long for the next season. I think it will only be a year or so for the next season, but I’ve heard different things so not really sure. Still the Duffer Brothers gave us an amazing Season 4 after such a long long wait since Season 3. I personally hadn’t seen Stranger Things until Season 4 premiered, then I binged all the seasons so for me I didn’t really have to wait to get answers. Unfortunately I was spoiled a lot for Volume 1, so I felt like my viewing experience was a bit altered, since I (SPOILER ALERT) knew Vecna was 001 before watching. Regardless, I really enjoyed the show and Season 4 had me on a rollercoaster of emotions. My anxiety was at level 14 watching the finale and I don’t think I’ve honestly cried that much watching a show since Finn’s death in Glee.

Even though Season 4 has ended, I thought we could still chat about what might come next for Hawkins. So today, I want to share 5 of my theories and opinions for Season 5 and be sure to share your ideas in the comments below. Without further ado, let’s get into it!

1 Relationships Form & Change

Even though the characters are constantly on the edge of dying and are constantly busy saving the world, they still manage to find time to discuss their love life. Especially for characters Robin and Steve, we see their constant struggle to find love and be open with their feelings. Steve is trying to find the one, but it seems he still hung up on Nancy despite her “moving on”. Robin has her heart set on Vicky, a fellow bandmate, but is crushed when she sees Vicky kissing her boyfriend. We see hope for Robin and Vicky though in the ending episode giving us the possibility of these two having a chance. For Robin to talk comfortably with Vicky is a huge step for her so hopefully Vicky will have the same feelings develop and Steve’s theory on her attraction to boobies is true.

For Steve on the other hand, there still may or may not be hope to get Nancy back. She is still with Jonathan, but his character has seriously digressed in the latest season and their relationship has almost become obsolete. Instead of Jonathan stepping up for Nancy and planning their future together, he has decided to become a pothead and runaway from his feelings. I really don’t agree with how they have written his character, but their relationship did need to face some sort of conflict. So at this point, as strong of connection they used to have, I think Nancy will find herself closer to Steve again causing Jonathan to get really jealous and act irrationally. We have seen her make the jump once, but maybe she will be doing it again.

Another relationship on the rocks is the one between Mike and Will, I mean Eleven. Look here is the thing when it comes to the Mike and Will quarrel. Mike clearly loves Eleven and is completely oblivious to anything Will is feeling or is at least avoiding it. Mike and Eleven have gone through a lot of ups and downs while Mike really hasn’t take the time to think about her feelings either. Despite all of that I think they are going to remain together and work it out because his heart has been in her hand since Day 1. But Will deserves love and I want things to work out for him with somebody. I do think Eleven is going to find out how Will feels about Mike somehow and she might cause him to expose the truth. Friends don’t lie after all and Will is keeping in a lot right now. Poor guy just needs a hug and …. a haircut. Please Duffer Brothers, let him fix his hair.

2 Will is the Key to Ending Vecna

Despite Will having a difficult time with his love life, he honestly has bigger problems and that problem is Vecna. I think we as viewers forget sometimes how Will was the beginning to all of this madness. They haven’t given his character much in the past couple of seasons which is surprising, but seems like they have been saving him for the big finish. I know we’re used to Eleven being the superhero, but I think it will be Will in the end who has to save the day. He was the one trapped in the Upside Down and he is still connected to Vecna. Honestly it gives me Harry Potter vibes where Harry was a part of Voldemort. Will is important to Vecna and Vecna must know they are connected somehow. We just will have to wait and see if Will can use it against Vecna first. Duffer Brothers have already confirmed Will be a huge part of Season 5 so I’m excited for his character to finally get more storyline and step up to the plate.

3 Max’s Fate

The moment that gave me the most anxiety in volume 2 was Max’s now infamous scene in the attic. Let me tell you, my heart was racing and tears just started flowing. I wasn’t sure at all what would happen to Max, but when Eleven found her, I was pretty sure she was good. But when her body ascended and that first bone cracked, I couldn’t help scream. I was in complete disbelief and thought there was no way she was about to die. She ended up with a fate worse than death as she is in the hospital blind, brain dead, and broken bones. Just laying there as her friends and family have to see her like that which completely broke my heart. My husband thought she would come back and even possibly gain back site, but I really felt like her character should stay blind. Max having a disability adds another layer for her character and we don’t usually see too many characters with disabilities in sci-fi and horror or in a lot of shows actually. I think that could be a really cool story arc to explore because while I don’t think a bunch of characters should just be killed off, I don’t think it should be sunshine and rainbows all the time. Duffer brothers claimed Max was set to be killed in season 4 so maybe that’ll be the case next season, but it would be really strange to just extend her death sentence like that.

4 The Connection Between Eleven & Vecna

As much as I want Will to have a big heroic ending going against Vecna, this is really Eleven’s battle as she is the one he resents. Plus we know for sure has powers despite speculation Will has some therefore she is still the most powerful and the best chance at defeating him. During season 4, we were given the history between Eleven and Vecna or previously as 001. Vecna was the first one to undergo Papa’s experiment, but he created more children and kept 001 a secret. Because we know Papa was trying to recreate 001, I really want to know more on how the children were able to get their powers. I think it be an interesting twist 001 was Eleven’s father because his DNA was used to create her. I’m just wondering if there is more history still being kept from us. Plus who did Eleven think 001 was the whole time before revealing he was 001? I know season 5 is the conclusion and we’re waiting on an ending, but I hope we can still travel back to some of the beginning to get more answers. It is more likely, they will only reveal what Vecna did once he entered the Upside Down which I’m sure we all want to see too. Especially given the fact, so many are convinced Vecna was the one who kidnapped Will in the first place. Not going to lie, I like this theory more than people be taken at the sight of blood.

Think about it, Barbara only be taken so it could create trauma for Nancy. Or Billy being chosen to mess with Max. This would give Vecna the ammo he needs to prove his point. I’m just saying.

5 The Return of Eddie

Honestly, I’m the type of person if I see a character die, I think that’s it and what’s done is done. I don’t think they can come back to life somehow and we should accept it. However in Eddie’s case, I don’t know for sure, but maybe there is a chance. We saw him in his heroic death, but I think it’s fair to say we are not yet done with his character and I don’t think Joseph Quinn is done playing him. Before volume 2 released, Joseph stated he would love to return for season 5 and really enjoyed his character. With that being said, is it so crazy we get a vampire moment in season 5. A theory has been circulating the internet that Eddie could return as Kas the vampire as it fits with the D&D lore. I could totally see this happening. I mean Hopper came back right so why not. I also don’t really agree with Millie about killing everyone off, but instead Duffer Brothers could spice things up and bring a character back from the dead in a cool way. Also really sad Eddie never met Eleven or Will so c’mon Duffer Brothers just think about it.

Do you agree with any of these theories? What are your theories for next season? What were your favorite moments in Season 4? What are you watching as you wait for Stranger Things’ return? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. You can also follow Bombshell on social media on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter (@bombgame_style), and Instagram (@bombshellgamingstyle) where you can also get notified of new posts or videos. Until next time my bombshells, Bye!

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