Hey my Bombshells! I came up with a list of helpful links you might be interested in for your everyday entertainment and shopping. This list is comprised of different sites and readings I use in my life and hope they will benefit you. They range from shopping sites, entertaining YouTube channels, comic book series, and more. Take a look through and hopefully you find something new.

Shopping Sites

Hot Topic

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People who know me personally know it’s no surprise I would recommend Hot Topic to anyone. It is by far my favorite store. Yes I do shop for clothing at stores such as H&M and Forever 21, but Hot Topic will always have my heart. As a fellow geek, I can honestly say Hot Topic has everything I need for every interest I get into whether its tv, comics, movies, or music. Hot Topic is also great for creating a wide range of products from bedroom accessories to hoodies and dresses all influenced by pop culture. For example, I have a work out outfit inspired by The Nightmare Before Christmas and Harry Potter sneakers. For one more final sale on the store, here is a picture of my Peter Pan bedroom set.

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Even though Hot Topic has the number one spot in my heart, an alternative store with great geeky merchandise is Spencer’s. Spencer’s has a grungier, chill vibe with merchandise ranging from pop culture references to other laid back artwork. Some great pieces can be found here if you are looking for a fun shirt or new snapback.

For Fans By Fans

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The best thing about this site is the merchandise is designed by fans of the different references used. this means if you are a designer, you can also submit designs to be sold on this site. It is great shopping for one of a kind pieces with the fun spirit of fans and a chance for you to either design a piece to be sold or enter the many contests hosted by the site.


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Etsy is a site for all things in your life you might need, but my reasoning for adding this site to this page is its use for cosplayers. Sometimes people want to try cosplaying for the next convention in town, but stop themselves because they cannot find a worthy costume. Etsy is the perfect site for just that. You can search up thousands of costumes made by others who can custom design and fit a costume just for you.

Disney Store

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Okay I know this might be kind of reaching, but if you are a fellow kid at heart, this is a store for you. The Disney Store has some great stuff for Adults including clothing and designer accessories. Even if you are not a big Disney fan, Disney does own Marvel and Star Wars so there is merchandise for those movies as well available.


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FYE (For Your Entertainment) is not only a great store for clothing and fan gear, but entertainment as well. They sell all your favorite music, movies, and tv shows. Good news for you is they also buy used DVDs, so if you have any to trade in, FYE is your stop.

YouTube Channels

Nerdy Nummies-Rosanna Pansino

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Rosanna Pansino has created a popular YouTube series, Nerdy Nummies, where she bakes pop culture referenced treats from cakes, breads, ice cream, donuts, and more. She also posts videos diving into her life with unboxing, vlogs, tours, and more. Rosanna is truly a fun, bubbly YouTuber who will capture your heart and stomach with her videos.

iJustine-Justine Ezarik

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iJustine is a fun, nerdy girl who just about does it all. Her channel includes gaming, baking, unboxing, and so much more. Whatever she feels like posting goes up. She takes a fun approach to new gaming and test out products just for you.

Kandee Johnson

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Kandee Johnson is a well known make-up artist who not only does tutorials on every-day makeup looks, but some complete phenomenal transformations. She turns herself and other guests into completely different people through the art of make-up. Her tutorials are fun to watch and may give inspiration for any of your own looks or cosplay ideas.

Jessica Nigri

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Jessica Nigri is one of the most popular and successful cosplayers in the business. If there is every anyone to follow to learn more about cosplaying talent, then this is the teacher for you. When she is not acting, attending conventions, or voicing a character for RWBY, she is creating online content for you with tutorials and vlogging.

iHasCupquake-Tiffany Garcia

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There are many famous gaming YouTubers to watch, but there are some really kick-ass women gamers to watch with iHasCupquake at the top. Her vibe and personality make her gaming experience best to watch. Not only does she have gaming videos but some DIYS and videos with guests including her husband.

The Game Theorists, The Film Theorists & GT Live-Matthew Patrick & Stephanie Cordato

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Matthew Patrick (MatPat) has three great channels with scientific theories about your favorite entertainment and random fun times with his wife, Stephanie. Both theory channels use science, logic, puzzle solving, and more to break questions about your favorite games, shows, and movies that you didn’t even know you needed answering. He also has a live channel where he does fun challenges, gaming, and discussions with his equally geeky wife.

Entertainment Sites



Twitch like YouTube is another online streaming platform for video creators to share their interest. Twitch is mainly for streamers to shoot live content, but the types of content is endless. There are great gamer streamers both guys and girls on this site playing all the newest games and rating them for you before you play for yourself.

Rooster Teeth


Rooster Teeth is an online entertainment company with their own animation and shows. This is a great site with some original shows that may capture your interests. Some favorites of mine are Red vs. Blue and RWBY, but there is definitely more worth checking out.



YouTube is a major, growing online platform for viewing and sharing videos. Since I gave you some personal fav YouTube channels of mine, I find it only right to push you to the site and find some more content for you based on your interests.