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Hot Topic Releases New Haunted Mansion Inspired Merchanidse

HerUniverse, a nerdy fan-girl fashion brand founded by Ashley Eckstein, has released a Haunted Mansion inspired collection in celebration of Disney’s Haunted Mansion ride’s 50th Anniversary. The collection includes shirts for both male and female as well as pants. The collection can be found on HerUniverse’s site or at Hot Topic. In honor of their anniversary, Hot Topic has also featured Haunted Mansion mercahndise from Funko Pop as well as Loungefly. The Funko Pop items range from their infamous Pop dolls as well as keychains and kitchen items. Loungefly has designed wallets and purses. I will be sharing with you some of my favorite items from the collection and where you can purchase. This post is not sponsored and only me sharing my thoughts on the release.

Girls Hi-Low Woven Button-Up

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The first item that stood out to me is this Haunted Mansion chiffon button-up blouse. I love the damask pattern on the blouse which happens to be one of my favorite prints as you will see in my photos below in this article. I prefer blouses that are high neck and long-sleeve because they feel more vintage and victorian to me. Even though this blouse is very covered, the chiffon material makes it light and comfortable to wear. Like the model, I would pair the blouse with black skinny jeans or jeggings to go with the high-low cut. This item can be purchased for $38.90 at either Her Universe or Hot Topic. The blouse also comes in a guy’s button-up with matching print.

Girls Madame Leota Sweatshirt

Photo Credit: Hot Topic

The next item is inspired by my favorite character in the Haunted Mansion movie: Madame Leota. She wasn’t the most memorable character or had a leading role, but her interactions with Eddie Murphy in the film were gold. The sweatshirt showcases an illustration of Madame Leota in the center with a faded lavender color. I think the illustration style chosen is the best part for this piece that I think also goes really well with the next item I picked. This sweatshirt can be purchased for $42.90 at either Her Universe or Hot Topic.

Madame Leota Crossbody Bag

Photo credit: Hot Topic

Loungefly to me designs some of the cutest designer handbags, wallets, and purses inspired by Pop Culture. My magic carpet crossbody bag seen in my Last Summer Post, is designed by Loungefly. This particular bag is designed to mimic Madame Leota floating in her glass bowl on its stand. the illustration style is very simple and modern in its lines and color choices with the design being clever and unique. As mentioned before, I think this bag would be the perfect accessory for the sweatshirt shown above or with any Haunted Mansion inspired look. This bag can be purchased for $44.90 at Hot Topic.

Wallpaper Oven Mitt and Tea Towel Set

Funko has recently been producing more of a variety of products other than their famous Pop! Figurines. Some of those products have included housewares such as kitchen items. They have designed two kitchen items inspired by Haunted Mansion: an oven mitt and tea towels. I thought these items were very cute and perfect for the halloween season. If you’re someone who likes to decorate the house at every holiday, then these may be for you. You can purchase the oven mitt for $9.90 and the towel set for $16.90 at Hot Topic.

There are honestly a lot more great items in these collections, but so I don’t overload you with comments, I recommend you checking out these sites and seeing the products for yourself. I find most of the items to be one of a kind pieces which is the main reason I love shopping at brands such as HerUniverse and Hot Topic. These are some of the go-to places for my fandom and nerdy shopping needs. I can’t wait to pick up some of these items, but until I do, you can look below at my Haunted Masnion inspired outfit.

What is your favorite ride at Disney Land or Disney World? Have you ever been on the Haunted Mansion ride or only seen the movie? Did any of the merchandise catch your eye? If you could choose a fashion collection based off your favorite cartoon or movie, what would it be? Let me know in the comments below. Be on the lookout all month long for new halloween themed posts. We got costume ideas, movie reviews, spooky looks and more coming all through October including my final costume reveal on October 31st. We even have a special contest giveaway coming with details announced this Friday, 10/04 so you won’t want to miss it. How can you make sure you won’t miss it? Well be sure to subscribe on the main page by just entering your email and follow Bombshell’s social media to get notified of new posts. Until next time my Bombshells, Bye! Stay Spooky 😉

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