Voicing a Legend. Tribute to Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse Voice Actress, Russi Taylor, Dies at Age 75

On July 26th, a voice legend died at age 75. Russi Taylor who has voiced Minnie Mouse for the last 30 years has passed away. Minnie Mouse originally was voiced by Walt Disney himself, and from then on was carried on by different voices such as Marjorie Ralston, Marcellite Garner, and lastly the late Russi Taylor. Russi has been the last to voice the infamous character leaving her legacy to live on.

Minnie Mouse was illustrated in 1928 and since then has entertained children in movies, shows, comics, toys, Disney World, and more. Minnie Mouse personally was a big part of my childhood as she was my favorite character from the main 5: Mickey, Minnie, Daisy, Donald, and Goofy. My mom bought me all things Minnie, clothes, shoes, books, movies, bows, everything. And yes JoJo, Minnie was rocking the bows way before you. Minnie was an adorable, sweet character that I’m sure many loved and anyone who got to be a part of her creation helped make her special.

Now I am a huge kid at heart with Disney probably being the main center of it all. (You can blame my mother for that). Therefore characters like Minnie have been beloved by me from different ages of my life. At the start of three years old, Minnie actually helped me by helping me get potty trained. Yes, I am being for real; don’t judge me. Let me explain.

I was an intelligent child, don’t get me wrong, but for some reason I wasn’t comprehending the whole potty training thing. Until, my mom bought me brand new Minnie Mouse undies and told me if I peed on Minnie, she was going to bite me. Yea, that wouldn’t scare a child.

“Growing Old is Mandatory but Growing Up is Optimal” – Carroll Bryant

Later I found myself dressing up like her at my second time in Disney World at age 14. And I still find her look and appearance sneaking up on me even now. I this passed weekend, put on my Minnie Ears, wore red and black, went to an arcade, and just had fun with not a care in the world. It was a time to let loose and just be a kid again. I wouldn’t even had thought about doing it if it wasn’t for hearing the passing of Russi and remembering my childhood and Minnie. Funny how life works sometimes.


Thank God It’s Friday! I had a blast doing something fun that I hadn’t in a really long time so I’m telling you now, spend your weekend getting out there and do something a little silly. Maybe something you haven’t done in a while and brings back good memories. Just let the inner child in you shine and explore new things with no fears. Walt Disney and all of Minnie’s voice actresses, including our late Russi Taylor, brought life to a character that brought a lot of joy to children. Life is too short and we should enjoy it the best way we can. Sorry to get all deep on you there, but trust me, go have some fun.

Well we have said goodbye to a wonderful voice actress who voiced my favorite Disney character growing up. Who is your favorite classic Disney character? Pluto? Goofy? Daisy? And what are some of your favorite childhood memories with the miss adorable Minnie Mouse? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe to get notified of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye!

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