Jammies, Cocoa, and Slippers, Oh My!

Nerdy PJ Sets to End the Year Off Cozy

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things at this time of year is cuddling on the couch in some comfty pjs drinking hot cocoa. I personally really hate the cold especially since the cold tends to lock up all my joints and tighten up my muscles. Not fun for me at all, so I love to make the most of my inside time with some chill activites while trying to stay warm. For me this usually ends up letting my hair down, putting on warm jammies, making some cinnamon tea, and watching movies or old shows. I am sure I am not the only one who enjoys this, so I wanted to share with you guys some cozy, nerdy pjs for you or to gift to some close ones. Since comfort and cuddling is a universal feeling, I am going to share with you some picks for both men and women pjs. Let’s get into it.

One of my favorite nerdy pj sets I own are my Stitch pjs from Hot Topic. My ex bought them for me two years ago for Christmas and I still wear them during the holidays. I remember adding them to my wish list that year because Hot Topic had released a bunch of cute character shorts and top sets. Since then, they have continued to release new sets and pj pants inspired by our favorite characters, shows, and movies. So I am going to focus on only their pj sets for today’s post, but of course there are other stores out there with cute pjs you can check out.

Jammies, Socks, and Earrings were all purchased at Hot Topic

Riverdale Serpents Women’s Short Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The first couple of sets are thermal, fleece short sets inspired by characters just like my Stitch set shown above. The first is inspired by the Southside Serpents from the CW’s Riverdale. I do find this set really cute especially if you’re a Riverdale fan like me, but I do have one small issue. Since the style is semi similiar to Slytherin from Harry Potter, I would have much prefered to see a Jughead inspired pj sets. Like a light grey with a yellow crown in the center and the shorts have a bunch of black crowns drawn all over. Maybe you can picture it with me and it would be reminicent of Betty’s crown sweater in the first season. But other than that, its a cute set which you can buy here for $39.90 and $44.90 (plus size).

Jack Skellington Women’s Short Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The next set is inspired by the cutest skeleton around, Mr. Jack Skellington. A Jack Skellington pj set is perfect for the holiday time without being so obviously christmas which I love. I honestly like the top so much that I could see myself wearing it with some jeans running errands. This set can be purchased here for $39.90 and $44.90 (plus size).

Maleficent Women’s Short Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The third short set is one my mom would rush to buy if it came with pants instead of shorts because it is inspired by her favorite villain, Maleficent. One thing I really appreciate in this design are the color choices and pattern in the shorts. Usually purple and lime green are associated with Maleficent, so I like seeing the aqua blue with the green instead. I also thought it was clever for them to incorporate the Maleficent head silouhette into the thorn pattern. This set can also be purchased here for $39.90 and $44.90 (plus size).

Stitch Women’s Short Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Obviously from my sleep set above, I love Stitch and now Hot Topic has designed another Stitch inspired short set. This short set has a more tropical theme and I’ve noticed the new designs with these shorts set feel more comfortable than the one I own specifically with the top. My top is very thick making it kind of difficult to move around in, but these sets have more of a sweatshirt type design for the top allowing for warmth and movement. This last short set can be purchased here for $39.90 and $44.90 (plus size).

My Neighbor Totoro Women’s Pant Set

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Instead of a thermal short set, this design is a classic top and pant sleep set inspired by Studio Ghibli’s My Neighbor Totoro. This design is very simple, classic and perfect for any Studio Ghibli fans. I sure know a couple of girls who would be in love with this as a gift. This pant set can be purchased here for $39.90 and $44.90 (plus size).

Dragon Ball Z Men’s Jumpsuit

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Okay boys, I didn’t forget about you. I picked out some men pjs at Hot Topic which could also be a gift for your significant other or relative or hey for you too. Wear what you love. This first look is a holiday patterned Dragon Ball Z zip-up onesie. If there is anything that keep someone warm during the cold season, it is a good onesie. Plus they make for fun family photos. You can find this onesie here for $49.90.

Star Wars Men’s Jumpsuit

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

This next onesie is inspired by one of my favorite antagonists, Darth Vader with a Star Wars holiday print. A nice thing about this onesie is the hoodie so if it also has pockets, then I would want this for myself. Can I just say though, how I find it funny the models for the onesies are wearing shoes. Just a strange observation I made. Anyways this onesie can be purchased here for $49.90.

Stitch Men Lounge Pants

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

Last men’s sleepwear we have is some Stitch tie-dye pants. This matches well with the women’s short set mentioned earlier if you want to be a couple in matching jammies. Otherwise they are still colorful, fun pj bottoms for anyone a fan of the nutty, loving alien. These pants can be pruchased here for $19.90.

There are tons of other pj sets, short sets, onesies, pants, and even matching slippers at Hot Topic you can check out to find something that might have your favorite show or character. I put the full prices on my page, but the site is constantly having sales with some of the pjs being 40% off right now and others buy one, get one half off. I’m not in any way sponsored by Hot Topic although that would be an absolute dream, but I’m just like sharing with you guys some of my favorite buys and designs that stand out to me. I find jammies such as essential comfort tool during the holidays making them a perfect gift for yourself or anybody so why not buy a nerdy set?

Mug was purchased from the Disney Store

What’s your favorite indoor activity? What holiday movies are you currently watching? Do you have a favorite pair of jammies you like to slip into? What do you do to keep warm? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, share and subscribe to get notified of new posts. Also follow Bombshell on Facebook (@bombshellgamingandstyle), Twitter(@bombgame_style), and Instagram(@bombshellgamingstyle). Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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