Hi, I’m Amyra!


I am girl who loves typical tomboyish things such as gaming and comics, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love fashion or care about styling myself in the trends I like. What I don’t love is being ignored and/or being treated like a stereotype. For me, there is room to love a variety of things that may be considered girly or not.
And I know I’m not alone. That’s why I started this blog. There isn’t much out there to represent the large number of girls like me who love combination of things, from fashion to gaming, that don’t always have to fall into convenient stereotypes.
I graduated with a degree Graphic Design, Writing, and Marketing in hopes of working to express my love for writing and gain graphic skills to design graphics used on pop culture merchandise. My dream is to one day design the items sold in stores like Hot Topic and Spencers, but another dream was born during a publication class: to start this blog. I saw a lack of material out there for girls like me. I knew there were so many women out there like me and making it in the world expressing their love for things such as games and superhero movies. So why not create a platform to inform others of their successes and share what they know?
These women, my idols, range from famous cosplayer Lindsay Elyse to Rosanna Pansinso baking nerdy treats on her online YouTube channel, Nerdy Nummies. These women are just a few examples who have gained high popularity in their interest and it doesn’t just stop with them.
This blog is for you if you’re a teenager or young adult woman who cosplays for Comic Con and dresses up for the premiere for a new Star Wars or Marvel movie. This blog is for you if you walk into stores like Hot Topic, Zumiez, Vans, and more, and still like to dress cute with the characters you watched and fell in love with. Disney, Marvel, D.C., Anime, Video Games, and so much more are all things that connects us. We like what we like and that’s okay. Girly stereotypes won’t get in our way.
This blog is a great read for cosplay costumes tricks and tips from the pros, new trends and how to have this look from your favorite stores, women rising up in the comic book industry, new video game and movie releases, and more on girls like you who are making it in the industries you love. Thanks for joining me and let’s explode our passion.