The Witches Are Back!

Watch Out Salem, The Sanderson Sisters Have Returned and I’m Not Mad at It

Nearly 30 years later, the beloved, family Halloween classic, Hocus Pocus returned to our screens with a new fun-filled adventure. Now I have very mixed feelings when it comes to reboots, sequels, and what not, but I don’t completely hate the idea. They have potential, but I would rather Hollywood focus on creating new stories. When Disney announced Hocus Pocus 2, I wasn’t very surprised since they had been teasing it for a long while and Hocus Pocus is one of their most money making movies of all time. A year hasn’t gone by without new Hocus Pocus merch and décor everywhere you look so it was only a matter of time before a sequel emerged.

It’s pretty clear this is another cash grab for Disney, but honestly I really really enjoyed the movie. I don’t usually have high expectations for reboots and I kind of go in trying not to compare to the original. Hocus Pocus 2 really knocked it out of the park for me and was pleasantly surprised. If you have not yet seen it because you love the original too much, I say watch it. Overall I found this sequel to be witty, funny, clever and a great watch for the whole family to enjoy. SPOILERS are in order as we dive in deeper to the highlights for this sequel. Without further ado, let’s get into it.


The story begins with some history on the Sanderson Sisters as we travel back in time to Salem when the sisters were young teenagers. We see they were always a bit unusual and not very liked among the town. A spectacle emerged between Winifred and the mayor causing him to try and take her sisters away. Of course Winnie was not going to let anything happen so they ran off into the forbidden woods where they met a witch. Some complained there wasn’t enough of Mother Witch, but I think her character served enough purpose. We see how The Sanderson Coven began and how Winnie received Book which serves important purpose for how the story plays out later on. However, I am very surprised how the Mother Witch was kind of enough to just give the Book to Winnie like that. Shout out to Taylor Henderson playing young Winifred who completely nailed her mannerisms. Basically from minute one, I was hooked and ready for a fun ride.

New Leading Characters

Usually with reboots, we’re excited to see the characters we once knew and loved. However, a good reboot will also introduce us to new characters worth loving. Bringing in the new with the old. Based off the trailer, we know two teenage girls light a black flame candle bringing back the witches. Once we see the movie and learn Winnie received her powers at 16, it is pretty clear Becca’s 16th birthday will have some significance. Sure enough, Becca does receive powers and shares them with her friends, Izzy and Cassie.

Disney could have been basic and cast three young teenagers who are complete replicas to the Sanderson sisters. I am so glad, they did not go in this direction or make them complete opposite either. Instead, we got three great characters who each had an essence of one of the sisters, but also stood strong by themselves. I also appreciate the slight hints they gave with Becca wearing green and purple. Plus her curly hair would split when it was up in a pony tail resembling Winifred’s hair. Izzy’s style was reminiscent of Mary with the layers and warm red tones. We don’t see too much of Cassie, but she does have Sarah’s blonde hair and is linked with a boy. These were all subtle nods, but effective.

Comedy & Tone

Hocus Pocus 2 had just the right amount camp for me and I couldn’t stop laughing. At first, I was nervous when the witches returned and they immediately started singing. I thought oh no, are we going to get a cheese fest. Absolutely not, the comedy was witty, relevant, and just the right amount of cute. The little jump scares totally got me and Mary basically had me cackling the whole time. Taika should take some notes from this movie on comedy. This film showed a lot of great ways to use modern day as ammo for your jokes and relatable to younger generations. For instance, the filter joke showing the witches all young and beautiful was genius. I didn’t love the song choice for the big witch number, but it did make sense with their objective. I just don’t think it was as iconic as “I Put A Spell On You”, but that is just me being picky. Overall I think the humor was one the whole family could enjoy.

Future for Hocus Pocus

After the credits were through, a scene played where Gilbert’s cat revealed another black flame candle. This could be teasing another possible movie where the witches come back, but honestly I hope this isn’t the case. While yes I really enjoyed this movie and the Sanderson sisters were a great part of it; I don’t see the need to bring them back. Instead Disney should create a series around the new three main characters: Becca, Izzy, and Cassie focusing on their stories. Picture it as sort of like Wizard of Waverly Place mixed with That’s so Raven just relevant to this day in age. I’m sure I just showed my age there. Anyways, I think all three actresses did a phenomenal job and could totally see them in a “Disney Channel” series. We shall see what happens.

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