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Dressing for the Holidays in Fangirl Fashion

I love love the colder weather and honestly wish I could wear winter clothes all year long. Sweaters, long sleeves, leggings are completely up my alley. So in the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite picks from HerUniverse’s latest winter styles. Some of these looks are inspired by Disney, Marvel and Star Wars. This post is not sponsored and I have no affiliation with HerUniverse. I simply love the brand and wanted to share some new faves.

I will be placing the current retail price, but there could be an updated sale on the site. Without further ado, let’s get into it.

Holiday Plaid Mickey Sweater

There is nothing more classic during the holiday season then a soft, plaid sweater. I love the oversized print and bell sleeves on this sweater. Perfect to dress up for Christmas dinner or to pair with some jeans for a cold night out. You can find this Mickey sweater for $59.90 in all sizes at HerUniverse.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Blue and Gold Star Mockneck Top

HerUniverse is mainly known as a brand full of fangirl fashion inspired from many different fandoms. However this holiday season, they also designed some simple Holiday favorites. One being this blue blouse with gold stars reminding me a little of the sky in Pinocchio or The Little Drummer Boy. I love the pattern, but I am a bit iffy on the mockneck. I am real fidgety so I’m not sure how comfortable it would be for me personally. This blue and gold star top is available for $44.90 in all sizes.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Holiday Wear Accessories

To go with your holiday looks, they even have a few classic accessories. I do wish they had an option for silver accessories than just gold, but I do think gold goes with most of their looks. The bow earrings have pearls, but there is also a crystal option online. I do love wearing pearls around the winter season though so I was drawn to the pearl headband and barette. Most of their looks feel reminiscent of the 50s which is one of my favorite eras for clothes.

The gold beaded hair clip is $6.90. The white braided headband is $12.90 while the pearl and black headband set is sold for $14.90. The gold hair clip is $8.90 and the bow earrings are $9.90.

Mickey Mouse Red Mesh Skirt

Another classic piece for Christmas dinner is a long red skirt. HerUniverse put s a little twist on this by adding small mickey mouse heads on tulle fabric. Love how the design is more of a peek-a-boo moment rather directly in your face. I think a lot of Disney designs have a tendency to overdo the Mickey. This Mickey mouse red skirt is available for $54.90 for all sizes.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Retro Star Velvet Dress

My favorite look in this whole post probably has to be this dress. It is almost in a tie with the next dress below, but I will definitely be wearing this for Christmas. I was hoping to wear green this year because I always turn to red. This looks so comfortable and soft to me. Plus this style cut on my dress is my personal favorite because it fits to my body like a glove, but is comfortable at the same time.

I also appreciate the versatility of wearing it with tights and boots or just with pumps or even flats. Just give me a gold star bejeweled earring and I’m all set. This green velvet dress is available for $64.90 in all sizes.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Haunted Mansion Retro Dress

Even though this won’t be my official Christmas look, I’m still completely obsessed. The color, the fit and the style; I just adore. I’m kind of amazed they could take something like the Haunted Mansion and make it work for Christmas. I love the Halloween Haunted Mansion looks, but this change really works.

Just add the black twisted headband from above and a black pump and you’re all set for Christmas dinner. This Haunted Mansion look is $79.90 in all sizes.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Scarlett Witch Hooded Cardigan

This past couple of years, Scarlett Witch has become my favorite Marvel character. I am very happy to have seen her appearances in movies grow and with that we get more merch. And who doesn’t love a good cardigan? Plus it has pockets! I feel so snuggly and warm just looking at it. This cardigan is $59.90 in all sizes.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Scarlett Witch Winter Accessories

Not only can you get a Wanda cardigan, but there is matching accessories! I really love wearing different reds during the winter so Scarlett Witch colors work perfectly. The gloves and beanie are $24.90. The scarf is available for $44.90.

Spider-Gwen Long Sleeve Tee

Honestly what probably caught my eye with this sweater was the styling. I love Spider-Gwen, don’t get me wrong, but I really love the idea of a soft bubble-gum pink long-sleeve with a pair of matching Converse. Definitely my kind of look. You can find this Spider-Gwen tee for $39.90 in all sizes.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Ahsoka Cardigan & Convertible Bag

Ok seriously, how cute it this bag?! I am completely obsessed with the colors and design. Even though this look’s colors are based off Star Wars’ Ahsoka, the colors also match well with a winter snow. Very appropriate for walking around Christmas shopping or looking at Christmas lights. The bag is currently $69.90 and the matching cardigan is $64.90.

Star Wars Icon Sweater

Continuing on with Star Wars, there is also a black sweater option with silver icons making a very simple, but effective pattern. The nice things about black sweaters is you really have so many options for bottoms. Jeans, leggings, leather, black tulle skirt or slacks; the list can go on really. I really love the black headband paired with it on the model. I can also picture a shiny star jeweled barrette.

You can find this icon sweater for $54.90 in all sizes.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

Star Wars Rey Wrap Sweater

I find what I’m really loving about these Star Wars sweaters are the neutral tones used. I love to have fun with colors, but I think in the Fall/Winter times is when I find myself turning to neutral tones and comfortable fabrics. I like to breathe sometimes with my fashion, but love a chance to still keep my nerdy side. These sweaters are perfect for just that.

This Rey wrap sweater is no exception with my favorite part being the nice big, fluffy sleeves. The Rey Wrap Sweater is $59.90.

Photo Credit: HerUniverse

There are honestly so many more winter wear pieces available on HerUniverse so be sure to check them out for all your fandom holiday needs.

What is your favorite holiday tradition? Do you prefer winter or summer? What’s your favorite Christmas movie? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Have you checked out our new merch yet? Don’t miss out and check out Bombshell’s new store for cute apparel and accessories including stuff for the winter. Until next time my bombshells, Bye!

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