Black Adam Surprised Me

Is DC Actually Giving Me What I need? …. Entertainment

It has been a minute since I’ve discussed anything Superhero related. Quite frankly, it is because every recent Superhero movie or show has completely irked me. Thor: Love and Thunder was complete garbage and I’m sorry, but I am not on the She-Hulk bandwagon. Moonknight was a bit underwhelming and truthfully I didn’t give Ms. Marvel a chance. Didn’t really seem like I was the target audience anyways. I did enjoy Doctor Strange 2, but I can’t help but notice all the flaws and downhills since Endgame.

So alas, my hope for Marvel is dwindling and their rush to make so many projects has really hurt them. It feels like they took a big shot in the foot. But I still love superheroes and comics so I still want to be able to enjoy these characters on the big screen. DC has been quite a let down in the past with movies other than with Batman. Therefore, I don’t usually turn to their films. However, I did take a chance by watching DC‘s latest, Black Adam.

Dare I say, I was amazed and actually had a darn good time during this film. It gave me something that I feel was missing for a little while. Entertainment. Yes, it is simple as that as this movie was simply just entertaining. I think between all the fandoms and lore, us viewers forget about just having a good time during a movie. You know smiles and laughs; just not the ones Thor was trying to get out of us. There is still a right way to add humor with superheroes, Taiki.

If you haven’t seen Black Adam yet, it is worth a watch honestly even if you wait for it to stream. It is not a perfect movie by any means or groundbreaking, but enjoyable. Let’s get into some of the hits and misses of DC‘s latest, Black Adam.


It seems there is a constant issue with show writers trying to figure out humor. I get it is not an easy task trying to stay relevant with humor, but also the constant tip toeing around certain feelings. But usually the best comedy comes from simply not trying and it is just easy. The Rock is a natural when it comes to delivering a subtle comedic performance and can still tug at your heartstrings. Timing is also everything. This film was great at pacing the comedy so you knew to not take this movie too seriously, but also not slamming us with joke after joke. Like unless I see Adam Sandler or Seth Rogan in the credits, I’m not expecting dumb jokes back to back.

There were some comedic moments that didn’t quite land with me. Some other heroes were introduced in this film which we will get into more in a bit. One of them was an awkward younger lad, the Atom Smasher whose awkwardness was suppose to come off charming, but didn’t really. Maybe it was just the actor, but it felt too try-hard. It wasn’t enough to ruin the film for me though and still had plenty of moments to smile. The relationship between Black Adam and Amon was the biggest stand out for me with the perfect blend of chemistry and comedy.


As I mentioned before, some new heroes were introduced because it seems like a superhero movie nowadays can’t just have one hero. We get the Justice Society with Hawkman, Doctor Fate, Atom Smasher, and Cyclone brought together by Amanda Waller. Waller asks Hawkman to bring together this team to face Black Adam and have him lose his God powers. I understood their storyline and purpose, but was completely Team Black Adam. Call me a sucker for an Anti-Hero in black (i.e. Catwoman).

Atom Smasher and Cyclone were sort of the young buck apprentices working with the experienced Hawkman and Doctor Fate. Atom Smasher didn’t blend well with the team though as his gawkiness and inexperience caused him issues. Cyclone on the other hand was pretty awesome and kind of wish she had more screen time. Her powers were beautifully executed and she was gorgeous. Hopefully they push her character more in the future.

I thought Hawkman would get on my nerves with the whole “justice” thing, but his character grew on me. Hawkman and Doctor Fate did have a great admiration for each other and I could feel that chemistry. I only wish we would have seen more of it somehow or had more time with those characters. Then the impact of Doctor Fate’s fate could have been stronger.

Still they weren’t the main focal point of the movie and did their parts well. I was even a little surprised how well Pierce did as Doctor Fate. Don’t get me wrong, he is a talented actor. Just never pictured him in a superhero movie. Hawkman and Fate definitely had a way better connection in my eyes then Cyclone and Atom Smasher. Plus did anyone else get Deadpool vibes from Atom Smasher’s suit?

Dwayne’s Performance

Dwayne was pretty much born for this role so it comes to no surprise how well he nailed it. I know the Rock acts in the same type of movies portraying similar characters. I don’t watch every film he is in, but I know the ones I do watch are entertaining as heck. Dwayne’s charisma is perfect for these light-hearted action movies. He is essentially like Johnny Depp where plays similar roles, but we love him anyways.

The Rock had me smiling and laughing plus his physique was perfect for those fight scenes. everytime he took out another bad guy, I was dying of laughter. Like I said I love a good anti-hero. It’s refreshing to a charcter to not have the typical goody guy superhero like Captain America. Yes, we still need those kinds of heroes, but some darkness never hurts in a film.

Dwayne was a great addition to the DC so I look forward to seeing his films more in the future.


Besides Atom Smasher, the only beef I have with the film was the third act/climax. The ending honestly really dragged for me and could have been shortened. Seems like DC has a continuous problem with length. I would have shortened it by at least 20 minutes. To me, the movie should have ended when Sabbac goes demonic and continue onto a sequel. I would just rather the movie would end with more anticipation for the next.

Why do movies have to rely on end credit scenes now to build anticipation? Pretty lame in my opinion. The movie already had resolved an issue and yes a new issue occurred, but why not save it? Leave a cliffhanger, why not? I think Black Adam should have stayed human and then regain his powers in the sequel to then take on Sabbac.

Film ticked off so many boxes: comedy, character development, loveable characters, action, visuals. Just needed a shorter ending.

Where It Goes From Here

Well if you stayed for the post credit scene, then you know a certain character is returning. Rumors had spread Henry Cavill would not return as Superman, but psych. I personally felt he wasn’t going anywhere quite yet. Also if there would be anyone to take on a God, it would be Superman.

I couldn’t tell you what the future looks like for the Justice League, but I wouldn’t say it looked good. DC seems to be having better luck with their Shazam characters and universe. The Shazam movies feel like they have humor and Batman covers the dark & twisted. DC is still missing the in-between for forming a strong superhero movie franchise. Maybe they will never find their rhythm. In the mean time, I’m going to continue the Black Adam series and see where it goes.

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